[SCENARIO] The Cold War (TCW) Unofficial update by Lionic

I have double-checked and I must be wrong. TV stations do add happyness (though no production bonus) and Mass Transit does remove population pollution.
Sorry, my bad.
And if we create new alliances.

South-East Asia

Three countries

It will be fair.
For example, you can make two options scenario.
1.TCW 1950-1978
2.TCW 1979-1989
The configurations will be different.
Hi Lionic, I've really enjoyed your update, had a few playthroughs (mostly small map). If its not out of place I'd like to offer some advice to civvers. If you're playing as one of the Blue Team (not the USA), do give in to demands from the USA. Later in the game they will declare war on you, and through a cascade (due to the locked alliance) everyone in the team ends up at war with everyone else - as far as I can see there's no way to get peace again unless everyone in the alliance makes peace with everyone else at the same time. I've had to abandon two games because of this (as France and England). Wonder if this is something Flintlock could tinker with down the line ...
@Rathvilly, it is a known issue and I have no idea what to do about it. I am wondering why all complaints about it are from TCW players though. There are other scenarios that involve locked alliances--but I don't remember any such complaints from those who play them. Can you continue playing after your side declares war on you? As far as I remember they still won't be able to attack you directly, all sides have access to vital resources on their own territory without need to trade, tech trading is not possible as well--so you are not going to loose much.
yeah, I'm not 'reporting it' as such, more just advice for newbies to TCW. It does occur in other scenarios and you can keep playing, but the Blue locked alliance is big and you can't play your way out of it. If you're in Europe playing say France, Spain, Italy, Germany you have no ROPs, plus your allies are massed in your lands trying unsuccessfully to pillage your tiles or attack you - slows the game and just not fun, plus it doesn't end. Guess my point is for great games pay your dues to the USA! Again many thanks for your update - really appreciated.
forgot to add, really glad you nerfed espionage. I remember an old game as the USA where every turn my production was being sabotaged by every tin pot nation on earth - very frustrating!
I am wondering why all complaints about it are from TCW players though
I have had this happen to me recently playing the "World 2004" mod. I too have had to abandon games because locked alliance members declared war on each other just because of a) somebody didn't give into a money demand, and b) an airfield owned by one nation inside the territory of another allied nation got captured by a spy/hidden unit causing war to break out.

Eliminating espionage in the latest TCW definitely helps. I'm still in the 1960s as my current game as West Germany and things have been going well. I do make it a point to give money to the US or any other allied power that demands it of me. Just so that silly war is avoided.
Working on the next version with more technologies and units. Compiled a list of units that I would like to have instead of a placeholders besides those that I have asked Delta_Strife for:
- Rhotesay class frigate (South Africa, 1950's);
- Ahmad Yani class frigate (Dutch Van Speijk frigate in Indonesian service);
- Koni class frigate;
- T-55 Africa;
- T-62 Africa;
- M-47 Patton, Yugoslavia. https://i.redd.it/1bjrgald5t4a1.jpg ;
- Centurion. Some late model with 105mm cannon;
- M113 Australia;
- Type 60 APC JASDF;
- 180mm ASTROS MLRS Brazil or Iraq;
- F-15A Eagle (It seems that Wyrmshadow made only later variants, did he?);
- Aermacchi MB326. Some airforce that used it in combat i.e. as Atlas Impala or AT-26 Xavante;
- Bristol Bloodhound SAM;
- F-5 Tiger (Indonesia);
- Tu-16 (Indonesia);
- Nike Ajax SAM;
- Export version of Type 21 Frigate (Niteroi or Alvand class);
- Churruca class DD;
- Valkiri MLRS (South Africa);--will do without this one at the moment;
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