Converted Civilization 2 WWII scenario

With luck, this weekend. I'll take the opportunity to embellish it a bit. :D

I've also managed to recover MiChello's original files. I'll post them soon.
With the permission of MiChello, I have been working on another update to the WWII conversion. Version 2.1 reworks units and technologies to parallel those of Civ2 (with some Civ3 features left in, of course) and gives the user some eyecandy. It does NOT, however, feature a pleasant advisor tech tree or a solution to the Germans razing France.

You will need Conquests v1.22 and World War II extras for PTW to use this update.

Link to Version 2.1 everything.

Link to Version 2.11 biq; corrects the helicopter so it will attack ground units.

Can anyone address me to right "World War II extras for PTV" so I can try out this scenario?

Thanks a lot in advance.

This scenario is a dream for me :)

Scroll down to the Terrain Sets and select 'World War II'. Extract the file and its contents to \your Civ3 directory\Civ3PTW\extras and it should be good to go.
I can't open the Espionage screen, the game can't find any of the small leaderheads. Help please?
I don't have Civ3 installed on my new computer, but I'll take a look as soon as I can.
For some reason the requisite files weren't copied into the upload. I took the opportunity to make a few more miscellaneous changes that culminate in a patch to v.2.22.
This is a great idea. I loved the old Civ II World War II scenario.

Thanks for all your efforts Thorvald of Lym And of course MiChello in reviving a great scenario from Civ II! :goodjob:
Still seems to be an issue, missing a Stalin.pcx or something, so the scenario won't load.
My favorite scenario from CIV II, way back in 1996, was the game generated WWII scenario. I don't know how many times I palyed that scenario. I even managed to get the Germans to land on England, and (sort of) hold off Stalin's forces as well.

I love it that someone took the time to recreate this cool scenario from CIV II and upgraded it (if that's the correct term) for CIV III.:)

The only trouble is, for whatever reason, whenever I try to download the scenario, I get this weird "ad-like page" re-directing me right back, in a circular loop to (not ".net.")

I really would love it if anyone knows the site where this scenario, along with all of its attached files and such, can be downloaded today.

Thanks very much.:)

MiChello's original files have been reuploaded here. :)

In related news, it seems the official Civ3 website no longer provides the WWII Extras pack my mod uses. I'm away from my gaming computer this week so for now I won't be able to investigate, but I'll look into uploading either it or a new version of my files with all prerequisites.
As I'm getting ready to head out shortly, I won't be able to try to download the scenario tonight. But I will check the link and let you know if it works. All the previous ones were kaput; kind of irritating, to say the least.:mad:

Thanks for reading my post and responding so quickly.

Once my five day "probation period" is over, I'll have lots of questions. Maybe you'll be one of the civ fanatics who can try to help me out. Look forward to getting to know you, and good luck with whatever you're doing on your latest CIV work.:)

I appreciate your taking the time to help guide me to the current link where I can download the WWII reconfigured scenario for CIV III Michelo made. but, that link only took me in a circular loop to the original post he made several years ago.

Perhaps it doesn't have a current link?:confused:

Or (quite likly) I simply misunderstood your link and post; sorry if that's the case.


Must be the latter. Did you click on the link labelled 'Download File' on the far right? The links in the description come back to this thread.

Here's a direct link to the download, and a link to the .biq. If you still have problems, let me know, because it would have to be something really screwy.
I feel like Roseanne Roseanna Danna from Saturday Night Live, when she was harshly corrected by Jane Curtin and Dan Akryod. She would always close out by saying, "never mind.":)

See, I tried to downlowd from the top (little) link -- not the HUGE, STARING ME IN THE EYES LINK, which is the one you directed me to.

Not only did it successfully install on my CIV III, I love it that Michelo put some cool non-Civ-like music to it as well.:)

As I said earlier, once my 5 day probation period is up, I am going to have lots of questions. Questions about HOW CIV FANATICS CREATE THESE REALLY COOL SCENARIOS

Again, thanks much.

Look forward to chatting w/you in the future.

I'm currently working on a modded version of this great scenario by MiChello. It will feature a few extra units and some other improvements.
Parchance is there a causal relationship to those generic planes you've been working on? ;)
I was just playing the Civ2 scenario.
I played as the Russians and focused on developing the vast amounts of land before jumping in the war.
Works well.

Will try this.
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