Cosmos seen in infrared light.


Mar 25, 2002

Wonderfull pictures ( if someone want to upload them feel free).


Excited scientists also presented quick-look data showing the unmistakable presence of organic molecules - the building blocks of life - in a galaxy more than 3 billion light years away. Those molecules were present at the same time life was evolving on Earth, strengthening the belief such compounds may be commonplace across the cosmos.

"Those are the building blocks that go into assembling larger and larger organic molecules, the process that eventually [can] lead to life," said James Houck, a principal investigator from Cornell University. "That's a tremendous result."

Especially since it took the new telescope just 14 minutes to collect the data.

"What are we going to be able to accomplish in five years?" Houck asked. "We're going to be able to see things that make this look like ho hum. It's the enormous sensitivity of the Spitzer Space Telescope, and its wide wavelength coverage, that are the features that are going to make it a killer mission. We can expect a flood of discovery over the next five years. A flood."

There is much more to read and i know some of you like those cosmologic issue.
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