Courthouse and Organized


Aug 16, 2007
So I wonder, how does courthouses and the organized trait work together? If an unorganized leader in his city with no courthhouse has 30 total maint., would it be 15 if he was organized and 7.5 if he was organized and built a courthouse? Or is it calculated in another way? Where does corporation maint. come into it, is it slashed equally with the distance, # of cities and colonial expenses?

Asking this because I started wondering about how effective it would really be to play the HRE with an organized leader, that is Organized + Rathaus.
Civic upkeep (bonus with Organised trait) is different from normal maintainance costs.

Civic upkeep is the cost of implementing various civics. IE Organised Religion, Free Market, Serfdom etc. (Correct me if I am wrong here.)
Why, you're right. At least that's what the descriptions so, presumeably it's how it is. Well uh, nevermind my question then :crazyeye:

And I always thought it was maintenance that got reduced, guess that goes to show once again the importance of RTFM and equivalent info.
Civic costs become so ridiculously high when you have lots of huge cities(20+ pop) over an entire continent. For example if I were to run high maintenance civics my costs would be over 500 before inflation with a total city maintenance of only airound 200(without state property). With inflation that would mean I pay over 1200 per turn just for civics. Organized would then in effect save me over 600 gold per turn, while my finnancial trait is most likely paying me a measly 200-300, not to mention what I would have saved on cheaper buildings.
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