Democracy Bug? Why no diff. than Republic?


Mar 2, 2002
I just switched from the Republic to Democracy, and NOTHING changed. It says worker efficiency should increase--no change in any of my cities. It said corruption should decrease--no change in any of my cities.

Does anybody know why this is? Is there some other condition before Democracy kicks in? Is this a known bug and I should get a patch? It's really frustrating to feel like the game is broken and a major option doesn't seem to work.

Any help would be great.


Worker Efficiency is improved... the workers are the units that make irrigation and roads, NOT the citizens in the cities.

Corruption is improved, but if the city is too far away nothing can save it...
Democracy allows workers building roads, mines, etc. to work at 150%. It doesn’t improve city production except for reducing corruption.

Thank you so much for your reply. I mistakenly thought 'worker efficiency' was related to shields, but maybe I should have paid attention to the word 'worker'!

Still puzzled why corruption didn't change in ANY of my cities.

Thanks so much for your insightful reply!


P.S. If all it does is increase worker-efficiency, doesn't that make Democracy pretty worthless? Why choose Democracy over Republic--since Republic has less war-weariness?
Democracy is usually researched around the same time or just before you research steam engines. Switching to Democracy can help you produce your railroad system a lot faster in addition to reducing corruption. With less corruption, you have more resources you can allocate to taxes or research.

The major drawback to Democracy is that your civ doesn't tolerate war very well and can lead to anarchy if you're at war too long.
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