Diplomacy.txt broken?


Sep 19, 2005
I was reading the diplomacy.txt in the /text directory (Civ/PTW/Conquests, doesn't matter, they're all the same), and I noticed there are ALOT of really funny and cool lines in there that I never ever EVER see when playing the game.

Instead of using all those unique lines, the AI always repeats the same boring few phrases over and over. What gives? :confused:
Welcome to CFC!

Some of the lines are quite specific; I'm not sure what all the conditions for determining which lines are used are. I do know that attitude is a factor, I think technology level is a factor, and some specific civs have specific lines. For example, I usually don't see the gracious lines (probably my lack of culture leading to raze and replace would be the major reason).
Yea I read the description of what all the flags and conditions are, but even though alot of the lines are specific to certain civs/attitudes/etc, I'm still surprised that I've hardly seen any of them used in the game. I honestly read a few pages of the diplomacy.txt and didn't recognize any of it! :lol:
Same here. I guess it's good, though, so you hear something new every now and then.
So is there any way to make them use more of their dialogue options?
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