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Mar 29, 2009
For sure DoaNE has several bugs and we need you to detect them in order to fix them.
Feel free too report any of them here, with a clear explanation how to reproduce it.
The best way for us is to have a save before the issue.
Thanks for you time and your help to make DoaNE a better game ;)
@Dazio reports me a bug. The game crashes when a native give us one of their colonies (in the era 2 or above) where we were doing an agreements with this village.
I have fixed the issue, I will deploy a minor version soon.
I was asked to continue discussing about the XML loading errors here (Sander Dane on moddb).
I've put all the log files into a winrar package, as .log files weren't allowed here.
I'm using windows 10 64-bit OS.
My display language is Japanese (I now think this could be the problem, will be testing that out after finishing this message).
One of the error messages is as follows (all error messages are the same but for different XML files):
Failed Loading XML file
xml/text/civ4gametext_doane_great_person.xml. [./FXml.cpp:133] Error
parsing XML File -
Reason: (bunch of incoherent symbols that I have no way of reproducing) 'Spanish'
Line: 17,7
Source </TEXT>

Seeing as the error message has loads of symbols I think it may have something to do with my display language, will change and report back after checking.

EDIT: While changing my display language did not fix the issue, it did clear up the incoherent error message, will post new one below:

Failed Loading XML file
xml\text\civ4gametext_doane_great_person.xml. [.\FXml.cpp:133] Error parsing XML File -
Reason: End tag 'TEXT' does not match the start tag 'Spanish'.
Line: 17,7
Source: <\TEXT>

Followed by:

LoadXML call failed for xml\text\civ4gametext_doane_great_person.cml.

Current XML file:

It continues to do this for various files (easily found in the xml log which ones fail)


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Hello Weird Asian,
Welcome to CivFanatic,
I think I may have fix your issue. Would you replace the XML folder by the one I have attached to this thread? It is located here (DoaNE\Assets\XML), you delete everything and copy the new XML folder in the same place.

I think your issue is related to the accent in the text. I have replaced them by the corresponding ISO code.
I hope it will work. Cross fingers :D
Tell me if have succeeded to start the game.


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While I'm a little sad to see accents gone from the names, it works, thanks a lot now I can finally struggle at playing civilization again :)
Glad to read it ! Thanks also for your message. :thumbsup:
Other players may have been impacted too.
Have a look to the tutorial if it is the first time you play DoaNE.

Have a good game!
Hello, i think i have discovered a bug in the recent version. See attached save file. I join the cottonfarmer to the city (hartford), into the cathedral, then i double click and remove his specialisation and i get a free cottonfarmer outside the city again. this can be reapted infinitely many times.


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Hi @Hecur,
I have fixed your issue on my Dev branch. The fix will be available on the next release.

Bug explanation:
When we clear a specialty in Colonization, we create a new unit (colonist) and then we kill the previous unit. In the case where the unit is inside the colony, we will replace the specialist inside the colonist by our new unit and then we kill our specialist.
Most of the time, it is working well, but in your case the colony is full. So the specialist go outside the colony and when we try to kill him, we can't found it, So he remains alive outside the colony ans the colonist continues to work in the colony.

This how Colonization does to make clones... :D

Btw, I have analyse your game. I have seen tobacco price decreased a lot, because French and the other nation killed the market. :)
Did you like the system, did you have some remarks on it?
In my opinion, I think we should add a new resource type in the same latitude than tobacco.
Hi M07, you adapted the "supply & demand" quite well. I notice that the sell price quickly declines. I have now 6 cities and "flooding" the market with all resources (except sugar - no swamp in vacinity & fur). All resources are selling below 50. some are at 20. I was thinking that the demand should gradually increase in europe for all resources when years pass due to population growth. Am i wrong that it doesn't do that at the moment?

I don't have a clue if this is difficult to implement or you see things differently.

Anyway great development!

ps : i'm PRO adding new resource(s). what are you thinking about? Some spice & vegetable or completely other good? Gold was at one time popular to take back to Euope... but that's not really a "volume" resource...
Hello Nexus,

I think you are right. We should have a global increase of the needs with years.

It is really easy to add. Do not worry. I would say 3 lines of code to add.

I will add the hemp, in order to have more choice in extrem South and North
Hi M07, how are things progressing in the Mod development? Thank you for your work!

A few turns ago I had a naval fight near Isabella wherein I captured a stack of Spanish ships but only received one, and the others seemed to disappear. Later, Spanish ships started defecting to me at turn start, from the square in between the two Spanish ship stacks visible on the East of the map. I received the damaged caravel located there at the start of this turn. I believe this is also the square where the stack capture took place.

At this point, if I click on Paramaribo, load the 180 fur into the two carracks there, and move them or click "sail to Europe," the game freezes.

Also, not a bug report but a suggestion: the era requirements as you have them enforce a very specific style of play. In this game, you can see I am still stuck in the first era due to having built too many settlements, and it feels a bit awkward to go through almost all the buildings, without having real choices available. I would recommend changing the requirements about population, defenders, and rebel sentiment to only apply to three settlements rather than all of them, so you are not drastically penalized for having an additional settlement somewhere.


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When clicking the icon "View plants that you have":
The word "Anothe" should be "Another"
And if that list should list all plants then Tobacco is missing in that moment. A while later I was told about tobacco at the next village and then the "view plants" list showed tobacco.

Spoiler :


The events text states that the King offers me a Merchantman - but he sends only a common Caravel. Should the text be changed to Caravel or is the event intended to actually grant a Merchantman?
Spoiler :


Hi i encounterd a bug today.
See attached save.
Enter Montreal city screen, double click any colonist working a field plot, click remove speciality, confirm -> Crash to desktop!


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i haven't encountered a lot of bugs in the last MOD. What you can do is go 10 years back and try a different strategy. most of the time this will solve the problem. :)
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