Download BUG and BAT Here!

You're most welcome. Thank you for posting so that others might learn from it. :)
The sourceforge download link for the 4.4 zip file is dead. There's only one option for a server (NetActuate) and the address is down.
FYI - The Blue Marble link/button on the CFC download page has been fixed.
Yes there is. Go to the Civ.ini file in your \Documents\My Games\Beyond the sword folder and locate the "Load Mod =" tag set the tag to "BAT Mod 4.1" (no quotes). That should do it.
Hey, i don't have such line in my ini file. i am not sure if the naming is also correct. i have CivilizationIV.ini and CivilizationIV.ini.bak. If i don't have this Load Mod can i add it and where?
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