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[BNW] Enjoyable Deity Games

Back after an 12 to 18 month rest from Civ 5. My word it was a good thing to have during lockdown. Leapt back into the EDG series with EDGE30 and realised I need a warm up. First attempt saw my wiped out before turn 70 by the English. Surprised to see them that aggressive so early in the game,. Started again and made it all the way to Plastics before being piled on (despite playing nice with everyone). Going to look for something easier to get my skills back before trying this one again. The good thing is that I will have forgotten where everything is by then.
Here comes EDGE19. The task is to play as China on a standard sized Pangaea map with Epic speed. The starting location has been modded with Really Advanced Setup as you can see for yourself. My idea for this game was to wait for Chu-Ko-Nus, spam them and win a DomV early. With that I failed spectacularly, but my core cities were growing nicely and I could take to the warpath again with Cannons. And this time I got the snowball rolling. At the end I used a couple of nukes and Paratroopers to finish the game with DomV on t411. But the core cities are so nice that you can probably go for any VC. Try it out, and I am sure you will enjoy it!

Spent a week playing this in between other summer holiday relaxation things (Christmas is summer in New Zealand).

It's an enjoyable game OK. Managed to get a Tradition-Commerce domination victory on turn 366, which is roughly equivalent to 222 at standard speed. I don't usually go for a religion in my domination games, but couldn't resist Mt Sinai and the Earth Mother pantheon. At one point was simultaneously at war with six other nations, which was a challenge. My only niggle is that the prices are different on Epic Speed and I was making decisions based on memorised prices,,. got caught out a couple of times. Also felt Epic speed dragged a bit at times when waiting for longer builds. Otherwise excellent fun.
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