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Apr 25, 2016
Hi! Does anyone else still browse this forum for scenarios and maps, or is it just me?
I've been working for these past few days on a little project, to bring the 1000AD scenario to the Europe map. I've done a few tests to try and balance it out so that no AI civ snowballs. The scenario is not fully historically accurate.
There are 10 playable civs and 8 minor civs. They are as follows:

Major Civs
England - Elizabeth
France - Louis XIV
Holy Rome - Charlemagne
Vikings - Ragnar
Spain - Isabella
Russia - Peter
Byzantines - Justinian I
Arabia - Saladin
Portugal - Joao II (Vassal of Spain)
Crusader States (Spain) - Baldwin (Brennus)

Minor Civs
Poland - Boleslaw (Vassal of Russia)
Hungary - Stephen (Vassal of Holy Rome)
Burgundy - Conrad (Vassal of Holy Rome)
Papal States - Sylvester II (Vassal of Holy Rome)
Bulgaria - Samuel (Vassal of Byzantium)
Armenia - Gagik (Vassal of Byzantium)
Al-Andalus - Al-Hakam II (Vassal of Arabia)
Khazar Khaganate - Georgius Tzul

I hope you enjoy playing it as much as I have!


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Updated to make the Crusader States playable, plus a few minor map tweaks.
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