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  1. C

    Tradeable Techs Do Not Show up on TradeScreen

    Civ4 experts - I have a tough one for you: I've encountered a serious issue (bug) where my techs do not show up in the trade/diplomacy screen even though I am the only one with that particular tech. They do show up in the Technologies tab on the Foreign Advisor, where I can see I...
  2. B

    Trading luxury resources

    Hello, I have some questions regarding trade, luxuries and amenities - 1 luxury = 1 amenities for 4 cities. But which one ? if I have five cities for instance ? Does it go to the city with the lowest amenities ? Or the closest to its limit ? - imported luxury: how can I know which citiy will...
  3. Solidirio

    Proposal: Nationalities and Migrations

    Hi, first of all this is my first post in this awesome community, and im here since the amount of people who still create stuff for this game is trully amazing - :c5capital: Basically something like what was done in the Cultural Diffusion mod, by giving the citizens of each city a nationality...
  4. Empires Of Europa Mod/Scénario

    Empires Of Europa Mod/Scénario

    Coming Soon...
  5. B

    [Concept] Charity/Welfare

    This concept touches on ideas related to Housing and Foreign Trade, as well as briefly going into Golden Ages and Dark Ages. This concept is for the inclusion of Charity and Welfare in future Civilization games. In Civilization, when a player is asked by a foreign Civ to make a tribute, it is...
  6. K

    Civilization Trade Window doesnt show resources and doesnt work in general

    Hi, I hope this is the right place to post this, I havent used this Forum before. I wanted to try out the Community patch and Balance overhaul. When i wanna try to trade with another civilization I am shown all strategy resources and luxury resources but when i click on them nothing happens...
  7. Goodenuf

    [NFP] AI wants to trade relics

    I'm finding that the AI often will want to trade relics of Heroes that have died. For example, as part of a trade in a game I just finished, Russia wanted to trade their relic from Oya for my relic from Arthur. The benefit for the relics are the same (2 faith, 10 tourism) so why bother with the...
  8. King Phaedron

    Luxury bonus to make Trade more interesting

    Instead of the same price for any luxury, one might pay a little more or less depending on one's needs. This would also encourage more trade, since you only get the Bonus when you are importing a resource. You would probably want to see all of your luxuries and import them all, but the AI...
  9. King Phaedron

    Even the Dead keep their Trade Deals

    So much in Civ6 has been done artificially in terms of the AI for other civs. Try doing this sometime: Take an original capital, leave opponent with one tiny city, make peace, setup a trade deal for some horses or iron, then let the player be defeated by barbarians, CS, loyalty, or another Civ...
  10. Z

    Reworking Trade: No more 30 turn deals, new Treaties and more

    As everyone knows, trading in Civ 6 with the AI is a frustrating enterprise that has and remains riddled with exploits, inconsistencies and general annoyingness. The pricing of resources, diplomatic favor and other mechanics is frustrating and RSI inducing, but often necessary in Deity AI...
  11. S

    [Civ2] Trade. Road

    Hi I play civ2 multiplayer gold. Im having trouble with caravans trading. I feel like i get less gold than I should. Even if i have a road between my cities it doesn’t seem to count. I’ve seen something about it needs to be on the optimal path and to use the GoTo function. When using GoTo...
  12. L

    Unplayable Crash After Too Many Trades

    I found out that if you force the ai to trade all of their money, you can trade one strategic resource (ex. a horse) for 30 turns of 1 gold by asking the ai for a fair trade. On deity for as hard as it is to gain any advantages, I want to take advantage of trading in anyway possible, so I trade...
  13. paisvalencia

    Is there any way to condition trade route yields on religion?

    So, I'm working on a mod civ which gets extra gold and faith from trade routes, but I'd wish that would only be the case when the destine city follows the same religion as the original. I've looked everywhere in the game's .xmls but there's no such modifier or requirement (there's a requirement...
  14. aom123

    IDEA: Coastal Trading Posts get bonuses for sea trade routes next to them

    Basically the title. Sitting in isolation musing about stuff, thought about the above idea. I think it makes sense, given how important coastal trading posts have been throughout history. Could also be expanded with Portugal too? Thoughts?
  15. aom123

    Trade Idea

    Hi all, just an idea for trade/a mod: Effectively, could it work that trade routes (internal and external) could boost the value of certain buildings. Obviously they do for 2 at the moment but I feel that increasing this could be more historically accurate and improve flavour? Plus many of...
  16. CaPtivE

    Enhanced Trade Interaction

    Is there a mod for better management of trade deals? I think the devs should really improve the trade system interaction. For example, If I wanna sell a luxury resource, I'll have to manually check how much EACH CIV is offering. In a standard game, this is 7 other players that you have to...
  17. Tabornok

    Trading on small map

    Hi, I play civ2 for a few years on deity, but I'm not an expert. Usually I start on small maps because I like that I can finish a game within 1-2 days. My question is that does it worth to trade on small maps? There are no big distances, an I usually get 30-40 golds for an inner trade route (15...
  18. TheyMadeMeDoThis

    [GS] What adds value to trade routes?

    Hello all, I'm wondering if there is a comprehensive list of all the standard variables (i.e. buildings, civics etc, not UA like Peter's or Jadwiga's) that add gold, food, production, faith, culture, science to your trade routes.
  19. B

    [GS] IDEA: Autonomy and Realism Mod Package

    This is a long post, and as my first post to these forums, perhaps I'm biting off more than I can chew. Regardless, I hope that my ideas are worth sharing and it sparks interest in a few of you! Introduction There are many things I enjoy immensely about Civilization VI, but there’s also a few...
  20. King Phaedron

    Trading Marble, Inquisitors with Freedom Ideology, and other Absurdities

    This is a general thread to look at various absurdities in the game. There is only two I can really think of, but maybe there are others. I'm hoping others will contribute to this thread. 1) Trading Marble is a bit ridiculous. Imagine caravans and cargo ships full of spices, wine, citrus, or...
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