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ExtraModMod Unofficial

Discussion in 'More Naval AI Modmod' started by lfgr, Jun 16, 2019.

  1. lfgr

    lfgr Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2010
    Code repository

    Old ExtraModMod Thread

    Installation Instructions
    You need to have Fall from Heaven II 0.41o, More Naval AI or any older version of Extramodmod installed.
    Download extramodmod-0.6.0-beta2u.zip from the link above and extract it into your Mods/Fall from Heaven 2 folder.

    Information and Goals
    This is a continuation of Terkhen's ExtraModMod. For more information on ExtraModMod, see its thread.
    I will incorporate all fixes I made in MNAI-U, my MNAI fork. I will further try to fix any remaining bugs specific to ExtraModMod, and maybe add smaller features from time to time.

    Please report in this thread any bugs you find and didn't report in the Extramodmod Thread yet. For more information on testing, see Terkhen's excellent Testing Guide for Extramodmod. To produce assertions, you'll have to replace your CvGameCoreDLL.dll with CvGameCoreDLL_assert.dll, which is also included in the download (backup the former and rename the latter file). Moreover, please consider setting
    AutoSaveInterval = 1
    in your CivilizationIV.ini file (see Terkhen's Guide on how to find it). This makes an autosave every turn. The impact on turn times should be negligible, and you will be able to provide saves directly before bugs happen, making it much easier for me to fix them.

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  2. lfgr

    lfgr Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2010

    For older changelogs, see the old ExtraModMod thread.

    Spoiler v0.6.0-beta2u :
    Based on More Naval AI 2.7.2u

    Changes specific to ExtraModMod

    Event changes:
    • "Affluent Duke" now requires Aristocracy civic
    • Removed "Centaur Pants", "Goblin Waste", "Massive Suicide" and the two "Werewolf Morality" events.
    • Reworked "Necro Cannibalism"

    Changes from MNAI 2.7.2u

    • Minor adjustment to how the AI values techs for their favorite UnitCombats (Tholal)
    • AI somehow thought Adepts in cities with a river could cast spring. This also lead to AI loops, possibly slowing down turns.
    • Terraformers don't try (and fail) to move to unreachable city. Again lead to AI loops.
    • Presumed embassy value no longer includes presumed open borders value - AI doesn't basically consider embassies and open borders the same anymore.
    • AI is now less paranoid about players winning religious victories, and will trade open borders more willingly.
    • The two above changes should fix at least one instance of the deal-autocancelling behavior.

    Non-AI Bugfixes:
    • Unhealthiness in city and global unhealthiness was swapped in Event description
    • Religious Influence overlay no longer shows Council of Esus cities to civilizations that don't follow the religion. (Terkhen)
    • When Hyborem or Basium are resurrected, the civilization will get its leader traits back. (Terkhen)
    • Mimics can no longer gain promotions from naval or mech units (Tholal)
    • fix for potential crash if you select a worker when you have no cities (fallout from change to prevent chopping production from being sent to settlements)
    • Snowgenesis no longer removes hell terrain twice (lfgr, found by omegaflames)
    • Negative Spell iResistModify no longer causes division by zero CTD (lfgr, reported by FireBlaze, applies to MagisterModMod)
    • Removed some duplicate Art and Audio entries. Fixes Great Lighthouse video, and makes Balseraph catapults moo again.
    • Empty boolean, int or float elements now revert to default value and show a moderately useful assertion error.
    • Griffon Illusions are no longer displayed as red blobs (reported by Spaceman98)
    • Dragon slaying no longer shows up in sevopedia promotion tree (reported by Antuano le Reddit on bitbucket)
    • Sailor's Dirge cannot spawn on ice anymore (reported by omegaflames, spaceman98)
    • Player score now counts land correctly, there were minor problems when specific plots had their PlotType changed.
    • Other minor fixes (Tholal, Terkhen)

    Gameplay Changes:
    • Scorpion Clan goblins are now upgraded to Scorpion Clan wolf riders. (Terkhen)
    • The fact that the organized trait allows building command posts without great generals is now shown (thanks Bickendan, Devils_Advocate)

    • Erebus Mapscript no longer causes assertion errors
    • Exposed CvGame::castVote(), CvGame::addVoteTriggered(). For details see CyGame.h and CyGameInterface.cpp in the code repository.
    • Fixed a few XML/Schema problems
    • Added UniversalPrereqs, a powerful system to define Event requirements (and possibly requirements for other mechanics).
    • Other minor code fixes, documentation and cleanup with no direct gemeplay impact
  3. spaceman98

    spaceman98 Plotting something

    Sep 1, 2010
    Awesome! subbing
  4. spaceman98

    spaceman98 Plotting something

    Sep 1, 2010
    This is from before the patch, but I figure I'll post it here. I saw this "terrain feature" in the far north of the map. With a name like that, it must be a truly eldritch location!

    Attached Files:

  5. lfgr

    lfgr Chieftain

    Feb 6, 2010
    This is just a map marker (as is indeed used for unique improvements). It contains the map seed (IIRC, might be some other seed) and is intended.

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