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FAQs - Pie's Ancient Europe

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Ancient Europe' started by pie_at, Apr 18, 2014.

  1. pie_at

    pie_at PAE-Let's play ancient :)

    May 29, 2009
    I want to create a direct link to PAE on my desktop
    Copy the BTS link, and then right mouse click to "Properties" -> category "Link" ->
    the text field "Target:" shows "???YourPath???\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe"
    now change this to: ???YourPath???\Beyond the Sword\Civ4BeyondSword.exe" mod= PieAncientEurope...
    (don't forget an empty letter after mod= !)

    Why are there so many animals at the beginning and then even so strong?
    For a long time humans were afraid of wild animals. They prevented the exploration of distant lands and were even a big problem in villages without palisades.
    Furthermore, tribes had to defend against other tribes. It was not possible to walk easily on exploration. Every man of the tribe (clan) was important. Only with stronger units, the exploration has become possible.
    -) Do you have a chance against bears, lions or a pack of wolves unarmed or only with a stick in hand? Could we then explore the whole world all alone? No.
    -) Has Europe been fully explored by any civilization as early as 2000 BC? No.

    Animals come over by borders!
    Animals don´t know borders. They can cross them whenever they can attack a unit. They can also attack cities. So be careful!

    Why do I can not build improvements?
    Improvements cost money. Simply decrease researche for several turns until the money is saved up.

    Why do my working boats sink out of my borders?
    Working boats aren´t scouts and can sink in unknown terrain.

    Why am I not able to build settler?
    Leaving the tribe came only after human could grow cereals, domesticate animals and make better weapons.Therefore, you are able to build settler with a certain technology.

    Why there is no palace in my first city?
    This one can be created from the technology "Leadership". Palaces came on only when a tribe was big enough and it had to represent himself before the other tribes.

    Why is my city with a size of 2 unhappy?
    In this mod the CIV standard happiness bonuses of 4 has been set to 1. Through the Oracle, a military unit, the closest possible form of new government and bonus resources you soon obtain enough bonuses.

    Why is my city unhealty so early?
    In this mod the CIV standard health bonuses of 4 has been set to 1, because there didn´t exist "megacities" in ancient times.

    I have attached a dye resource, but how do I get the happiness bonus?
    For some bonuses you need an additional building.

    Why am I not able to build the wonder?
    For some wonders you need a certain religion and/or certain resources.

    My cities are rebelling!
    There are many causes for a rebellion. See the Mod-Concepts in Civilopedia.

    Why are some CIVs (eg. Rome, Huns) so weak at the beginning?
    Some CIVs grew up strong lately.

    Why are legions so expensive and eg. longswordsman not?
    The equipment of the legions (professional soldiers) was funded by the state, while elsewhere, many soldiers still had to pay even for the weapons.

    Why do mercenaries have such high costs per turn?
    Non-resident mercenaries fight for a high pay and not for their existence.

    Why do my units lose health suddenly?
    Stacks of 20 and more units need a supply wagon. See Supply in the Civilopedia.

    Why do I see my unit when moving in a different skin (original skin)?
    Menu-Options-Graphics: uncheck the option "Animationen stopped"

    My game crashes immediately after the first turn / It says, "We have been defeated" / The mod cannot be loaded!
    The mod has probably been downloaded incompletly. Try to download and install it again. Do you have installed the correct patch for BTS (latest)?

    We have been defeated! or Game is crashing all the time!
    This can happen when you want to play your "own scenarios" and change any options. Changed scenarios can only be played by changing options in the file itself.

    I got CtDs (Crash to desktop)!
    In windowed mode (menue - options - graphics) CIV runs more stabil. If you switch to desktop in fullscreen it will crash in later games. So don´t switch to desktop when playing in fullscreen mode.

    I don't have a game interface!
    Try 1st: be sure you have BTS 3.19 patch installed
    Try 2nd: choose another screen resolution ingame (options/graphics)
    Try 3rd: be sure that the ini-file in the PAE root folder contains NoCustomArt=1 and NoCustomAssets=1 (instead of 0).

    When I load the mod I get a GFC-Error:
    Do not rename the main mod folder (PieAncientEurope).

    I have a decomprimation problem when loading/starting a game:
    It can be a solution to play with unpacked FPK files (otherwise try to redownload and install again)

    Multiplayer: We have OOS (Out of Synchronization) errors every turn!
    Try 1st: When you use different Operation Systems, you have to start the game "as administrator" on the modern OS-PCs.
    Try 2nd: Simultan MP game: Deactivate your Firewall (only clients should work).
    Try 3rd: Another reason can be activated events. They can also cause OOS errors.

    Multiplayer: On European maps with automated starting script, which sets CIVs on their right position, don't use CIVs that are geographically not in region. Otherwise you cause an OOS in the first turn. For example Indians on smaller European maps.

    Multiplayer: The game is not shown in the LAN overview: Use the option Direct-IP-Connection (IP of the game creator).

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