favorite nation

whats your favorite nation?

  • Aztecs

    Votes: 8 3.4%
  • Bantu

    Votes: 10 4.3%
  • british

    Votes: 28 12.0%
  • Chinese

    Votes: 25 10.7%
  • Egyptians

    Votes: 14 6.0%
  • French

    Votes: 12 5.2%
  • Germans

    Votes: 28 12.0%
  • Greeks

    Votes: 8 3.4%
  • Inca

    Votes: 7 3.0%
  • Japanese

    Votes: 5 2.1%
  • Koreans

    Votes: 4 1.7%
  • Maya

    Votes: 2 0.9%
  • Mongols

    Votes: 5 2.1%
  • Nubians

    Votes: 2 0.9%
  • Romans

    Votes: 13 5.6%
  • Russians

    Votes: 41 17.6%
  • Spanish

    Votes: 8 3.4%
  • Turks

    Votes: 13 5.6%

  • Total voters


that casual moose!
Jun 29, 2003
Im not sure if this has been posted before but waht is your favorite nation and why? i like the germans mainly because of thier spcial units.
Recently ive been playing with the Bantu, the extra population limit really makes a differance.
I like Chinese because of those immediately built caravans, merchants and citizens. (got RoN for present[dance] )
I chose Rome. Perhaps I'm just a little biased, but they've always been my favorite civ, on all occasions. Anyways, I do tend to lean towards imperialism in RoN, so the cheaper forts/towers really helps me. And the free units.
Mostly i use mongols because i love killing other civs, and i think they do it the best...
Turks because of the faster assimilation rate, janisseries, and cannons. You can take out cities in the midgame in a jiffy.

Second would be the Mongols, I just love their calvary.
Egypt.. I love building wonders. And the 7 farm per city is quite neat.

Second is British. Mostly due to the increased commerce cap. (I rarely play past the enlightment age)
well Nubians is my fav nation coz it discovers all rare resources in friendly territory at the start and is very commercial. Go Nubians!:D
Russians. Double attrition damage AND a lot of cool UUs! :yeah:

But I can't forget to honorably mention the Egyptians. 7 farms and 2 wonders. I am a wonder fanatic, so the Egyptians are definently one of my favorite civs.
I use the Germans all the time because of their economic bonuses.
I have only played as the Incas, Nubians, British, Romans and Egyptians so far. Of those my favourite is the Egyptians - the farms generating wealth as well as food is handy but the cheaper wonder costs and the ability to build two per city is a real killer.Enabling me to beat the comp. on tougher standard to a wonder victory. I'm still getting my ass handed to me with the other civs at that level - so its the Egyptians for me.
Germans Good UUs and good Economic Production, and the Russian for oil production bonuses
mayans and koreans...insane defensive and econ bonuses, respectively. both fit my boom strategy.
My favorite is France. The healing supply wagons are really useful and so is the free lumber mill. However, they are lacking a bit in UUs. My 2nd favorite is the Russians, followed by the Germans in 3rd.
The Incas!

Their stone to gold bonus is VERY benificial to my playing style.
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