FfH2 0.25 Changelog


May 6, 2002
Download Here: Fall from Heaven II 0.25

1. No more onExit errors on load.
2. Burnt Forests will now be removed by improvements.
3. Converted to BtS v13.
4. Buttons switch with civ specific art.
5. Dynamic model changes.
6. Spells can spread religion now (for temple founding).
7. Gorilla cages are buildable.
8. Units can gain promotions from combat (used to grant Losha immortal from combat).
9. Spiritual Guide mechanic added.
10. Added the enslavement mechanic (units and civics).
11. Fixed immortality (units and promotions).
12. Pearls can be accessed with fishing boats.
13. Non-researchable techs wont be handed out with late eras starts.
14. Added the Morale spell (for flagbearers effect).
15. Fireballs/Meteors are cleaned up at the end of turns.
16. Fixed the Natures Revolt python error.
17. Hidden Nationality no longer allows untis to occupy the same tile.
18. Fixed an issue that kept hero pedia pictures from displaying if english is the selected language.
19. You can't found cities on mana nodes.
20. Trent summons are now permanent.
21. AI update called after summon.
22. AI considers bonus movement from promotions when picking a summon.
23. New AI_summonAttackMove function (makes summons more aggresive).
24. Added the unit ability to have gold provided from victorious combat (for pirates and the black wind).
25. Fixed an issue keeping ranged add and remove promotion spells from working (fixed rust and some other spells).
26. The AI now considers available weapons, affinity and damage types when considering what units to build.
27. Building mouseover help will only display "Required to train ..." if the players civ is able to build that unit.
28. Fixed Orc selection sounds.
29. Giant Spider invisibility added back in.
30. HN Casters create HN summons.
31. Switched the Editor to excel 2007 (no more 256 column limit, woohoo!).
32. Reduced the turn/year display to just display the turn.
33. Fixed a spinlock error when hidden nationality units attack barbarian allied teams (BtS makes hidden nationality shim as the barbarian player, since we allow player to ally with the barbarians it was causing spinlocks).
34. Movement is subtracted when the unit is routed by fear (to keep blitzing units from being able to attack against fear indefinitly).

1. Removed the Imperialist trait.
2. Added the Pillar of Flames spell.
3. Added the Crush spell.
4. Added the Graft Flesh spell.
5. Added the Tsunami spell.
6. Added the Conjure Lifespark spell.
7. Added the Domination spell.
8. Enabled Advanced Start.
9. Replaced the Reversal of Fortune with Hasturs Razor (randomly redristributes the damage on units within range).
10. Created the Vile Touch promotion (passes the enervated effect to living units in combat).
11. Removed the Archer of Leaves.
12. Added the Satyr unit (UU for the Fellowship, model by seZereth).
13. Added the Illusionist unit (Svartalfar UU, in awaiting new "shadow" mechanics).
14. Added the Puppeteer unit (Balseraph UU, in awaiting new "shadow" mechanics).
15. Removed the ability to Regenerate maps.
16. Added the Freak unit (Balseraph UU, starts mutated).
17. Added the "No Lairs" game option.
18. Added the "Hallowed Ground" game option (no Armageddon counter).
19. Added the "No Settlers" game option.
20. Added the "Compact Enforced" game option (no Infernals or Mercurians).
21. Added the "Wildlands" game option (double normal amount of animals).
22. Added the "Labruscum" game option (barbarians start the game with some cities).
23. Added the "Living World" game option (double the normal chance of events) (seZ).
24. Added the "Last Days" game option (double the changes to the armageddon counter) (seZ).
25. Added the Arena building (Balseraph Training Yard replacement, Melee and Recon units can risk death for a chance to gain experience in arena battles, either way the city gains +1 happy for a few turns) (Loki).
26. Added the Hall of Mirrors building (Balseraph UB, has a chance to create a temporary illusionary version of any enemy units within 1 tile) (Loki).
27. Removed the Yggdrasil wonder.
28. Removed the Tomb of Sucellus wonder.
29. Added the Unique Feature mechanic (woodelf).
30. Added the Yggdrasil unique feature (+1 happy, provides the fruit of yggdrasil resource, boosts food).
31. Added the Tomb of Sucellus unique feature (+1 happy, provides life mana).
32. Added the Mirror of Heaven unique feature (line of site +6, provides sun mana).
33. Added the Letum Frigus unique feature (no effect... yet).
34. Added the Maelstrom unique feature (damages, destroies or teleports ships that pass through it).
35. Added the Broken Sepulcher unique feature (provides death mana, Barbatmos spawns on it) (seZ).
36. Added the Barbatmos unit (barbarian lich hero, won't leave the Broken Sepulcher).
37. Increased the max players from 18 to 40.
38. Added the Remnants of Patria unique feature (+3 happy, boosts hammers).
39. Added the Pyre of the Seraphic unique feature (provides fire mana, can sacrifice angels to bhall on it).
40. Added the Dragon Bones unique feature (provides ivory, boosts trade, +1 happy).
41. Added the Pool of Tears unique feature (+1 happy, cures disease, enervation, plague and poison).
42. Increased the resource limit from 50 to 75.
43. Added Sun mana (no effects yet).
44. Added Religion Weight Modifiers (so different leaders and prefer different religions and leaders can be set to never adopt certain reigions).
45. Added the Blessing of Amathaon game option (doubles the normal amount of bonuses) (loki).
46. The Elohim start the game knowing where all the Unique Features are (loki).
47. Promotions can override mesh sizes (so grigori heroes always show a single unit instead of a group).
48. Added the Cotton bonus.
49. Added the Gulagarm bonus (hell resource).
50. Added the Razorweed bonus (hell resource, reduces the heal rate of enemy units).
51. Added over 100 events from BtS (all the disaster events prereq a minimum Armageddon level before they will trigger).
52. Removed the Undead Slaying II promotion.

Balance Changes:
1. Cover 2 and Formation 2 now require Combat 3 (just as Shock 2 does).
2. Buboes can cast Rage now.
3. Wraiths, Ars and the Angel of Death start with the Vile Touch promotion.
4. Banish spell now returns all enemy demons and elementals within range to their home plane (resistable).
5. Weapons upgrades no longer require buildings.
6. Removed the Scorched Earth traits from Jonus and Sheelba.
7. Tailor gives a bonus with Cotton instead of Sheep.
8. Returned the Forge to pre-weapons settings (+25% hammers, prereq smelting).
9. Made the Dwarven Smithy into a Forge replacement again.

Cosmetic Changes:
1. New model art for the drown.
2. New model art for the Stygian Guards.
3. New model art for Water Elementals.
4. New model art for Knights.
5. New model art for Spartiatoi.
6. New model art for Shield Walls.
7. New model art for Kuriotate Swordsman.
8. Added a custom "Gold" interface.
9. New skin art for the disciples and priests by Elhoim.
10. New model are for Buboes by seZereth.
11. New model art for the Bannor Warrior by seZereth.
12. New Valkyrie model art by Ploeperpengel.
13. New Main Menu
14. History pane added to the improvement pedia screen.
15. Load/Save menu BtS graphic replaced with a FfH graphic.
16. New icons for all the mana types.

. No rename city popup (I removed "self.__eventEditCityNameBegin(city, False)" from onCityBuild)
. Multiplay OOS's

To do:
. Nothing!

To do- waiting for "Shadow":
. Trophies
. invisibility applied by promotion
. causes war attribute/check on spells
. mana bar gui
. Horsemen spawn mana when they die
. Need to add the Sprawling trait effects
. Dirge spawn
. evangelist mechanic
. Magnadine captures barbarians

Spoiler Special DEBUG information for Sureshot :


Im trying to build in some debug infromation to help you help me isolate the OOS issues. To enable then check out the Fall from Heaven 2 025\Assets\XML\Gameinfo\CIV4GameOptionInfos.xml file. The DEBUG options aren't marked visible by default. Go ahead and change the bVisible option on GAMEOPTION_NO_EVENTS, GAMEOPTION_DISABLE_AI_SPELLS and GAMEOPTION_ENABLE_WORLDBUILDER_ALWAYS bVisible attributes from 0 to 1.

After that you should see those options in the custom game menu. The names are pretty self expanatory and those (as well as the game option to disable the Armageddon Counter) should help you isolate the issue. We will see how it goes and thanks again for helping.

- Kael
So, what are the effects of the unique features? (I already saw what you said about Yggdrasil, but am curious about the others)

Also, how does the arena work? When you say units "can risk death..." does that mean it is optional (like a spell/ability available to units in a city with an arena), or is there a chance that you may randomly lose your city's garrison?

Can we expect any more "Shadow" features (like the evangelism mechanic, invisibility by promotion, or the mana bar) to get implemented while we're still waiting for the BtS patch?
So, can we still expect to get the new update on the same day as the firaxis patch is released? :)

I also wanted to ask if there are any drastic changes planned for the sprawling trait. I quite like it (and miss playing Cardith) and it would be cool to add it now (while waiting for the patch).
37. Increased the max players from 18 to 40.
Cool. Not that I'll ever play with 40, :lol: but it'll be nice to have a map with every civ.
Can we expect any more "Shadow" features (like the evangelism mechanic, invisibility by promotion, or the mana bar) to get implemented while we're still waiting for the BtS patch?
I guess that depends on how long it takes...
5. Weapons upgrades no longer require buildings.

Are the doviello getting anything cool to replace the advantage they once held with this?
Are the doviello getting anything cool to replace the advantage they once held with this?

Their units are now all normal cost instead of 50% overcosted.
Thx for the increased maxplayers, Kael. This should give plenty of space for civs plus colonies now.:)
Can wait to play with the unique features!

Increased Maxplayers was requested by me to get rolling with my FFH conversion to Warhammer and isn't a necessary part of FFH design. I thought it might make some other modmodders and scenariomakers happy as well and Im glad now that that seems to be the case.
Great changelog :goodjob: ! I can't await to play!
29. Added the Unique Feature mechanic.
30. Added the Yggdrasil unique feature.
31. Added the Tomb of Sucellus unique feature.
32. Added the Circle of Myrh unique feature.
33. Added the Letum Frigus unique feature.
34. Added the Maelstrom unique feature.
35. Added the Broken Sepulcher unqie feature.
38. Added the Remnants of Patria unique feature.
39. Added the Pyre of the Seraphic unique feature.
40. Added the Dragon Bones unique feature.
41. Added the Pool of Tears unique feature.
I am curious what the effects of them will be like :mischief:
BTW, most of those features like the pool of tears remind me of the Elohim. Since they are keeper of the sacred places, will they have special advantages using those features?
And... What those features do? :p

I think Kael said this already somewhere... ahh, here it is:
Kael said:
We cut Yggdrasil and the Tomb of Sucellus as wonders because we are adding an item from "Shadows" design doc, unique features. When you randomly generate a map there is a chance that unique features will be added to it (right now its 25% chance for each unique feature, we may play with that amount).

For example Yggdrasil can't be built, instead there is a 25% chance it will be created in the world. It still provides the Fruit of Yggdrasil bonus to anyone that hooks up a road to it (it doesn't require an improvement) as well as an incredible +7 hammers, food and trade for its tile. It can't be pillaged or destroyed, and is an incredible boon for anyone that has it (and a tempting target to try to capture).
Thanks, but yeah, I knew that... I'm interested what bonuses other features provide and what are they in lore (For example I know what Pool of Tears and Tomb of Sucellus are)

EDIT : And Letum Frigis. Mmmmm... quests :)drools:)
I'll get the specs up on the Unique Features when I get them finalized, im playing with them all right now.

Barbatos was an archmage in the Age of Magic. Before he fell to the holy armies he became a Lich and locked himself in his tomb where he stayed for the rest of the Age of Magic and the Age of Ice.

The Broken Sepulcher is Barbatos's tomb, Barbatos starts spawned on it and will never leave it. For those unfortunate enough to have it spawn in their games will find Barbatos (a lich fond of summoning Earth Elementals and Wraiths) a dangerous advesary. But the Broken Sepulcher provides death mana, so if you are able to defeat Barbatos and take it its a nice reward.
do these spawn at random times in the game?

No, the process that checks for unique features runs during map generation, they won't pop in mid-game (though its not hard to have a python scripts or event that does that).

@Sureshot: adding players was impossible in vanilla but its a pretty simple SDk change in Warlords and BtS. I played a game earlier today with all of the leaders in, all the teams were defined by civilization so there were 19 teams (Hyborem and Basium hadn't enter yet). It was a bit slow on my computer (about 15-25 seconds between turns and Im sure that would get worse as the game goes on) but it was fun outside of that. Makes me wonder about the fun I could have if I updated my computer. ;)
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