First time playing Big and Small Islands mixed in.


Apr 14, 2022
So this is the first time I've ever played this map type with this setting put in. I have to say this is completely different than anything I've ever seen. I normally play fractal or hemispheres or pangea. This map was a breath of fresh air although I'm only halfway through the game not sure what's going to happen. I will say that Marines will definitely be very useful on this map. And vice versa if the AI attacks my islands my mainland Force can't stop them. Looking forward to the finish. I rolled China, Qin Shi Huang. Not my favorite leader but great starting techs and I just finished a game with a protective leader and love Drill IV gunpowder units. I also honestly said I hope I get an industrious leader this next roll. So I guess I was lucky? My last two victories were Culture without gunning for it with Willy and Giggles. Not sure if Industrious makes it 3 in a row or not. Those were also my only two culture victories ever but I've developed a strategy for it if I don't want to grind a domination or space out.
Edit: I also figured out with Willy and Giggles that Creative trait is one of my favorites. Playing this one which is the first in my last four games without it just emphasizes that I love Creative trait. In the past I never would have chosen it because I didn't know how powerful it really was in the beginning.
Micro Managing the little trade route, seafood islands is fun. In the past I've never settled there because it seemed like a waste of time and maintenance. This game has definitely made my learning experience a lot more beneficial. Even tech choices have changed. First time doing castle economy as well due to trade routes and going to hit Communism early and skip economics until I need Assembly Line. Not sure if the strategy will work but we'll see. SP should cut my maintenance down immediately instead of going for Free Market and Corps
Well this game will be a wrap soon. Will end up being a Space Victory. I had two good culture cities but didn't use the Industrious enough to win Culture. Diplo was just stupid easy. I learned too much from watching Lain and @Henrik75 to keep the AI happy enough with me to not attack me. Never was in danger so just kept teching and looked at the map and realized domination would be longer and more tiring that space. Fun game and different for sure than what I have played.
I frequently play this map. I like varied maps with unoccupied land only accessible after Astro. When I decide to go for domination, it is definetly a fleet operation with marines and carriers.
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