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Discussion in 'Rhye's and Fall - Dawn of Civilization' started by Leoreth, Sep 11, 2014.

  1. Leoreth

    Leoreth Prince of Blood Moderator

    Aug 23, 2009
    House of Hades
    I will use this thread to compile links to other threads in this forum that provide useful information.

    It will also include posts maintained by other members for this purpose.

    Modmodding Q&A Thread
    I'm happy to see people modding DoC. Here's the thread where you can ask me how to get it done.

    How to add a Civilization to DoC
    A step-by-step guide on how to add a new civilization to this mod.

    Extending the Memory on 64 bit Machines
    Link and instructions for a tool to increase the available memory on 64bit machines to 4GB.

    Stability Guide
    An online version of the stability guide with some additional details can be found here.

    Stability Map Creator
    I have written a small tool (two Python files) that can automatically create stability maps based on game data.

    Master Map thread
    A thread dedicated to modifying the world map in DoC.

    Expanded Dynamic Civ Names thread
    A thread dedicated to adding additional dynamic names for civilizations.

    The "OMG! Look what happened in DoC!" Thread
    Something impressive or hilarious happened in your games? Share screenshots here.

    Off Topic Lounge
    You like the people who hang out in this forum and would like to talk about stuff besides DoC? Then this is the right place.

    Who is this guy?
    I'm mostly boring but sometimes people still ask me questions for some reason.

    Challenges and Competitions
  2. merijn_v1

    merijn_v1 Black Belt

    Dec 29, 2008
    The city of the original vlaai
    Here is a list of every modpacks, modmods and other additions to DoC.

    New Civilizations
    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
    Civilization Available for Creator
    Sweden git merijn_v1
    Modern Greece SVN 752, DoC v1.12, DoC v1.11 Qiu
    Ming Dynasty DoC v1.11 (English and simplified Chinese) tanxishichao (Chinese forum) (Hosted by soul-breathing)
    Israel git steb
    Swahili git merijn_v1
    Australia git Novicenoble, merijn_v1
    Zulu/Afrikaner git Novicenoble, merijn_v1
    Philippines git merijn_v1
    Mamluks (Islamic Egypt) git merijn_v1
    Vietnam git merijn_v1
    Manchuria (Qing Dynasty) git merijn_v1
    Teotihuacan git steb
    The Golden Horde (Tatar Civilization) SVN 752 Qiu
    Equestria Standalone (based on DoC v1.12) clanky4
    Texas, California, Deseret, CSA Standalone (based on v1.13) clanky4
    Barbarians git merijn_v1
    Atlantis git merijn_v1

    Other Expansions:
    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3 Column 4
    Name Description Available for Creator
    2nd UU/ UB Gives every civ a second UU/ UB git merijn_v1
    Dawn of Man screen with images Alternative Dawn of Man screen with an unique background image for each civ All version, all modcomps merijn_v1
    Stabilitymaps in Info Advisor Gives access to an interactive stability map from within the game Merged in the main mod All versions, all modcomps merijn_v1
    Static images modcomp Replaces the Leaderhead art with static images to reduce the memory usage All versions, all modcomps merijn_v1
    Camps A modcomp that changes the mechanics of native american unit spawn, which gives the player more options how to deal with them git merijn_v1
    Improved Civilopedia modcomp A modcomp that aims to improve the usability of the civilopedia. SVN 966 Sgt. Bears
    Expanded Great People Names Includes extra and more accurate Great Peoples' names for certain civilizations - civilizations which are popular and/or capable of spawning a large number of GPs in UHV play. ? iOnlySignIn, Tomorrow's Dawn
    Historical colours Alternative colours for civs All versions, All modcomps Citis
    Expanded Dynamic Civ Names Expands the pool of dynamic names for each civ DoC v1.12, SVN iOnlySignIn, Hippo8085
    Master Map The Master Map Thread is both a suggestion thread, a discussion thread, a research thread, and a modmodmod for improving Rhye's terrible mapmaking skills ? Royal Tenenbaum, Citis
    Better Mainmenu Alternative title mainmenu screen Anything after 1.12 Caterpillarking
    Non Differentia Scenarios Removes all Terrain, Resource and Feature differences between scenarios. SVN 974 onward Sgt. Bears

    New mods:
    Column 1 Column 2 Column 3
    Mod Description Creator
    DoC Alternate History The goal of this modmod is to expand on the alternate history capabilities of DoC. mrrandomplayer
    Dawn of Knoedel The goal of this modmod is to fix the 30% Leoreth got wrong Imp. Knoedel
    DoC Community Mod Compilation Civs and Fixes is a modcomp for Rhyes and Fall Dawn of Civilization made using mods made by myself, Merijn, and Steb. The goal of this modcomp is to add new civilizations with cores in areas with few native civs, while making small balance changes. 1SDAN
    Bits of Tales Various small changes many aspects of the mod citis
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  3. Leoreth

    Leoreth Prince of Blood Moderator

    Aug 23, 2009
    House of Hades
    Moderator Action: I have opened this thread to allow other posters to edit their posts I have allowed in here. That does not mean that the thread is open for discussion. Any unauthorized post here will be deleted and considered as spam.
  4. CaterpillarKing

    CaterpillarKing Conqueror of Cacoons

    Feb 11, 2014
    On a leaf
    With mrrandomplayer now gone, I have been asked to keep this alive, so I shall. I will update this and add new stories.

    List of DoC AARs

    S&T Forum

    If any of you feel inspired, please make Civ 4 stories, because S&T is not in its glory days and needs more writers. Also, my fingers are crossed that this will be stickied, as several DoC'ers (me, Tomorrow's Dawn, baseballpie, Lone Wolf, Gruekiller, and some others) are/were S and T'ers.

    Anyway, here is a list of all active and finished stories (no dead stories):

    CRITERIA FOR ACTIVE STORIES: There must have been substantial posting (not spam) within the last 2 weeks.

    AARs (After Action Reports)

    Persia: Dawn of a Nuzlocke
    Author: Me
    Description: I play as Persia and take over the world while also including several Pokemon games to enhance the narrative.
    Status: Active, but could go on hiatus since my iPad is broken (it stored the pictures of my Pokemon game).

    Dawn of the Middle Kingdom
    Author: Tomorrow's Dawn
    Description: Tomorrow's Dawn takes over most of the world as China and kicks butt. Enough said.
    Status: Finished

    Sri Lanka: A Tamil OCC for RFC DoC
    Author: ME!!!!!!!
    Description: My first Civ story, this story is a one-city challenge as the Tamils, utilizing a Great Cothon build on Sri Lanka.
    Status: Finished

    A Story of Byzantium
    Author: Lone Wolf
    Description: Lone Wolf crafts an excellent textbook-style story of Byzantine awesomeness in this story.
    Status: Finished

    5020 Years of Greatness: A Babylon OCC in RFC DoC
    Author: Me again!
    Description: I attempt to survive for over 5000 years as Babylon doing a one-city-challenge! The story is written as a very punny comedy.
    Status: Finished

    Sri Lanka 2: A Tamil Narrative (not an OCC) for RFC DoC
    Author: Me
    Description: My only non-OCC story (and my most recent story) is written in history-textbook style augmented with narrative sections. It describes the rise of the Tamils as a world power.
    Status: Active

    The Karnage of the Kingdom of Kongo
    Author: constantinople
    Description: Written in typical Constantinople style, this story will make you laugh like crazy as Mbemba slowly turns Kongo from a backwards state into a world power.
    Status: Finished

    Dawn of the Punic Sea [DoC]
    Author: Tomorrow's Dawn
    Description: TD uses an awesome Great Cothon build as Phoenicia to take over the Mediterranean and much of the world.
    Status: Active

    Subir de um Imperio: Story in One Day
    Author: Gruekiller
    Description: Gruekiller played the entire game AND wrote the whole story in just one day in an awesome mad conquest as Portugal, of all nations.
    Status: Finished

    Argentina: the Rise of an Empire
    Author: Kinkaz
    Description: As Argentina, Kinkaz goes on a complete rampage and takes over the most random parts of the world, despite collapsing once and suffering from major stability problems.
    Status: Finished

    The Greatest Jihad
    Author: Kinkaz
    Description: Kinkaz goes on a Jihad against all of Europe as Arabia and takes over the entire continent before collapsing.
    Status: Finished

    Magnificent Mughals
    Author: Lone Wolf
    Description: As the Mughals, Lone Wolf fights off conquerors and forms a magnificent empire full of many religions, going on to win a culture victory.
    Status: Finished

    Vive la France
    Author: Lone Wolf
    Description: Lone Wolf aims to win a domination victory way back in DoC 0.81.
    Status: Finished

    History of the Congo
    Author: Lone Wolf
    Description: In this history-textbook/story AAR, Lone Wolf takes on the great challenge of surviving and winning as Congo.
    Status: Finished

    The Legacy of Byzance
    Author: Gruekiller
    Description: Gruekiller masterfully plays with the Byzantines in the excellently written history-textbook style AAR.
    Status: Finished

    Stars and Stripes Forever- A Tale of American Empire
    Author: Gruekiller
    Description: In this crazy world, Andrew Jackson turns the US into a Fascist state and creates a world-conquering empire.
    Status: Finished

    Turks! The Scourge of the East!
    Author: Gruekiller
    Description: In this story, Gruekiller leads a conquering and powerful Turkish empire and even reaches the shores of the New World. However, there is quite a surprise ending!
    Status: Finished

    The Alternative History of France
    Author: heitorccp
    Description: The starting point was an early conquest of Frankfurt, thus crippling the Germans early on (that iron and coal and good fields...). A difficult game where there was got a good history from an otherwise boring game, in an eternal stalemate with an eventual Russian spaceship victory. This France did better than OTL France, getting a stable Napoleonic France to the end of the game.
    Status: Finished

    Rome Defeats its Destiny
    Author: NKN
    Description: It is the year 753 BCE. The Latin people have just founded the city of Rome. Situated at a favorable position and governed by a superior political system, it is fated to control the whole Italian peninsula. Most of its neighboring regions in Europe are still barbaric and uncivilized. The city of Carthage is its only rival on the way to rule and civilize the whole Mediterranean. But even at its birth, Rome can already feel the winds of revolution that threaten to cause its demise. Nearby Athens has begun to consider philosophy. The wisdom it studies has encouraged Rome to form a republic and an empire, but will allow the many tribes of Europe and beyond to create societies of their own, forming civilizations that may eventually challenge Rome itself. To save itself, Rome can not attempt to conquer other peoples before they discover their identity. Once these nations form, they will fight for self-determination with a passion even Rome can not hope to quell. The only path to domination is to wait patiently for history to take its course, letting other civilizations rise briefly before falling to Rome's empire.
    Status: Finished

    Bella Italia
    Author: Lone Wolf
    Description: In this game, Lone Wolf plays for an Italian UHV on Emperor difficulty in his modified version of 1.10. He runs into quite a few challenges on the way...
    Status: Finished

    DoC: Ice Age
    Author: Nighthawk419
    Description: The author of this game heavily WBs the map to create an Ice Age scenario, and sees what happens to the DoC AI.
    Status: Active

    The Asian Jihad: A Sequel to the Greatest Jihad
    Author: Kinkaz
    Description: In this sequel to the Greatest Jihad, Kinkaz rampages though Asia instead of Europe.
    Status: Active

    Interactive Stories

    America: Write your Own History
    Author: Royal Tenenbaum
    Description: Interact with politics as it unfolds into an interesting, unexpected history. Watch the conquest of Canada, the annexation of Mexico, the imperialism of the first woman president, and the rise of communism in the 1920's.
    Status: Finished

    The Democratic Caliphate
    Author: Sanguivorant
    Description: Vote on the decisions of a great Islamic caliphate as it conquers the known world and makes great scientific progress!
    Status: Active

    Greece: the Dawn of the Europeans
    Author: citis
    Description: Vote as the people for Greece's leaders and fate as the finest classical civilization.
    Status: Finished

    The Rise of Brazil
    Author: CaterpillarKing
    Description: Brazil, with the help and votes of S&T, takes over South America.
    Status: Finished

    A Tryst with Destiny
    Author: adhiraj.bose
    Description: Play as an adviser to the Indian Emperor as India becomes the dominant power in South Asia.
    Status: Active

    Ethiopia: Land of Wonder
    Author: CaterpillarKing
    Description: Ethiopia comes to power in Africa and is currently holding representative government, but not without religious problems.
    Status: Active

    North Korea: the Prince of Pyongyang
    Author: TheNoob
    Description: Serve as part of Our Glorious Leader Kim Jong-Un's government and watch North Korea take over the world with its military might!
    Status: Dead

    Anarchus Caesar: A Rome Anarchy Game
    Author: TheNoob
    Description: This game in an Anarchy Game, where TheNoob is required to do anything that is posted, no matter how silly, as long as it doesn't conflict with anything before it.
    Status: Finished

    Dawn of Russians
    Author: citis
    Description: Play as a Russian lord of a city, paying homage and respect to the Czar.
    Status: Dead (Game Crashes)

    Mexico: Tierra e Libertad!
    Author: CaterpillarKing (seriously, how does he have time for all of this???)
    Description: Vote for the party and leader that you want to guide Mexico to a glorious future.
    Status: Active

    If there have been any forgotten stories, please message or PM me.

    Also, please feel free to comment on active stories and I encourage you to make your own AARs, but NEVER, EVER NECRO dead or finished stories! EVER!


    Changes from previous version:
    Several stories now dead or finished

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