Full-throttled Emperor OCC Space Race


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Mar 24, 2002
Full-throttled - Top speed all the way for earliest possible victory.
Emperor - Difficulty level.
OCC - One City Challenge.
Space Race - Desired victory condition (all default VC's enabled)

Over the past six months I have developed my strategy for OCC Space Race on Monarch. It is now time to give it a shot on Emperor. Although I prefer England or Portugal on Monarch level games, I chose the scientific Byzantines for their free techs, which could possibly save me 25 turns of research. The very first start I roll:

A couple of hills would have been nice, but I'm not going to throw away two cattle on river. Constantinople is founded in 4000 BC, begins building a warrior, to be followed by a curragh. The worker moves out to irrigate and road the cattle. Set research on Pottery at 100%.

Our curragh heads out in 3500 BC, and we begin a second warrior. Pottery comes in on the interturn, and we set our research to Writing at 10%.

We meet the Inca in 3350 BC. They have Masonry, lack Alphabet, and their treasury is at 20 gold. They won't trade, so the civ they met must be either commercial or seafaring. After the second warrior, we build a worker, then start on our granary.

A Dutch warrior is seen on the east coast of our continent in 3050 BC. As suspected, they have Masonry and no gold. The Inca are now willing to accept our offer, and we get Masonry for Alphabet. They were still a bit stingy, and wouldn't give us even a single gold piece.

After completion of our granary, we build a second curragh, two more workers, then begin construction on The Colossus. Our first curragh explores a small island east of Amsterdam, and our second travels north past a small island northwest of our continent, meeting Korea in 2010 BC. They have Warrior Code and 10 gold, but lack Masonry and Pottery. By this time, the Inca and the Netherlands also have Warrior Code. The Netherlands even have The Wheel. We offer Pottery to Korea, and in return he gives us Warrior Code and 10 gold.

The Inca learn Ceremonial Burial in 2390 BC and later trade it and their 20 gold to the Netherlands for The Wheel. In 2230 BC Korea discovers Iron Working. We get that in exchange for Masonry and 144 gold - nearly our entire treasury. Iron Working gets The Wheel and 20 gold from the Netherlands, then Ceremonial Burial from the Inca. The Wheel gets our 144 gold back from Korea. Not a bad round of trades if I do say so myself.

Our curraghs have recently dared the oceans to the east. The first headed out east of the Incan city of Tiwanaku, and sank in 2270 BC. The second headed east from the northeast tip of the Korean island-continent, survived four turns in the ocean, and met the Ottomans in 2110 BC. We trade Iron Working to the Ottomans for Mysticism and 26 gold. No other rival that we know has Mysticism.

We complete the Colossus in 2070 BC, build a temple, then begin work on The Oracle. In 1830 BC, our curragh comes across a Carthaginian warrior while traveling along the north coast of the Ottoman continent. Carthage already knows Writing! We're still 13 turns away, so maybe studying Pottery at the start wasn't such a good idea. Carthage didn't have Iron Working or Mysticism, and looking back at the archive I see that we could have given him both techs and 81 gold for Writing. I cannot imagine why I didn't do that. :confused:

Anyway, Writing comes in on the interturn after 1500 BC. I make a few trades to get Mathematics and Horseback Riding, and start research on Code of Laws at max 70% science, due in 16 turns. Carthage already has Map Making, and the Ottomans have it in 1450 BC. On the interturn after 1450 BC, a Hittite scout shows up at our border and we complete the Oracle. The Hittites have Writing, but are otherwise backward. We sell Masonry for 10 gold and begin The Pyramids as a prebuild for The Great Lighthouse. With the Oracle complete, science goes up to 80% and Code of Laws will come two turns sooner.

In 1350 BC we meet Persia, who share the continent with the Ottomans and Carthage. They also share the tech lead, as they too have Map Making. The Hittites pick up the same on the interturn, and in 1325 BC we trade The Wheel, Iron Working and Mysticism to them for Map Making and switch our production as noted above.

On the interturn after 1150 BC, we discover Code of Laws. Carthage and the Ottomans discover Polytheism and Construction, trading so that they each have both. We trade Code of Laws to Carthage for Construction, but of course we cannot get Polytheism yet. Philosophy is due in 8 turns.

The Great Lighthouse is complete in 1100 BC, and we begin our next project, The Great Wall. Philosophy is due in 6 turns.

The date is now 1000 BC, and Philosophy is due in 2 turns.


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Mar 24, 2002



OCC Rocks!
Mar 24, 2002
Microbe posted both Monarch and Emperor OCC Space Race games. They are linked to in his SG History thread. His approach was quite different than mine.


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Mar 24, 2002
Conquer the world, and then build a spaceship, all with one city?


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Mar 24, 2002
In 950 BC, we discover Philosophy and The Republic, and begin studying Literature. We immediately revolt and descend into Anarchy. We'll have everything in order in 4 turns. A quick check of CAII, and we find that the Ottomans also know Philosophy. Wow, that was close. A couple of mistakes almost cost me big time. Switch production over to Mausoleum for our Golden Age.

We become a Republic in 825 BC, everybody gets back to work, and the Mausoleum is due in 4 turns. Literature due in 8 turns. We trade Construction to the Inca in 775 BC for Polytheism. We complete The Mausoleum of Mausollos and enter our Golden Age in 750 BC. Research time on Literature is reduced by a turn, and we can build The Great Wall in 9 turns. The Inca complete the Pyramids in 710 BC.

After completing The Great Wall in 570 BC, we disband our warriors in order to build a Library in one turn (GA = 36 spt), then build a spearman. We discover Currency in 530 BC, and immediately sell or give it to Korea, Ottomans, and Persia. The each pull a different free tech, and we trade our Republic and Literature monopolies to get all of them before getting a free tech of our own: Theology! Research is set to Education, due in 16. That may change, as our Golden Age will only last another 8 turns, but we will also gain tourism. We trade for Monarchy from Carthage, who are now at tech parity along with the scientific civs, while we hold a monopoly on Theology. We may be able to build The Hanging Gardens for additional tourism, but I don't want to end up wasting shields, so we build a Marketplace and a Harbor, then wealth until we can begin a prebuild for our University.

With the Harbor complete, we are able to trade with Korea. We buy their silks for 3 gpt. Six turns later, we are able to trade with the Inca, and buy their Incense for 5 gpt. Carthage completes The Temple of Artemis in 350 BC, Persia completes The Great Library in 330 BC, and the Netherlands completes The Hanging Gardens in 310 BC. Had we built it, we would have finished the Hanging Gardens no later than 330 BC.

Education is discovered and our University is built in 210 BC. Astronomy will take 16 turns to research, and Copernicus' Observatory will take 17 turns to build. As we study Astronomy, Carthage and the scientific civs pick up Theology and Invention. We trade Monotheism to the others for Horses + 34 gold (Netherlands), Dyes + 13 gold (Inca) and Furs (Hittites). Our silks trade is then renewed at 4 gpt. The Ottomans complete The Statue of Zeus in 150 BC.

Just before we discover Astronomy, the Ottomans discover Chivalry. In 110 AD, we trade Education to Korea for Invention, 42 gpt and 112 gold. We then trade Education to the Ottomans for Chivalry and 26 gold, and gift Education to Persia, because they have The Great Library. Korea has a monopoly on Gunpowder. Also in 110 AD, we complete Copernicus' Observatory. A turn later, Carthage picks up Gunpowder, and we get that with Education and Chivalry. With tourism increasing, Banking will take a total of 8 turns to research. We prebuild our Bank then begin a prebuild for Shakespeare's Theater. Printing Press is due in 6 turns.

After only 3 turns studying Printing Press, Persia get it first. Carthage gets Astronomy, and trades Gunpowder to Persia for Printing Press. We trade contact to get Printing Press. We also sell tech to the Hittites for 20 gpt and renew our Dyes and Furs trades at 5 gpt and 4 gpt. The Ottomans complete Sun Tzu's Art of War in 290 AD. Democracy in 9 turns.

By the time we have Democracy in 380 AD, Carthage has Navigation. We trade Banking and World Map for Navigation, 31 gpt and 75 gold. Banking and WM to Persia for WM, 27 gpt and 62 gold; to Korea for WM, 23 gpt and 13 gold; and to the Hittites for World Map, 10 gpt and 15 gold. Trading maps around gets us another 7 gold. Free Artistry in 7 turns, Shakespeare's Theatre in 12.

Minimap from 380 AD:

Edit: I forgot to mention that the Hittites are at war with the Dutch, and Carthage is at war with the Ottomans.


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Mar 24, 2002
Carthage discovered Music Theory in 420 AD, and half the world has it when we get Free Artistry in 450 AD. On the same turn, the Hittites discover Chemistry and trade it to Carthage. Perfect timing. We trade Democracy to the Hittites for Chemistry, Music Theory, WM, 50 gpt and 33 gold, and to Carthage for WM, 38 gpt and 198 gold. Persia completes Knight's Templar. Physics in 8 turns.

We complete Shakespeare's Theater in 490 AD. The Hittites complete Leonardo's Workshop in 520 AD, and we discover Physics. The Inca complete Sistine Chapel in 560 AD. Economics is suddenly known by nearly everyone in 580 AD, so we sell Physics. In addition to Economics, we get a total of 220 gpt and 242 gold. Also on this turn, the Netherlands complete Magellan's Voyage. In 590 AD, the Netherlands complete JS Bach's Cathedral and the Hittites complete Smith's Trading Company. We now have nothing to switch to, but fortunately Theory of Gravity is due this turn, and we can switch to Newton's University on the interturn.

Magnetism is researched in 7 turns, followed by Metallurgy, which would also take 7 turns. Newton's University is complete in 700 AD, reducing the time needed for Metallurgy by one turn. Korea gets Metallurgy first, in 720 AD, and trades it to Carthage. We were so near discovering it ourselves, that it only costs us 10 gold to buy. We get Steam Power as our free tech and start research on Industrialization, due in 9 turns.

Persia discovers Magnetism in 730 AD, selling it to Korea and the Hittites. We sell Theory of gravity to Persia for 161 gpt, and they get Nationalism for free. We also sell it to Korea for a measly 28 gpt, and they get Steam Power. We give Physics to the Inca for Rights of Passage, and send workers in to connect two sources of coal.

After Industrialization, we go for The Corporation. In 850 AD, we sell Industrialization to Persia for 248 gpt. We also drain Korea's economy for 38 gpt, loaning them 731 gold. This helps to slow their tech pace, as they will use the cash to rush units or improvements and will have to cut back science to repay us. We gift the Inca three techs, then they still insist that we pay for their coal.

The Ottomans enter the Industrial Ages in 950 AD, pulling Nationalism as their free tech. This is very nice. The AI will avoid researching Medicine, and we will be able put off building Theory of Evolution, hopefully long enough to pull at least one modern tech with it. We discovered Refining in 980 AD, and are now researching Steel. We have recently begun producing pikemen for eventual upgrade, just in case we have to wage war to acquire the necessary resources to build our spaceship.

Speaking of war, Persia declared on Carthage and captured a city. That war didn't last long, but it allowed the Ottomans to recapture their city, and push forward to take one from Carthage before suing for peace. Similarly, the Inca declared war on the Dutch. There was no change in their borders, but faced with two fronts, the Netherlands lost ground to the Hittites. After a brief period of peace, the Hittites continue to wage war against the Dutch.

Minimap from 1000 AD:


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Mar 24, 2002
Our income from the Industrialization sale ended in 1040 AD, so we sold The Corporation and Refining. Altogether, we get Nationalism, Communism, over 600 gpt and some change. We upgrade a dozen pikemen, and the Hittites capture the last Dutch city on our contintent.

Not much happens for 200 years. The Hittites declared war on the Inca in 1170, and have recently signed a peace treaty with the Netherlands. We discover Steel in 1070, Combustion in 1170 and Medicine in 1230. In 1240, we trade again. Refining gets us Espionage from the Inca. For Steel, we get Electricity and 392 gpt from Persia and Korea. We also sell Combustion to Korea for another 366 gpt. We hold a monopoly on Medicine, and will have Scientific Method in 6 turns.

We discover Scientific Method in 1270, finally getting our first SGL, and begin research into Atomic Theory. In 1305, we trade Combustion for Replaceable Parts, then both of those for Fascism. Atomic Theory is known in 1330, and were looking forward to Electronics. Surprisingly, Medicine remains a monopoly for the duration of the previous trades. Selling Medicine in 1345 gets us 525 gpt.

The Hittites are really taking it to the Inca, and may become a serious threat. The Ottomans have extra rubber, but are trading it to the Hittites, so we are unable to trade for it at this time. Desiring stronger offensive units, we buy Horses and Saltpeter so we can build cavalry. The irony of this is that we had to buy both from the Hittites, the only civ against whom we might use said cavalry.

The next 100 years have a lot going on:

1380 AD
We have Electronics, researching Mass Production

1390 AD
Korea has Flight
Ottomans sign MPP with Inca and are forced to declare war on the Hittites

1395 AD
Carthage has Flight
We buy Rubber from Ottomans for 18gpt

1400 AD
Persia and Ottomans have Flight

1405 AD
Carthage and Ottomans have Mass Prodcution

1410 AD
Korea has Mass Production

1415 AD
We have Mass Production, researching Motorized Transportation

1420 AD
We begin Theory of Evolution

1435 AD
Four AIs have Scientific Method. None can threaten ToE.

1445 AD
Carthage, Ottomans, and Korea have Sanitation
Trade or sell Scientific Method and Atomic Theory for Flight, Sanitation, 733gpt and 727 gold

1450 AD
MotorTrans in 1, ToE in 2

Minimap from 1450 AD:


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Feb 8, 2005
This makes me wanna play some sort of OCC of my own.
I still wish to see how you'll make the SS!


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Mar 24, 2002

Garrison: 20 Infantry, 8 Cavalry, 5 Artillery, 2 Galleons, 1 Guerilla and Geminus

Complete list of Improvements:
Hydro Plant
Civil Defense
Stock Exchange
Commercial Dock
The Colossus (+14)
The Great Lighthouse (+14)
The Oracle (+14)
The Great Wall (+10)
Copernicus' Observatory (+2)
Shakespeare's Theater
Newton's University
The Mausoleum of Mausollos (+10)

The numbers in parentheses indicate tourism bonuses. A total tourism bonus of +64 commerce is multiplied to 256 beakers, just over 50% of the city's science output. Geminus will rush SETI after ToE is complete, bringing total science up to 636 beakers per turn. A research lab will further increase that to 699 beakers.

@ Own: Possibly, yes. I'm surprised at how well this is going. Of course, I didn't expect to get 5 ancient wonders.


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Mar 24, 2002
Turn off a victory condition? Man, part of the challenge is avoiding undesired VCs.


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Mar 24, 2002
IT: Motorized Transportation and Fission freebie >> Computers (0%)

IT: Theory of Evolution >> SETI
Computers >> Miniaturization >> Nuclear Power

IT: SETI >> Research Lab

Short-rush Research Lab
IT: Research Lab >> Offshore Platform

Short-rush Offshore Platform
IT: Offshore Platform >> United Nations

IT: Nuclear Power >> Laser

IT: United Nations >> Tanks every turn (80 gold each turn to rush first 10 shields)

Sell Electronics, get Amphibious War, Ironclads and gold
Trade Fission to get Ecology and more gold for a total of over 850 gpt
We still have monopoly on Computers
Duh, build a Nuclear Plant, dummy!!
Short-rush Nuclear Plant
IT: Nuclear Plant >> Mass Transit System

Short-rush Mass Transit System
IT: Mass Transit System >> More Tanks every turn (no need to rush now)

IT: Laser >> Rocketry

Three AI have Rocketry, trade and head for Space Flight
Oil deal expired, so build Artillery instead of Tanks

Hitties eliminate Inca

Sell Fission to Carthage for 277 gpt
Computers to Korea for 640 gpt and over 1000 gold
Computers to Persia for 162 got and over 850 gold
(That's over 1000 gpt!)

Begin prebuild for Apollo Program

IT: Space Flight >> Robotics
Apollo Program >> SS Engine

IT: SS Engine >> SS Cockpit

IT: SS Cockpit >> SS Docking Bay

IT: SS Docking Bay >> SS Planetary Party Lounge

IT: Robotics >> Superconductor
SS Planetary Party Lounge >> SS Stasis Chamber

Hittites eliminate Netherlands

IT SS Stasis Chamber >> Wealth

Korea has Satellites, trade Miniaturization for it
Begin SS Thrusters

IT: SS Thrusters >> ICBM (Prebuild for SS Life Support System)

IT: Superconductor >> Synthetic Fibers
SS Life Support System >> SS Fuel Cells

Korea and Persia have Synthetic Fibers, trade Nuclear Power for it
Switch Fuel Cells to Exterior Casing

IT: SS Exterior Casing >> SS Fuel Cells

IT: SS Fuel Cells >> SS Storage/Supply

IT: SS Storage/Supply >> Wealth


Most powerful civilization? (Treasury nearly 100,000 gold)
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