Game Crashes with Memory Allocation error


Mar 13, 2007
I have been playing the Wolfshanze mod (for the first time) and I am continually getting these game crashes with an error saying virtual memory allocation failure. Now I don't know if this has anything to do with the mod, because this is the first time I am playing the game since I have updated it to BTS 3.17 as well as the first time playing this particular mod. I didn't really have this problem that much before when I played a normal custom game. I did have the problem when I played mods with many civs (like the 34 Civ Gigantic Earth map mod), but I expected as much with 34 civs on a huge map.

However in this particular game it is extremely frustrating because I don't even have the time to save and I am in a world war for the fight of my life. But it has crashed on me almost 10 times already!

What does System Allocation Virtual Memory Error mean? I have 2 GB of RAM so I don't see how that's the problem.

My specs are that I'm running Vista on AMD Atholon++ Duels (2.6 Ghz) and 2 GB of Ram. I am playing the Wolfshanze mod with 20 civs on a huge map, and lowered the graphics to medium (but it still crashed anyway).

Please Help. What could be the problem?
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