Game Report: Frederick of Germany


Aug 23, 2007
[canceled, see 5th or 6th post]

Well I've been browsing the forms for some time and I've learned a lot here, but I think that I could get the best kind of feedback from actually playing a game and see what the people here think of me. Usually I play on prince difficulty, so I'll go with that difficulty in this game, even if it's not that high. :sad:

Also, just a reminder, I still only have Vanilla Civ 4. :sad: I will be purchasing the Beyond the Sword expansion soon, but not so soon that this game will have no use. I want to learn from this. And I didn't get Warlords because I got my vanilla Civ4 game right before Bts was released! :) guess I can start with game settings. It will be, of course on Prince difficulty. :king: And also, speed will be epic so I have lots of time to move my army and stuff, and I am playing on a Fractal map, and for my leader......

Frederick of Germany!! Oh wait, you knew that from the thread title? Dang!! Well, just so you know him, he's Philosophical (cheap universities, +100% Great People Points) and Creative (cheap colloseum, theatre, +2 :culture: for every city each turn). I decided to go with him because I like both traits (philosophical makes me want to go for a library early to get a GS and creative means I won't have to bother building obelisks, or monuments in Bts but like I said I don't have that yet). His starting technologies are also Hunting and Mining, which means I can use a scout to get more huts and get bronze working earlier for slavery (which, remember, in vanilla is more valuable--I'm not sure why but maybe because of the Low upkeep? Correct me if I'm wrong, please).

So, the starting screenshot:

Well, I think this start is pretty much mediocre...I mean there's a good mix of hills, plains, forests, and a river, but the downside...there's only one visible resource now, the wine which won't be available until Monarchy. :sad:

Buuut, I can make out the figure of two floodplains below my settler (to the left of the desert hill) which is great for extra food, and only two means that the unhealthiness will hardly be significant.

So, what do you guys think? I will value your opinions highly since I know many of you are experienced players. Just remember that it is VANILLA and not Beyond the Sword.

I am selecting the scout, by the way, who is right on the wine. I'm thinking of sending him south, then southeast to see if there's anything other than the floodplains.

As for techs, I think that without any food source, I should go to Bronze Working. Then after that, maybe ... er....I don't know it all depends on the map? *Hesitates*, right?

And for victory conditions, I enabled all except Time, because it's just so lame. I'm hoping to get a domination victory, or conquest although domination is more likely. I don't really want to do space race, cultural, or diplomatic since I like the heat of battle. If I last to get panzers, I will spam them like mad... heh heh... So the early plan is:

-Get copper for likely rush
-Get 2 decent cities out
-Forget about early wonders, but do get libraries for easy Great scientists

What do you think?
It looks like you have a couple of floodplains to the south, and I'm sure you have at least one food resource out there in the fog. Maybe cows, corn if you're luck, but overall this is a pretty unimpressive start. (At least that's how it looks now. Let's see what you say in a little while) Move the scout 1 NE or 1 SE - it doesn't matter which - so we can get a better look of how things are.
It looks nice and i´ll bet there is either Iron or copper in the BFC if you settle in that spot.
Yeah, this is an unimpressive start. I'm assuming, though, that the random map generator tries to make starts evenly so if I have only one resource that wouldn't make sense (of course I may have some other resources 1 tile north or south that could be in the fat cross radius). I'm 90 percent sure there will be iron, copper, or horses nearby, like Johann mentioned.

I'll probably move the scout north, then northeast because I already know there are two floodplains to the south.

(I'll get this game started most likely this friday, after a school soccer game).
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