[GS] Gathering Storm General Discussion Thread

Wow...so much yes. Most excited about the change from warmongering to grievances, that sounds very promising. Also like the nod to Beyond Earth with the paragraph titled "Avoiding the Great Mistake". Time to stop playing Rise and Fall until February 14th...speaking of which it sucks that they're releasing it on Valentines Day, my boyfriend better be working that day because I know I'm sure as hell taking leave. :lol:
Bandar Brunei CS spotted in stream.
Geothermal vents? North of city next to sheep.
Very happy with this. Will be depressing that every time I play it will make me think about how the world's ending though lol

Is that a new Wonder way to the top left, on the right side of the cathedral, the one in the ocean?
Flood plains now exist outside of desert (and they just flooded).
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