German Succession Game on World Map

xrang the II

Feb 11, 2002
This is the new home for Open SG German Correct Starting Position on World Map

This game is currently full*****

The player roster is

Empror Coopinius (playing)
Pretzel_22 (on deck)
donsig (waiting)
joespaniel (waiting)
xrang the II (waiting)

24 hrs to pick up game
24 hrs to post zipped save game
No Save Game Editors!
I asked Lefty to close the old thread, to avoid confusion.

Here is the current saved game:

We are at war with Rome for dominance of Western Europe.
Here is the order played so far:

Empror Coopinius
xrang the II

PreTzel_22 started the thread, played a round but wasn't able to post the sav. I then played the same he had played. (I offer my apologies for that again.)

We could keep this order and it would be PreTzel_22's turn. Is this order ok with everyone?

xrang the II: it's up to you to keep the first post updated.

I am going to edit the post. It's a good thing my turn won't come up soon, as I've just installed a new CD writer in my computer and it's having some (I believe) hardware problems. I'll be editing the post from my other computer. Oh, and I wont cut and paste the turn summaries like I said...we'll just start from scratch...
Pretzel_22, it's your turn. What was that confusion about two games going at once?
What was that confusion about two games going at once?

That was my confusion in the original thread. Empror Coopinius started the game and posted the sav. Then PreTzel-22 (who started the original thread) posted something to the effect that he was 'starting'. He was then unable to post his save but e-mailed it to someone. I assumed that 'starting' meant starting a game but I now realize he meant starting his turns. Before I figured that out I jumped on the posted sav, played and posted my results. lkentder played right after me and joespaniel after him. (This due to more confusion about the game being open.)

Anyway, I hope all the confusion is behind us now that we have a new thread, a playing order and know the game is not open!

thanks for clearing that up, donsig
Pretzel, are you playing? If you don't post 'got it' before 12:00 AM Empror Coopinius will have to take it. I don't want the game to slow down!
Empror Coopinius, please take the game. Pretzel, no worries ,we can make you play after Empror Coopinius if you can.
We get some action.
All hail Kaiser Friedrich von Cooper II, crowned in Berlin, August 570 BC.

570 BC - The King orders a spearman whipped in Rome, while German swordmen engage and destroy a Roman warrior unit south of Corinth. The galley sent northward by von Cooper's predecessor continues to scout the western coast of Scandinavia. The same swordman unit which finished the wretched Roman warriors fights off an attack from reinforcing Roam archers and becomes elite.

550 BC - The spearmen in Rome begin to garrison their city, and a library is ordered begun. German work gangs begin cutting roads south of Innsbruck and Krakow. An emissary from Xerxes' court demands our territory map and 23 gold. We scoff at them and they declare war. Athens finishes the Great Lighthouse.

530 BC - troop movement, galley contines to explore.

510 BC - troop movement, more exploration, Babylonians demand contact with the Nipponese and literature, we say no. Luckily for Germany, they have "bigger fish to fry" :lol: . The citizens of Liege open their temple for public worship, and begin raising swordsmen.

490 BC - An elite archer regiment east of Krakow attacks from a hill, but is destroyed by defending Roman archers. Four regiments march west on Pompeii, and two march south from Rome on Antium. Berlin finishes her marketplace and begins recruiting swordmen, Krakow finishes her granary and likewise begins raising swordsmen.

470 BC - An elite swordman regiment kills a detachment of Roman horse south of Pompeii, our brave regiments outside Antium kill one defending spearman regiment. A galley is spotted sailing west from the besieged city. Innsbruck finishes it's municipal granary and begins outfitting a new regiment of sword. (hard to think of different ways to say the same thing.)

450 BC - Our elite swordman regiment outside Antium falls on the spears of a regular regiment defending the city. The Kaiser is outraged. Our western forces meet with more success, killing all three spearman regiments defending the new Roman capital.

430 BC - Pompeii falls to our glorious German arms, a small segment of the population resists our occupation (1 resister). The King orders a spearman regiment raised to defend the new town. A new regiment of swordsmen leave Berlin, and another recruiting call is immediately put out. Alborg finishes her granary and begins recruiting swordsmen as well.

410 BC - The Resistance ends in Pompeii with the beheading of its' ringleaders in the public square, per the Kaiser's orders. Liege raises a new swordsman regiment, and also leaves the call out for more recruits.

390 BC - Roman warriors fortified north of Pompeii are routed by our swordsmen. Roman archers attack Krakow, but are massacred by the spearman regiment defending the city. A new regiment of swords is raised there, and the Kaiser orders another regiment of spear to be raised to defend the city. Innsbruck fields a new regiment of swordsmen and likewise raises another regiment of spear for civil defense. Bucharest finishes her granary and begins recruiting a new spearman regiment. The Kaiser's palace is expanded in a spontaneous show of affection by the people.

370 BC - Our swordman regiment in the east kills Roman archers east of Krakow. An elite regiment of sword is sent out from Pompeii to disperse Roman archers in the woods, but is defeated. A second regiment attacks and avenges the lost German regiment. Berlin fields another sword regiment and begins yet another.

350 BC - troop movement across the Reich. Three regiments of Persian horse arrive outside Bucharest, and attack a swordman regiment outside the city. It fights one off, kils another, and is finally killed by the third. The Romans land a regiment of archers north of Pompeii. Bucharest outfits a regiment of spear and begins raising swordsmen.

330 BC - The Kaiser, not wanting to fight a two-front war, swallows his pride and negotiates peace with Persia for 80 gold. The Roman archers north of Pompeii are destroyed. Catherine sends her emissary and demands the Reich's territory map and 29 gold. The Kaiser rails against her in private, but accepts her demands in public, because the Reich cannot fight on both her borders at once. With this, however, Russia has earned the lasting hatred of the von Cooper line. Alborg fields a new regiment of sword and begins raising spearmen, Krakow garrisons its' newly raised spearman regiment in the city and begins recruiting swordsmen. Innsbruck does the same.

310 BC - A regular swordsman regiment finds and destroys a Roman archer detachment west of Rome and becomes veteran. Two swordsman regiments attack Antium, both are destroyed. The Kaiser senses that the time to end the war is now, so that German troops can be armed and placed at optimal points of attack to bring the Romans to heel. He signs a peace traty, and Rome cedes the cities of Antium and Viroconium to the Reich.

Notes: It was all good till everyone started messin with our Kool-Aid. Now I think Russia and Persia will both have to die, just a matter of time. Western Europe is now pretty much secure, they have 3 more cities which we should be able to take at our leisure. I suggest Greece as our next target...Corinth is a big green eyesore in our empire. Next? :)
Once more (groans), I'm sorry. BUT. It ain't cause I'm not reliable, It's cause my computer refuses to let me post. If at all I don't reply, don't think I've just forgotten. I'm really sorry guys, I don't have nearly enough time on my hands to keep up with this.

I vill play next (in two days), then we can resume normal order.
Glad you made peace with the Persians. Was a little bit worried about the immortals. It is wise to fight one at a time.

Hey PreTzel_22: Are you still unable to post attachments or are you also having trouble posting replies? I think you have to made a certain number of posts (10?) before you can attach files to your replies.
Looking as post #1

Empror Coopinius (just played)
donsig (due to play) <<<<<
lkendter (waiting)
joespaniel (waiting)
xrang the II (waiting)
Pretzel_22 (waiting)

Donsig, it looks like your time to move.
Donsig, it looks like your time to move.

I'm at work now and can't play.:(

Also, PreTzel-2 said he wanted to play and I've already played over his turns once. I don't want to do that again to the guy.
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