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GOTM 175 Spoiler

Some stats

20 AD :

Cities: 11
Government:Monarchy Taxes 30/70/0
Wonders: Marco and Colossus (Carthags have HG)
Techs: 21 researching The Republic - 9 turns
Units: 5 Settlers, 1 Warrior, 4 Phalanx, 1 Horse, 1 Chariot (from Hut I think) 3 Triremes 7 Vans
Trade Routes: 3F (2 caralis 1 Ulundi) none of these are Capital/SSC

520 AD

Cities: 16
Government: Republic Taxes 0/60/40
Wonders: Marco Colossus Copernicus (Pyr - Germ, GL Zulu, Sun T Mongols)
Techs: 31 Researching Magnetism 5 turns
Units: Settlers 4 - Triremes 7 - Vans 9 (4 of which are ready for a wonder probably Leos)
Trade: 15 F & 1 domestic

1000 AD

Cities: 25 (1 city has been lost to Carthags at some point)
Government: Republic Taxes 0/60/40
Wonders: Marco Colossus Copernicus Magellans Leo (Light Carthags)
Techs: 39 Researching Medicene 5 turns
Units: Settlers 4 - Galleon 7 - Vans 9 - Ironclad 6
Pretty intense war with Carthags 1 city lost to them - Peace with Mongols at moment but Karakorum is now mine - 1 small city lost to Barbs continent 10
Trade: 19 F & 1 domestic

I suffered with the fierce AI during this period. I didn't know there was an AI patch so I suppose that could have helped, although I would have started attacking them with Ironclads anyway.

1490 AD

Cities: 46
Government: Democracy Taxes 0/60/40
Wonders: Marco Colossus Copernicus Magellans Leo Michaels Isaacs (Eiffel Carthags, Shakes Zulu)
Techs: 61 Researching Electronics 3 turns
Units: Engineers 12 - Galleon 1 - Transport 8 - Freight 8 - Destroyer 5 - Cavalry 5 - Artillery 9
Peace with all, but Carthags only have 3 cities left very recent war. 3 more mongol cities captured and 1 Zulu city (I think this was bribed)
Trade: 58 in total about a third domestic
Date, Produced, Tech achieved, Other notables
+1010 Explosives Barbarian legion dies in attack on Cardiff
Barbarian leader for 150g. Zulu -> 50g
Hides to Karakorum for 188
+1020 Engineer
+1030 Metallurgy Carthaginians demand tribute and declare war
+1050 Electricity 50g from island hut. Zulu -> 100g
+1060 Fort holding Mongol units back
+1070 Leadership Salt to Berlin for 374.
Senate hands peace to Carthaginians and Mongols
+1080 Stock Exchange Refrigeration
+1100 Conscription
+1110 Supermarket Gunpowder -> Zulu -> 100g
+1120 Tactics Zulu -> 50g.
+1130 Caravan T0L2S8
+1140 Railroad Cardiff celebrates. Cloth to Nanking for 374
+1150 Caravan Cardiff is size 21 again.
+1160 Industrialization Cardiff is size 22.
Railroad -> Zulu -> Horseback riding, 100g
+1170 Factory Cardiff is size 23
+1180 Cardiff is size 24.
Power jumped to Mighty from Strong
Tech cost went up by 50%
Carthaginians demand tribute and declare war
My power will likely go to Supreme next turn
+1190 Caravan Corporation Cardiff is size 25. Power is still Mighty. T3L0S8
+1200 Carthaginians build Leo.
Barbarian frigate near Cardiff
Power jumped to Supreme
Railroad, Industrialization -> Mongol -> maps, no alliance
+1210 3 barbarian dragoons land
Power down to Mighty again? Why?
+1220 Freight Barbarians die in attack on Cardiff.
Power is still Mighty. Barbarian leader for 150g.
Zulu -> 50g
+1230 Steel Power is supreme again.
2 Hides to Panormus for 2x323.
+1240 Freight Refining

Status at +1250
City Size: 25 Government: Democracy Gold: 3206 Techs: 52 Trade routes: 3
Structures: Library, Marketplace, Aqueduct, Harbor, University, Bank, Sewer, Factory, Stock Exchange, Supermarket
Wonders: Marco, Colossus, Shakespeare, Copernicus, Newton
Units: 1 None settler, 1 Engineer, 1 Legion, 1 None Horseman, 1 elephant, 1 galleon, 1 diplomat, 9 vans
Goals: Superhighways, Research lab, Darwin, another explorer for hut hunting?
Zulu: 7 cities, 33 techs; allied with me
German: 4 cities, 33 techs; Pyramids; allied with me
Aztec: 3 cities, 39 techs; allied with me
Chinese: 2 cities, 44 techs; allied with me, war with Carthaginians
Carthaginian: 8 cities, 19 techs; Sun Tzu, Leo; war with Chinese
Mongol: 4 cities, 39 techs; Great Library

+1260 Freight Electronics
+1280 Freight Combustion Gems to Carthage for 684. Power still supreme
100g to Mongols so I could tech bomb them.
Reduced tech cost from 1456 to 1092. T2L2S6
+1290 Automobile Cardiff celebrates
+1300 Superhighways Cardiff is size 26
+1310 Freight Mass Production Cardiff is size 27. Engineer disbanded
+1320 Freight Cardiff is size 28 and maxed out. Sewer sold. T4L0S6
+1330 Machine Tools Carthaginians build Magellan
+1340 Darwin Recycling
+1350 Computers Hides to Panormus for 632.
Mongols demand 150g and declare war
+1360 Research Lab Mobile Warfare peace, tech bomb -> Mongols -> maps. T0L0S10
Aqueduct sold
+1370 Mass Transit Robotics
+1380 Nuclear Fission
+1390 Nuclear Power Carthaginians demand 150g and declare war Automobile -> Zulu (5) -> Polytheism. T5L0S5
+1400 Nuclear Plant
+1410 Laser
+1430 Offshore Platform Flight T3L0S7
+1450 Recycling Center Radio Chinese develop Communism. Elephant disbanded
2xHides to Panormus for 336 each
+1460 Tank Advanced Flight Refining -> Chinese -> Communism. T2L0S8
Legion disbanded
+1480 Manufacturing Plant Rocketry Hides to Panormus for 344
+1490 Freight
+1500 Freight Space Flight Cloth to Caralis for 494

Status at +1500
City Size: 28 Government: Democracy Gold: 5747 Techs: 72 Trade routes: 3
Structures: Library, Marketplace, Harbor, University, Bank, Mass Transit, Factory, Manufacturing Plant, Recycling Center, Nuclear Plant, Stock Exchange, Supermarket, Superhighways, Research Lab, offshore platform
Wonders: Marco, Colossus, Shakespeare, Copernicus, Newton, Darwin
Units: 1 None settler, 1 None Horseman, 1 tank, 1 galleon, 1 diplomat, 2 vans
Goals: Apollo, space race
Notes: Darwin was a mistake; my tech is now way ahead of my production.
Zulu: 8+ cities, ? techs; allied with me
German: 5+ cities, ? techs; Pyramids; allied with me
Aztec: 3+ cities, ? techs; allied with me
Chinese: 2+ cities, ? techs; allied with me, war with Carthaginians
Carthaginian: 8+ cities, ? techs; Sun Tzu, Leo, Magellan; war with Chinese and me
Mongol: 4+ cities, 60+ techs; Great Library
Date, Produced, Tech achieved, Other notables
+1505 Freight
+1510 Freight Environmentalism T0L0S10
+1515 Freight
+1520 Freight Espionage
+1525 Freight
+1530 Freight Plastics
+1540 Superconductor Diplomat disbanded
+1550 Apollo Amphibious Warfare Cloth to Caralis for 740
+1555 Marine Germans build SETI
+1560 Spy Stealth
+1565 Stealth Fighter Carthaginians build Eiffel
+1570 SS Module Power dropped to Mighty. T10L0S0
+1575 SS Structural
+1580 SS Structural
+1585 SS Structural Giving up on power returning to Supreme
+1590 SS Module
+1595 SS Module Power still Mighty
+1600 SS Component
+1605 SS Component
+1610 SS Component
+1615 SS Component Carthaginians build Oracle
+1620 SS Component Power dropped to Strong. T9L0S1
+1625 SS Component Fusion Power Industrialization -> Carthaginian (5) -> Cease fire
Gems to Carthage for 1026.
Tech bombed Chinese -> Guerrilla Warfare, maps
+1630 SS Structural Power back to Mighty.
Several Techs to Carthaginians (4) to boost them up
+1635 SS Structural Power still Mighty. Tech bombed Carhaginians
+1640 SS Structural Future Tech 1 Power down to Strong. T0L0S10
+1645 SS Structural
+1650 SS Structural Future Tech 2
+1655 SS Structural
+1660 SS Structural Labor Union 100g from hut
+1665 SS Structural 100g from hut
+1670 SS Structural Future Tech 3
+1675 SS Structural 200g from hut
+1680 SS Structural Future Tech 4
+1685 SS Structural 15s3c1m space ship launched. None fanatic from hut
+1686 Combined Arms
+1688 Adam Smith Future Tech 5
+1689 100g from hut
+1690 Future Tech 6 Gold is down to 1149, but power remains at strong
+1691 Zulu build Suffrage. Aztecs build Liberty.
Chinese join the space race. None rifleman from hut
+1692 Mongol cavalry dies attacking my tank in hilltop fort
Zulus, Germans, and Aztecs declare war on Mongols
Mongol diplomat killed
+1693 Monotheism
+1694 UN
+1695 Future Tech 7
+1696 Lighthouse
+1697 Future Tech 8
+1699 Hanging Gardens Fundamentalism 50g from hut. Mongol explorer killed.
T0L10S0. Power is still Strong.
+1700 Space ship arrives
My final part, nothing exciting about it. It took longer than usual to build the spaceship.

Stats at 1000AD:
pop.: 13.68M; Cities: 42; techs: 52; gold: 191; Gov.: Dem; wonders: Pyr, HG, Col, MPE, Michelangelo, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Leonardo, Bach, Newton, Darwin, CfC; TR: 2D/34F
units: 22 engineer, 5 musc, 2 crusader, 4 boat, 3 dip, 21 vans

1010 deliv. 420, 810
(Barbs show up and march into empty Bergen + Issus! Ouch!)
1020 MassP.->Refrigeration; 666, 504, 414, 412; Bribe back Issus for 130
1030 Refr.->Conscription; Bribe back Bergen for 26; Venedig founded (island 10); 176, 678, 305
1040 Conscr.->Electromics; 882, 720, 150
1050 Electr.->Chivalry(Mongols are working on this for centuries, don't want to wait any longer); Mailand (island 22) founded 402, 564, 426; gift some techs to Mongols, T0S8L2
1060 Chiv->Leadership->Tactics; Ghent founded; 486, 606, 420, 702
1070 Tactics->Atomic Theory->Mach tools(1798); 246, 492, 384, 846, 522
1080 MachTools->Mini->Computers; 1057, 390, 570; Cut down science again in favor of gold
1090 Comp.->Recycling; 216, 276, 492
1100 Recyc.->Nucl. Fission; SETI built; Pisa founded; 372, 244, 472; Raise Lux for another round of celebrations
1110 NFiss->NPower; 100g from polar hut; 316, 1110, 348
1120 Npower->Laser; 198, 438, 1024
(Barbs capture Ghent)
1130 Laser->Flight; 1106, 426, 256, 204, 882, nice how Peking is in constant demand of dye, beads and cloth
1140 Flight->Mob warf.; 256, 157, 284, 242, 464, 150, 476, 134, 200
1150 Mob.->Radio->Adv. Flight; 713, 580, 304, 292, 654, 8, 108
1160 Adv. Flight->Rockets->Robotics; Barb leader 150; 200, 532, 654, 150, 564, 232, 331
1170 Robitcs->Space->Plastics; 598, 463, 180, 147, 320, 280
(China Communism -> Marco cancelled)
1180 Plastics->Supercond.; Apollo built; hut 100g; 642, 408, 624, 270, 264, 296; Spaceship will take longer than usual, not enough gold/vans...
1190 Supercond.->Communism; Ship 1-1-0-0-0-0; Get Communism from China (They hailed us before deliveries, unfortunate, need 2775 beakers, box should be about 1/4 full); Dublin founded; 580, 492, 388, 259, 480, 184, 174
1200 Fusion->FT1; Ship 5-1-0-0-0-0; 440, 256, 390, 496, 404, 222, 523
1210 FT1->Espionage; 9-1-1-1-1-0; Toronto founded; 228, 724, 580, 504, 504
1220 Esp.->FT2; 13-2-2-2-1-1; Melbourne founded (island 18); 252, 286, 430, 296, 512, 244, 416, 328, 240
(Aztecs aband Adam Smith! I've been waiting for centuries for them to finish, so we could conquer it!)
1230 FT2->FT3; 19-3-2-3-2-2; Mongols seem to be ready to attack, hail them, sign peace; 43, 328, 408, 392, 200, 340
1240 FT3->Comb.Weapons; 24-3-2-3-3-2; 50g from hut; 414, 336, 708, 456, 264, 427,
1250 Comb->Environment; 28-4-3-4-3-3; Lost my log for this turn due to PC crashing
1260 Env.->FT4; 31-4-3-4-3-3; Bribe chinese chariot blocking our railroad for 193; 200g from hut; 474, 660, 500, 657, 114; Sign peace with almost everybody, we really need UN...
(Zulu SoL)
1270 FT4->Guerilla; 33-5-4-4-3-3; Barb leader 150; 400, 194, 344, 496, 256, 722
1280 Guerilla->Stealth; Full spaceship launched! Finally! New Cardiff, Pilsen founded; 592, 228, 348, 573, 264
1281 Stealth->FT5; Adam Smith built; Embassy with China; Bribe back Ghent for 44; 110, 352, 564, 483, 638; Mongols have moved into position again, not hailing them this time...
(Mongols sneak attack as expected, kill 2 defenders in Tintagel, including tank)
1282 FT5->Labor; Mongols have alpines! Tough for my stealth fighters, especially on river... Embassy with Germany; 300, 580, 200, 352, 183
1283 Labor->FT6; Embassy with Aztecs, we are down to contact; Sign peace with Germans, no invitation to war with Aztecs; Capture Karakorum 505g+WC, Samarkand 181g; Empty Spot founded; 540, 300, 517, 384, 738
1284 FT6->Poly; UN built; Ouch, Chinese troops are blocking our trade routes, demand Aztec retreat, they declare war; Zulutown, Caerny founded; 504, 601, 320, 627; Capture Teotihuacan 241+KRC+Poly, Tenochtitlan 99, Texcoco 54
1285 Researching FT7, barely missed :(; Capture Tlatelolco 332g, Aztecs destroyed, Spanish respawn on arctic peninsula (next to our dip); 100g from hut; delivery 268; bribe spanish settler for 168
1286 FT7->FT8; Madrid founded; 492, 580, 360, 102, 496
1287 FT8->Amph.; Eiffel Tower built; Aztecia, Rhymn founded; 468, 616, 795, 278, 468, 176, 343
1288 Amph->FT9; Mongolia, Zuluport founded; 280, 744, 483, 395, 162, 196
1289 FT9->FT10; End1 founded; 580, 456, 556, 364, 372, 564, 88, 220, 178, 154, 700; Germans seem redy to attack, let 'em come
(No German attack, unfortunately)
1290 FT10->Fundy; Manhattan, Oracle, GW built; End3 founded; Senate denies attack on Germany; Zulus are demo, so no bribing them...; subvert Hamburg 2*859(144), Leipzig 2*950(86): Cash in some vans, raise luxuries
1291 The eagle lands
20 AD-1000 AD

40 AD-Egyptians respawn,signed alliance with weak Americans,giving techs,need your teritory for Zulu war.
60 AD-techs for Egyptians-maps,are in Carthaginians territory/map making for Sioux-maps/Zulu Lighthouse
80 AD-Carthaginians begin Oracle/Madrid settler,city disbanded.bad placed/(39,71) 4 specials/diplo from trireme with salt for Berlin takeS hut (22,42),tribe,Caerphily/will disband,(21,41) 3 specials/Cork founded after irrigation in forest,4 specials.
100 AD-first domestic van/copper Carmarthen to Cardiff,44 g/Rhymney founded/Madrid 2 founded 4 specials
120 AD-Elephant wounded near Konigsberg takes hut,nomad.
140 AD-Rhonda founded
160 AD-Americans wants help,attacked by Zulu,declare war.
180 AD-food van Keels go to Cardiff/2 elephants, one horseman go to Zulu territory and trireme veteran near coast/give Philosophy and Trade for Germans,map and 25 g tribute.
200 AD -Caerphily disbanded/first foreign van in Berlin,76 g salt from Kells.
220 AD -Illauntanig founded,near ex- Caerphily/whale,gems,one hidden.
240 AD-Germans Pyramids/saw Hlobane.
260 AD-Zulu chariot attack horseman and vet elephant in hill,survives both/Attack Hlobane with elephants,one will be veteran/begin mining grassland to find hidden resource near Illauntanig
280 AD-veteran elephant near Hlobane survives after garrison attack/capture Hlobane-29 gold/trireme from Tintagel go to beads van for Carthage
300-AD-see Mpondo.
320 AD -Egyptians have Engineering,but hostile,demand tribute,war,a diplomat will steal/2 vans in Cardiff for Mike/barbs legion near Mpondo destroyed.
340 AD-Mpondo razed with 2 vet elephants.
360 AD-Engineering stolen from Egyptians.
380 AD-Begin Invention/Horseman near ex-Mpondo kills Zulu chariot.
400 AD-Germans war with Sioux/barbs legions near Little Bighorn/nomad begin irrigation in forest for 3 specials near Hlobane.
420 AD-Barbs legion kill a Sioux settler,other dead attacking Little Bighorn.
460 AD-Swansea build in hill near Little Bighorn,4 specials/van food from Kells in Cardiff,just 22 needs for Mike.
480 AD-Invention,begin Bridge B/Germans have Astronomy,Gift The REPUBLIC,echange Invention for Astronomy,demand tribute,150 gold/kill a settler and 2 pike near ex-Mpondo.
500 AD -Sioux have Seafaring,Germans begin Leonardo,and revolution to Republic/Gift 3 Tech for Sioux,don't wan to give Seafaring/Durrow founded near Zulu territory.
520 AD -Mike in Cardiff,begin Copernicus/tribute demanded for Sioux,seafaring/revolution to Republic
540 AD-Republic governement/some fights with Zulu units near ex-Mpondo.
560 AD-Cardiff celebrate.
580 AD-Barbs legions attack in Carthage/gift trade for Sioux
600 AD-Cardiff cancel a celebration/Merthyr maked in Carthaginians continent,have whale and peat.
620 AD-Zulu payment for cease fire 450 gold,peace forced by senate.../Tara founded too in Carthaginians continent,2 whales,one pheasant in river/taxes changed,0 extra in a turn,discoveries every 8 turns.
640 AD-Americans expel my diplo/Egyptians peace with Carthaginians.
660 AD-Carmarthen refounded,4 specials.
680 AD-Silver van Rhonda/Carthaginians begin Leonardo/peace signed with Egyptians,they research Gunpowder.
700 AD-Bridge Building,begin Banking/Gift Monotheism and Monarchy to Sioux,my key civ,discoveries now 8 turns,not 9.
720 AD-van silver from Samarkand to Hamburg,75g/hut on ice border up,nomad.
740 AD-sneak attack Zulu-warrior killed /Kill some units with crusaders.
760 AD-Carthaginians have Gunpowder,give Mathe for Gunpowder,maps exchange/silver van from Rhonda to Leipzig,62 gold.
840 AD-Banking,begin Democracy/Copernicus in Cardiff,begin aqueduct//Dinas Powys founded,a base for Zulu war.
860 AD-Aberystwyth founded,3 specials/hut near ice border up,100 g.
880AD War ended between Germans and Sioux.
900 AD-Dye van from Samarkand in Cardiff,50 gold/Tintagel hides to Cardiff,18 gold/fights with natives barbs near Durrow.
920 AD-Carthaginians again war with Egyptians/hut near ice border 50 g.
940 AD-barbs elephants near Dynas Powys/hut in ice border,crusader with home Tara.
960 AD-Democracy,begin Navigation/Statue hurried in Caernafon disbanding a phalanx+120 gold/revolution
980 AD-Fundi/gift to Sioux Gunpowder,tribute 50 gold/Monotheism for Germans,tribute 200 g/Zulu for peace 350 gold.
1000 AD-Madrid2 harbor/more vans hurried.
Stats at 1000 AD

Cities:21,population 2 310 000
Units:14 settlers,21 phalanx,8 archers,one muske,21 mounted units,4 trireme,one diplo,6 vans,2 explorers
AI Players:Zulu(despotism,5 cities,13 techs,war with Americans),Germans(republic,5 cities,21 techs),Egyptians(despotism,one city,20 techs,war with Carthaginians),Americans(despotism,2 cities13 techs,war with Zulu,allied with me),Carthaginians(despotism,7 cities,17 techs,war with Egyptians),Sioux(republic,one city,21 techs)

1000 AD-1869 AD

1010 AD-gift trade for Egyptians,tribute 100 g they.
1020 AD-Carthaginians now hostile.
1050 AD-Leonardo in Caernarfon/Germans change to GL,Carth to KRC
1060 AD-Rhymney wine to Little bighorn,27 g/Carthage make KRC/hut in ice border 50g
1070 AD-Zulu tribute 50 g.
1090 AD-gift Mathematics for Sioux/Carth begin GL.
1120 AD-HG hurried in Caernarfon.
1130 AD-Zulu begin GW/pheasant from grass mined near Madrid2
1140 AD-Navigation,begin Physics,Germans have University,gift IW,exchange Navigation with University/Cork gems to Carthage 114 g/Rhayader founded in forest.
1170 AD-Magellan hurried/tribut demanded,war with Zulu/crusader kill settler,veteran.
1180 AD-Cardiff beads to Malaca 224 g.
1190 AD-Rhymney beads to Panormus,80g/Teotihuacan hides to Caralis 88g/Delhi silver to Carthage 120g/Zulu chariot bribed,144 g,warrior killed.
1200 AD-Physics,begin Steam Engine/Ulundi bribed,875 g,40 g return,5 troops,barracks,Lighthouse/One legion from Ulundi kill archers,chariot bribed,now elep kill catapult/Abergavenny founded.
1220 AD-diplomats destroy city wall in Zimbabwe.
1230 AD-veteran muske in jungle near Zimbabwe resists in counterattack/Zimbabwe captured, 43 g,barracks/settler emisarry killed by horseman/saw Bapedi with a crusader/Tintagel dye to Utica,84g/Teotihuacan hides to Caralis 88g/GL hurried in Caernarfon,60g.
1240 AD-GL/Carth abandoned the project/Germans change to Great Wall/kill garrison in Bapedi,size 1,have 2 specials/bribeD american chariOT vet 75g/Tintagel gold to Malaca 114g/Swansea wool to Carthage 26g/university hurried in Cardiff.
1250 AD-Incite revolt in Bapedi,114 g/10g return,4 troops,my first catapult/gift seafaring to Egyptians,tribute from they 100g.
1260 AD-native elephants near Tintagel.
1270 AD-Steam Engine,begin Railroads/Sioux revolution to monarchy/incite revolt in Isandhlwana,280g,47 return,,2 phalanx,barracks/Swansea gems to Delhi,18g/Durrow silk to Hamburg,128g/Durrow copper to Hamburg 86g/natives killed by muske/Delhi silk to Leipzig 120g.
1280 AD-native eleph near Durrow/revolt in Intombe 54 g,7 return,one warrior/Dinas Emrys founded/Armagh gold to Panormus 108g/Kells hides to Caralis 112 g/Cardigan founded, 3 specials near Shanghai/natives eleph +leader destroyed near Tintagel with horseman.
1290 AD-horseman near Ngome survive,attack from garrison/horseman capture Intombe,16 gold,Zulu destroyed/Rhonda silk to Berlin 123g.
1300 AD-Railroads/begin Medicine/Americans rev to Republic/2 foreign vans.
1310 AD-Germans rev to democracy and make Great Wall/Llanelli founded,bananas,fish/hut in island 100g.
1320 AD-gift Steam E to Sioux,they tribute 100g/2 foreign vans/caravel kill 2 barb triremes,veteran.
1330 AD-first ironclad in Tintagel/2 foreign vans.
1340 AD-other native eleph near Isandlhwana/hut in island nomad,3th nomad.
1350 AD-new natives near Llaneli.
1360 AD-Exchange Medicine for Democracy with Americans,condition Railroad for alliance,gifted/a leader captured,150 g/Peace Carth-Egyptians.
1370 AD-3 F vans/other leader near Hlobane,150g/
1380 AD-Chemistry,begin Explosives/hurried Darwin v,120 g+5 vans/all barbs eleph destroyed with crusa/Maesteg founded,near ex Ngome,2 specials,forest irrigated.
1390 AD-Darwin V,Explosives,second choice Economics/begin Industrialisation/Cardiff begin Adam STC/3 vans,one domestic.
1400 AD-2 F vans/ironclad destroy barbs trireme near Llanelli,4 units killed.
1410 AD-Cartenna founded by Carth near Tara,subvert 102g x2,3 catapults.
1430 AD-Sioux despotism.
1440 AD-Egypt peace with Carth/2 F vans/Neath founded,4 specials,a nomad irrigation in jungle.
1450 AD-Industrialisation,begin The Corporation.
1460 AD-sneak attack Carthaginians/elephant attack Cartenna,my muske veteran now/2 F vans/2 muske garrison in Caralis destroyed with ironclad.
1470 AD-sneak attack Sioux-muske vet attacked from cru/muske near Cartenna attacked by warrior,veteran/2 muske unforti in Caralis destroyed with ironclad/garrison killed in Carthage with 2 ironclads,2 muske fortified,a settler,other settler near Carthage killed,a trireme/Carthage captured,169g,market/One F van.
1480 AD-Reject cease fire proposal/my van near Thebes killed/a caravel from Merthyr destroy killers of the van,eleph +catapult/peace for 150g from Sioux/Naples founded.
1490 AD-revolt in Utica,have Oracle,475g,168g return,2 units,muske and warrior/kill eleph near Cartenna,muske vet/kill garisson in Leptis Parva.
1500 AD-Germans now hostile/gift Railroad,The wheel,Physics,maps,saw Frankfurt,size 8/German van comes in Caernarfon,beads-salt/Carth eleph attack a muske guarding a diplomat in hill near Cartenna dead/ironclad kill muske and pike in Malaca,captured,167 g,barracks/bribed muske near Cartenna,that muske kill a eleph,5 vans,F and D/gift Indust to Americans for alliance/my engi help Washington,irrigation in furs/catapults landed near Thebes guarded by vete muske.
1505 AD-Embassy estab in Konigsberg /crusader kill carth eleph in forest near Cardigan/incite revolt in Shanghai,385g,168 return,barracks,2 vete muske/garrison from Leptis Parva destroyed by ironclads/bribed muske near Utica 84g/incite revolt in Caralis,198g,return 55g,baracks,one vete muske/Carthaginians just Panormus/2 food vans to hurry Adam Smith/One F van.
1510 AD-Germans and Sioux alliance,Frankfurt pact,exchanging more techs/diplo bribe a catapult vete 104 g and incite revolt in Panormus 189g, barracks,158 return,one vete muske,a vete catapult near city/Carthaginians destroyed/English restart/ironclad kill barbs caravel near Utica.
1515 AD-Metalurgy,begin Communism/Americans change to monarchy/transforming hill in Swansea finished/One F van/Germans want Industri,reject,offer explosives/hut,tribe size 4,Issus,will be Hut City,granary,temple,market.
1520 AD-contact English gift techs,map,they up near ice border/Cork coal to Konigsberg 75g.
1525 AD-Cunaxa english founded,near London.
1535 AD-barbarians near Cunaxa English,knights,muske garrison resist,veteran.
1540 AD-elephant egyptian attack,muske resist,have fortress in river/Ulundi dye to Frankfurt 60 g.
1545 AD-American chariot bribed-144g/Bapedi silk to Berlin 114 g.
1550 AD-Zimbabwe wool to Berlin 40g/U.N in Cardiff,start wonder in Rhonda/4 F vans.
1555 AD-Tara salt to Berlin,115g/contact Germans gift Industri/they develop Sanitation.
1560 AD-start wonder in Cardiff/gift to Germans Chemistry,Corporation,exchage Communism for Sanitation/gift 5 techs for Sioux,exchange maps/bribe american chariot 196g.
1565 AD-Theory of G/begin Espionage/Cannae founded near Delhi,fish,whales/2 F vans.
1570 AD-Americans steal Monotheism,alliance not canceled/Capua founded,a little island in hills,fish,hidden special/hut,100g.
1575 AD -Egypt want peace,reject/3 F vans.
1580 AD-Isaac NC in Cardiff/bribed barb crusader near Tintagel 82g.
1585 AD-Espionage,begin Conscription/Thebes razed,a cannon lost/thebes 2 founded in forest river/Genoa founded in small island,2 fish,one whale/barb crusader+leader destroyed by horseman near Tintagel/barb crusader bribed by spy/Crete founded/Rhayeder salt to Berlin 41g/Tara dye to Berlin 236 g.
1590 AD-Americans have a new city,Boston,gift 5 tech,obtain map,have a diplomat /warrior bribed,44g/Utica spices to Hamburg 192g/Carmarthern cloth to New York 52g/Rhymney cloth to Berlin 34g/Illauntanig hides to Boston 104g/bribe american diplo 106 g/Verona founded in island,whale.
1600 AD-Conscription,begin Refining.
1615 AD-Americans begin Women S.
1620 AD-English have Feudalism.
1625 AD-Germans Feudalism,aquired with Great Lib.
1630 AD-Rhonda Women S,Tintagel begin Sun Tzu/Cardiff Shakespeare/REVOLUTION
1635 AD-DEMOCRACY government,luxuries 30%.
1640 AD-more celebrations/Lisbon founded.
1645 AD-Magnetism,begin Electricity.
1650 AD-Hamburg Sioux founded/Naval base to attack Little Bighorn,in jungle.
1655 AD-Electricity begin Electronics/Shanghai gems to Llanelli,180G /Maesteg silver to Malaca,150g.
1660 AD-Americans complete Shakespeare,forced in Tintagel with food van from Cork and a rifleman disbanded/gift Navigation to Americans for alliance.
1665 AD-barbs frigate killed by destroyer near Neath,6 units destroyed/Abergwany hides to London 236g/Naples salt to Berlin 48g/Teotihuacan oil to Berlin 60g/Llanelli dye to Berlin 140g/Intombe wine to Little B 82 g.
1670 AD-English crusader emisarry want a peace treaty for 50 g,reject/rifleman from Cunaxa E kill crusader,Hawk Party help,can declare war../Prague founded.
1680 AD-Chivalry,begin Leadership.
1685 AD-Venice polar founded in ice border,3 specials/begin Hoover in Tintagel.
1690 AD-Leadership,begin Steel/Germans begin Eiffel T/Rhondda coal to Berlin 207g.
1695 AD-Germans revolution to communism and sneak attack//rifleman lost near Swansea/veteran destroyers attacking engi and settlers/Dynas Emry dye to Leipzig 80g/american crusader bribed,140g.
1700 AD-Americans steal Mathe,alliance not canceled/Leipzig is without city wall,one muske killed by cannon,184 g plug,market,Senate let the war,good:)/Carthage spices to Berlin 222g/Intombe salt to Hamburg 37g/Bapedi beads to Hamburg 42g.
1705 AD-Tactics,begin Flight/Milan founded near Zimbabwe,whale,fish/Leipzig celebration/Ghent founded,one tile island,fish and whale.
1710 AD-veteran spy destroy city wall in Berlin,captured/179g,baracks,library bank,one partisan/incite revolt in Frankfurt,827g,174 g plug,3 muske,one engi from Konigs near city,baracks,market,library,colosseum/no partisans.
1715 AD-Flight,begin Machine Tools/Naples cloth to Thebes 2 57g/Maesteg hides to Hamburg 28g/Pisa Polar founded in ice barier/Dublin founded,island, whale fish.
1720 AD-Leptis Parva wine to Little Bighorn 184g/gift conscription to Sioux
1725 AD-Machine Tools,begin Automobile/Germans rev to democracy/Gift Leadership for Sioux/first fighter maked.
1730 AD-Malaca spice to Hamburg 192g/Cardiff cloth to Hamburg 106 g /german engi destroyed by fighter to be veteran.
1735 AD-Automobile,begin Refrigeration/barbs frigate killed near Hamburg by destroyer,6 units killed/Toronto founded near Cardiff/Cartenna coal to Hamburg 200g.
1740 AD-Refrigeration,begin Miniaturization/Konigs maked Eiffel T/Konigsberg captured ,440 g,market aqueduct,2 attacks with fighter,one artillery vet now,city surrounded all tiles,don't want partisans emissaries,Senate.. /reputation now spotless/Americans want Iron Working,american settler near Zimbabwe can make city,bribed,300g/Cardiff wine to Little B,195g/Melbourne founded in a small island,whale,fish.
1745 AD-Sioux revolution,communism/Neath gold to Capua 132 g/polution 2 cities/ Dynas Powys gems to Leptis Parva 162g/Sydney founded near Zimbabwe in forest/ Start Hoover in Cork to be SETI/2 Einstein in Carddiff.
1750 AD-Miniaturization,begin Mass Prod/Swansea fighter kill garrison in Hamburg,one muske,one warrior,become vet/Corner City founded near Cannae,fish.
1752 AD-fighter kill dragoons in Hamburg,veteran/Salamis spice to Hamburg 348g,no emissary from Germans,good...
1754 AD-Mass Prod, begin Computers/Kells2 founded/Crete spice to Hamburg 100g/Capua copper to Hamburg 104g/Abergaw silver to Salamis 178g.
1756 AD-Carmarthen2 founded,swamp irrigated,whale/English crusader killed by destroyer.
1758 AD-Computers,begin recycling/Germans have Genetic Engi,steal/Boston in revolt,subvert 101g x2,a legion,a settler,a pike garrison/Armagh2 founded.
1762 AD-Recycling,begin Atomic T.
1764 AD-Atomic Theory,begin Radio.
1766 AD-Radio,begin Adv Flight.
1768 AD-Adv Flight,begin Rocketry/Tintagel2 founded in swamp near llanelli/New York in revolt,subvert,314x2,212 plug,2 pike,one legion/they want physics for alliance,gift.
1770 AD-J S Bach Cathedral in Tintagel.
1772 AD-Rocketry,begin Mobile Warfare,can choose just Amphi W/German emisarry,Senate forced peace.../english crusader killed by destroyer/Cartenna oil to frankfurt 136g.
1774 AD-first recycling center in Cork/Cork2 founded near Thebes2/Rhymney2 founded near Bapedi,gems mined,pheasant.
1776 AD-Mobile W,begin Space Flight/mass transit in Cardiff.
1778 AD-Space Flight,begin Plastics/Samarkand change to Apollo/3 airports/barbs kills german engi,other dies in city wall of Hamburg/barbs leader killed by destroyer,150g,other dragoon killed by destroyer//pheasant appears near konigsberg,mined grassland/american settler bribed,240g,near Hlobane/Prague spice to Hamburg,128g/Aberstwith coal to Hamburg 155g.
1780 AD-Sioux republic gvnm.
1782 AD-Plastics,begin Robotics.
1784 AD-Robotics,begin Nuclear Fission//first superhgw in Cardiff/Cunaxa English oil to Samarkand 319g/Iona founded by american settler bribed in swamp near Utica,whale/Cannae hides to Hamburg 55g.
1786 AD-Nuclear Fission,begin Nuclear Power/Americans contact with Sioux,peace/London captured,128g,no buildings,English destroyed.
1790 AD-Nuclear Power,begin The Laser.
1792 AD-The Laser,begin Guerilla W.
1794 AD-Guerilla W,begin Superconductor/Americans steal plastics,no effect in alliance/sneak attack Sioux,Americans help/cavalry,cannon,garrison killed with fighter/Crete silk to Melbourne 114g/Pisa Polar wine to Little Bighorn 210g.
1796 AD-Superconductor,begin Fusion/Little Bighorn captured with cavalry,480g plug,market/Sioux destroyed/Lisbon coal to Hamburg 115g/Salzburk silk to Madrid2 320g.
1798 AD-Fusion,begin Combined Arms/Genoa silver to Venice Polar 480g.
1800 AD-Combined Arms,begin Enviromentalism.
1802 AD-Enviro,begin Amphib W.
1804 AD-Amphib Warfare,begin Fundamentalism.
1806 AD-Fundamentalism,begin Stealth.
1808 AD-Stealth,begin Future Tech.
1810 AD-Rhondda2 founded,near Caralis,swamp irrigated,whale/Taxes changed,40% luxury,10 %,3038-883 taxes.
1812 AD-Germans revolution to communism,sneak attack,cavalry lost in Berlin/Hamburg captured with cavalry,1006 g p,market,aqueduct,sewer system/Germans destroyed.
1816 AD-Cure for cancer in Cardiff/Americans monarchy now.
1828 AD-First module,habitation 1.
1832 AD-American warrior bribed near Durrow,36g,can be on my roads...
1838 AD-first manuf plant in Rhonda 82 shields production,but directly pollution../Tara2 founded near Caralis in swamp.
1844 AD-Llangollen founded near Carthage,whale.
1850 AD-Dinas Powys2 founded near Cardiff,fish/Hamburg uranium to Cremona 1568g/Aberystwyth2 founded near Illauntanig,whale,jungle/Durrow 2 gold to Rhonda2 194g/Caerphilly2 oil to Madrid2 1260g/Corner City dye to Shanghai 410g/Cork2 salt to Hlobane 165g.
1851 AD-Rhayader2 founded near Frankfurt.
1852 AD-Spaceship can be launched,chances 13 %,35 years/London silk to Madrid2 1403g/Tintagel2 salt to Malaca 171g/Rhymney2 cloth to Merthyr2 107g/Verona dye to Leptis Parva 922g/Durrow2 dye to Shanghai 676g.
1855 AD-Spacesh ready,11,7 years/Bergen salt to Malaca 252g/ Maesteg uranium to Utica 2160g/Merthyr oil to Verona 1713 g/Luxury to 50%.
1856 AD-Durrow cloth to Rhayeder2 145g/Carmarthen2 salt to Hlobane 252g/Merthyr dye to Durrow 752g/american catapult bribed,blocking road,150g.
1857 AD-Caernofon2 gold to Armagh2 857g /Merthyr oil to Maesteg 1909 g/ Llanelli oil to Merthyr 1601g.

1858 AD-Spaceship launched,estimated arrival 1869
1869 AD-Game finished.
GOTM 175: King, Med, RAging. 3https://forums.civfanatics.com/threads/gotm-175.562369/. Playing a civ building game until 1ad with war optional.

HUT Log throughout entire game: 3500: Supported Archer (disbanded in city), 2nd (2850): Sup Horse. 3rd in 1900: Pottery: 4th in 1550: Horseback. 5th in 1450: Barb horde. 6th and 7th in 825: Sup Elephant, None Nomad. 8th in 675 None Elephant. 9th in 625: Sup Archer. 10th in 600: None Elephant, 11th in 575: 50, 12th in 275: 50, 13th in 275: horde, 14th, 15th and 16th in 125: None Nomad, Tribe for 41, Horde. 17th in 1ad: Horde.

3950, skipping hut until Monarchy is underway (in hindsight, it would have been well worth the risk to open the hut).
3850: Built cap @ 62/40 grassland with access to Fish and Oil.
3650 Warrior.
3500 Cer > Mon. 1st hut: Supported Archer, disbanded in city towards size 1 settler.

3500: Summary: Despo, 1C @ grass, 4 techs with Monarchy ip @ 0/18. 1 Warrior, ip: 18 shields towards sz 1 settler. Treas: 3.

3200: Sz 1 Settler emerges with 16 food in the box.
3100: after skipping road, built city 2 on grassland 64/42.

3000 Summary: Despo with Monarchy in progress @ 12/18 set for a 2850 Oedo, 2 Cities, 1 Warrior. ip: 2 Settlers @ 6 and 4.

2850: Monarchy > Map Making.
2700: Settler emerges from cap (will no longer document completion of each unit.
2600 built 3 (plain canal with access to oil).

2500 Summary: Monarchy (2850), 3 cities, 1 H, 1 W. In progress: 35 10 4.

2300: Built 4 @ 63/47 grassland with whale.
2100 built 5 @ 57/41 grassland.

2000 Summary: Monarchy (2850) 5C, 0S/1H/1W. 5 techs plus will have Map Making next turn. Units in Progress: 35 26 18 5 4. Income: 18 tons, 6 Coin, 1 Beaker. 60k sq mi. Treas: 30.

1750: Met Mongols, Traded for my tech in progress of Currency and i gifted what i had which turned out to be only 1 tech in failed hope of getting a map trade. Ghengis has Mason and math.

1750 Summary: Monarchy (2850), Still 5 cities, but now have 2S, 1 Tri, 1H, 1W.

In 1700 unable to choose trade as my next research project and masonry is chosen in the hopes of catching a tech from a hut that can be traded to the Mongol peoples for it.
1650 built es6.
1550: Popped Horseback as 4th hut and traded it to the Mongols for my tech in progress (Masonry). Hoping to select Trade next turn and it works out to be so.

1500 Summary: Mon (2850), 6 Cities, 3 Settlers, 1 Trireme, 1 Horse, 2 Warriors. 10 Techs and 33/80 towards Trade, 3 roads, 1 irr, Income: 16 Tons, 9 Coin, 4 Beakers, 105,000 sq mi, 22 treas.

1400 Built w7.
1300 Built ww8.
1250: Met Zulu, they seemingly had nothing to trade, gifted them to worshipful and traded maps.
1100 Trade > Writing.

1000 bc Summary: Monarchy (2850), 9 Cities, 4 Settlers, 2 Triremes, 4 Horses, 2 Warriors. Income: 27 Tons, 17 Coin, 8 Beakers. 5 roads, 1 irrigation, 204k sq mi. 11 Techs and 23/90 towards Writing. Diplomacy: Have met Mongol and Zulu, have the Zulu map but not the Mongol. Treas: 25 gold.

650 Seafaring > Lit.
575 Met china, gifted to worshipful and traded maps.

500 bc Summary: Monarchy (and will have Rep in the 325 Oedo. No wonders but Pyr will emerge in 450 and HG in 350. 25 Cities, 9 Settlers, 3 Wonder Caravans, 4 Triremes, 3 elephants, 4 horses, 1 Archer, 2 Phalanx, 2 warrior. 14 techs and Lit @ 97/144 will complete in 2 turns (with Rep likely in 7 turns for a 325 completion. Income: 85 tons, 19 coin, 43 beakers. 434k sq mi, 11 Huts opened to this point. 16 roads, 10 irrig. 57 treasury.
450: PYRAMIDS, Lit > Republic.

(Note that this map was played a 2nd time for comparison and the 2nd game was much improved and includes a 12 turns earlier Republic and a 4 turns earlier Pyramids).


500 bc Summary (GAME 2)
: : REPUBLIC (625), PYRAMIDS (550), 31 Cities, 9 Settler, 4 Trireme, 1 Elephant, 1 Chariot, 6 Horse, 1 Legion, 1 Archer, No buildings, 18 techs and Phil is in progress @ 125 / 224. Income: 93 gross Tons, 99 coin, 28 Beakers. 493,000 sq mi/ 25 roads, 4 irrigation, 15 Huts opened, 102 Treasury.

400 bc Summary (Game 1): PYRaMIDS (450) and will have HG in 350. Monarchy (and will have REPUBLIC in Oedo 325. 29 Cities, 7 Settlers, 3 Wonder Caravans, 5 Triremes, 3 Elephants, 4 horses, 1 Archer, 3 Phalanx, 4 warrior. 15 techs and REP @ 61/156 will complete in 3 turns as the 16th with at least warrior code and iron working also available to receive in trade. (Income: 91 tons, 44 coin, 24 beakers. 11 Huts opened to this point. Diplomacy: Have met all 6 neighboring civs and have 5 of 6 maps (and Mongol map which will only be traded upon worshipful relationship is well explored by us and would not add much). 487k sq mi, 17 roads, 14 irrig. 63 treasury.

350: HANGING GARDENS and built 31 32 33 34.
325: REPUBLIC > Poly. Got Rep into the hands of all 6 neighbors and updated every map. Disbanded 4 warriors inside cities.
300: Stepped into 9 Celebrations @ L 40 which will usher in as many new citizens next turn.

300 bc Summary: PYRaMIDS (450), HG in 350. REPUBLIC (325). 34 Cities, 4 Settlers, , 7 Triremes, 3 Explorers, 3 Elephants, 4 horses, 1 Archer, 3 Phalanx, 21 techs. Income: 98 tons, 99 coin, 0 beakers. 11 Huts opened to this point. Diplomacy: Have met all 6 neighboring civs, have all maps and all available techs. 582k sq mi, est 19 roads, est 16 irrig. 122 treasury.

200 bc Summary: PYRaMIDS (450), HG in 350. REPUBLIC (325). 38 Cities, 112 Heads, 163 Heads+Cities+Settlers. 13 Settlers, , 9 Triremes, 4 Explorers, 3 Elephants, 4 horses, 1 Archer, 3 Phalanx. 0 buildings. 21 techs. Income: 156 tons, 74 coin, 0 beakers. 13 Huts opened to this point. Diplomacy: Have met all 6 neighboring civs, have all maps and all available techs. 719k sq mi, est 21 roads, est 18 irrig. 58 treasury. .

100 bc Summary: PYRaMIDS (450), HG in 350. REPUBLIC (325). 42 Cities, 141 Heads, 203 Heads+Cities+Settlers. 20 Settlers, 2 Trade Caravans, 9 Triremes, 4 Explorers, 3 Elephants, 4 horses, 1 Archer, 3 Phalanx. 0 buildings. 21 techs. Income: 202 tons, 49 coin, 0 beakers. 16 Huts opened to this point. Diplomacy: Have met all 6 neighboring civs, have all maps and all available techs. 865k sq mi, est 24 roads, est 20 irrig. 83 treasury.

1ad Summary: PYRaMIDS (450), HG (350). REPUBLIC (325). 51 Cities, 164 Heads, 238 Power Rating (Heads+Cities+Settlers). 23 Settlers, 4 Trade Caravans, 11 Triremes, 4 Explorers, 3 Elephants, 4 horses, 1 Catapult, 1 Archer, 3 Phalanx. 0 buildings. 21 techs. Income: 233 tons,, 74 coin, 0 beakers. 17 Huts popped. Diplomacy: Have met all 6 neighboring civs, have all maps and to the best of my knowledge have all available techs. 1.008 Mil sq mi, 44roads, 21 irrigation. 129 treasury.

Ending here.
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