GOTM 175 Spoiler


Oct 31, 2008
I started to play and will start for the first time a spoiler for a GOTM.
My english is bad,but nothing new for GOTM players:).
A hut is in sight,will use Finder for others and for hidden specials.
Difficulty is low,king,will win easy a late conquest with more cities or spaceship with a pet city,the problem will be the white flag I think,with supreme power.

4000 BC-20 AD

4000 BC-Settler moved to hut.
3950 BC-Zulu and Mongols are in map,not good,others: Aztecs,Carthaginians,Chinese.Settler takes hut,chariot,the start is good,settler moved to forest with 4 specials.
3850 BC-Cardiff founded,will work fish to have science,start COL for Monarchy.
3800 BC-Second hut with chariot,tribe,Kells,bad placed,is a sea resource near city,but any city is good now.
3550 BC-COL,start Monarchy.
3100 BC-Monarchy,revolution,begin Writing.
2400 BC-Writing,begin Currency.
2250 BC-Cardiff settler,irrigation in forest,start Colossus in Cardiff.
2150 BC-Hut,50 gold,not too bad.
2050 BC-Kells settler,irrigation in forest finished,my chariot sees an irrigation,an AI close.
2000 BC-Samarkand(Mongols) in sight,contact,Monarchy demanded,will give and exchange COL and Writing for Map Making and Masonry.They are too close,need a quick war.
1850 BC-Mongol settler in range of my chariot,contact Mongols,they demand tribute,refuse,war,my chariot kills the settler.
1800 BC-Chariot kills a warrior in forest,veteran.
1600 BC-Karakorum captured,20 gold.
1500 BC-Hut,tribe,Carmarthen,very bad placed,a tile up have 4 specials,maybe will disband later,now is good for war.First trireme from Kells with settler goes to a good place to make a city,will be Armagh.
1400 BC-Currency,begin HBR,not Trade,need quick mounted units.
1350 BC-Armagh founded,sea city in river and have coal.
1000 BC-HBR,begin Literacy.4th special near Cardiff revealed,silk,have road maked before mining,change production in silk.Will make wheat,and will use gems with road,the growt of Cardiff will be slow,just 1-2 surplus,need science and happiness.Settler from Cardiff in trireme,will make a city 6 tiles to Cardif with 3 specials,one in river,Caernarfon.
950 BC-First diplomat in trireme.
925 BC-Caernarfon founded.
850 BC-Samarkand captured,31 gold and Mysticism.
825 BC-Diplomat from trireme takes a hut in a jungle tile,7 tiles to Kells,Trade,this is super...
750 BC-Literacy.begin Philosophy.Cease fire and peace for 100 gold and Pottery,Bokhara in sight,have a pheasant tile,big production,not good.
700 BC-Nishapur is near Samarkand without garrison,can't let this opportunity,tribute demanded by me,war,razed,5 gold.Barbarian trireme attacks my trireme,survives,veteran.
675 BC-Met German warrior,peace,no exchange.
625 BC-Met Zulu chariot,exchange The Wheel for MM,they offer exchange just for MM,but The Wheel is very good for my war,Leonardo and Statue.
600 BC-Zulu begin Colossus.
550 BC-Germans begin Pyramids.
525 BC-Pikeman in forest near Bokhara guard for a horseman attacked by a mongol archer,survives red,veteran,my chariot is fortified in river with forest 2 tiles near Bokhara to repair the unit.Hut,nomad,chariot hurried in Carmarthen.
500 BC-Philosophy,choose Polyteism,begin Monotheism,begin tribute demanded from germans,first 125 gold.
475 BC-Colossus in Cardiff,begin temple,Zulu changed to Lighthouse,tribute from Germans 50 gold,Tintagel founded near coast,whale and iron,elephant hurried in Samarkand,my nomad landing near Kells.
450 BC-Temple in Cardiff,begin GL,will change to ultra-necesarry Marco Polo Embassy.
425 BC-Met wounded Aztec warrior,peace and tribute from they,100 gold.Bokhara razed with elephants,7 gold,one elephant veteran.
400 BC-Tribute from germans,50 gold.
350 BC-Chinese capital moved to Shanghai.
325 BC-25 gold from Germans.
275 BC-Monotheism,begin The Republic.Mongols destroyed,last city Teotihuacan,ex-Aztec,27 gold,no veteran elephants from attack.
250 BC-Chinese destroyed by Carthaginians,met Indians restarted in purple,no peace treaty.
225 BC-Declare war to Indians,settler destroyed with a horseman,tribute from Germans Construction,this is good.Demand tribute from Zulu with risk,250 gold,not war:),this is a very good amount...Aztecs ignore the threats...
200 BC-Met Americans restarted,peace,Aztecs refuse to pay tribute,war,Zulu again tribute,150 gold !!:)
150 BC-Zulu tribute Warrior Code,Germans 50 gold.
100 BC-Zulu 50 gold tribute.
75 BC-German emissary wants retreat of my elephant exploring,is near Konigsberg,see the first German city.
50 BC-Aztecs destroyed,Tenochtitlan razed,9 gold,hut Mathematics slowing my research,Spanish restart in yellow.
25 BC-MPE finished in Cardiff with a van from Kells,have production 7,oil mined with road,wheat irrigated and gems without road now.Contact Carthaginians,exchange Construction for Iron Working,gift Polyteism,map obtained,they in other continent with huge land,is clear,big problems...Declare war to Spanish,veteran elephant kills 2 units in a tile.
1 AD-Tribute from Germans 50 g,Delhi captured,Indians destroyed,Sioux restart in purple.
20 AD-Madrid captured size 1,4 gold,marketplace sold,will disband the city,bad placed,one tile distance have 4 specials,2 whales,fish,one hidden in grass,Egyptians restart in yellow.

Stats at 20 AD :

Cities:10,population:620 000,Government:Monarchy,taxes 30/70/0,wonders:Colossus and MPE in Cardiff,techs:22,research is slow,22 turns,Power Supreme and Spotless.
Zulu-Peace,7 cities,9 techs,Despotism
Germans-Peace,4 cities,12 techs,Monarchy
Egyptians-No treaty now,no capital,12 techs,Despotism
Americans-Peace,1 City,8 techs,Despotism
Carthaginians-Peace,5 cities,11 techs,Despotism
Sioux-No treaty now,no capital,12 techs,Despotism

Units:8 settlers(1 none,2 in production),13 phalanx,1 archer,13 mounted units(more veteran from fights),2 triremes,one diplomat,3 vans(one from the bad placed Carmarthen with copper for Cardiff,this is a problem if will disband the city,one with salt for Berlin using triremes,one with beads,will see where send).
Goals:Michelangelo,maybe a switch to Republic after MC if wars will be stopped,Statue of Liberty.
But..will be the predictable war with Zulu for my allies:)),weak Americans...
Hight time for someone to join the conversation. My expansion was rather slow this time, but our continent is terribly shaped, so I guess everybody will have this experience.

pre-game: Pop hut first, maybe 4-specials could be SSC, don't found capital there. Monarchy first is obvious with the techs we have.

-3950 hut: Archer, ok, could have been worse, archer moves east
-3800 Look at top 5 and we have at least 5 rivals
-3750 Cardiff founded at 58,40, go for size 1 settler with oil
-3700 Research Laws
-3600 Warrior build, exploring west
-3550 East end of our continent discovered...could have black-clicked more elaboratively
-3450 Mapmaking from hut...that's kind of bad since it blocks monarchy next
-3200 What kind of crazy shape is our continent???
-3100 Settler built, moves west
-2850 Laws->Writing; Kells founded
-2650 25g from hut
-2400 Writ.->Monarchy(36); Run into Samarkand, Mongols are icy, give laws, peace, they don't want to exchange techs
-2150 Mongols popped the hut they blocked us from and brag about Trade; Carmarthen founded at SSC-location, warrior can't move, trapped between Mongol warrior and Aztec chariot
-2000 Armagh founded; 30 beakers done

Stats at 2000BC:
pop.: 40k; Cities: 4; techs: 6; gold: 11; Gov.: Desp; wonders: -; TR: 0D/0F
units: 0 settler, 1 warrior, 1 Archer
Goals: Expand, explore

-1850 Monarchy(Rev+est.)->Literacy
-1650 Green horse spottet, cannot reach because of ZOC
-1500 Literacy->Myst.
-1450 Meet Aztec chariot(icy), give Lit, peace gamble on tech trade and pick currency over masonry and pottery
-1200 Meet icy Zulus, give lit, they don't want to exchange maps, signe alliance for monarchy, exchange maps
-1100 Caernarfon, Tintagel founded (@43,41, just outside Karakorums city radius, on forest for better defense)
-1050 Myst.->Philo; Ask for Zulu gift, get none, get maps from Aztecs
-1000 Caerphilly founded

Stats at 1000BC:
pop.: 130k; Cities: 7; techs: 10; gold: 50; Gov.: Mon; wonders: -; TR: 0D/0F
units: 1 settler, 1 warrior, 1 Archer, 1 boat
Goals: Expand, explore
No clue if I'll have the time to play this one. College is eating at all of my free time in unusually heavy spades. Last semester, yee-haw. Still stuck at 160 AD.
GOTM 175: Need to be careful with my allotment of spare time. You never know when you borrow too much.

Pre-game thoughts: Will most likely size-1 on the 4-special spot after popping the 1st hut, settling at 3850 BC. If I get peat moss or iron, maybe size-1 twice (will be producing 5spt) since the 4special spot is on a forest. We seem to be NE of a big landmass, landmass 13. Will expand SW. Lots of land to grow, most likely a rival as well. We have ocean access and fairly constricted expansion eastwards so wonders should arrive soon enough. Big Trade seems ideal in this map. Shame for the round map instead of flat tho. We dead in the center.

4000 BC: Move settlers SE.

3950 BC: Hut:…Warrior Code. Insert FUUUUUUU meme picture here. But we do uncover oil! So it’s not all that bad. Actually, no food to support oil worker, so darnit. Needed peat moss. Will need to alternate workers, so 4 effective spt but no food at the end! Expansion will be slow.

3850 BC: Cardiff built on forest.

3800 BC: Will build warrior and size-1 once. Darnit, I was really hoping to get an explorer…

3700 BC: Start researching Code of Laws.

3650 BC: Final special is a fish special. One still needs to be mined out.

3300 BC: Find a river with warrior. Need to build the second city near the oil depot.

3200 BC: Size-1 settler built.

3100 BC: Are you kidding me… the only two spots that can take advantage of the oil deposit are on a hill and on a forest. I vote for Hill! (Jk, I’m Canadian. As long as it’s not Trump/Cruz I don’t care.)

3000 BC: Kells built. Most. Unfortunate. Decision. Ever. Is my series of events so far.

2950 BC: Warrior in Cardiff, settlers started. This is gonna be painful. Repeat of GOTM173 incoming.

2700 BC: Hut: BARBARIANS. God dammit… Settler canceled in Cardiff. Need a defender.

2300 BC: Horse near Cardiff just won’t go away… Settler in Kells next turn. Still no research beakers done, comically enough. WOOO!!! EPIC START!!! This SSC better be worth it…

2050 BC: Carmathen built.

STATUS AT 2000 BC: (Beginning of 42nd turn)
Population: 30.000 Cities: 3 Government: Despotism Total advances: 4 (researching CoL)
Gold: 3 T4L0S6 Income/Cost per turn: 1 income, 0 cost. Production: 7MT 0 polluted tiles
Wonders: None.
Man, that start was so bad… SSC not worth it?

1850 BC: Cardiff settlers, starts Colossus.

1750 BC: Hut: NONE Settlers. Warrior is near Karakorum.

1600 BC: Meet Mongols: they demand Burial. No, war. Karakorum spotted. They move an archer nearby.

1550 BC: Col > MONARCHY NOT AVAILABLE > Pottery. Gotta take the risk, only way to salvage my game… Barely kill the archer, low hp but vet!
Interturn: Mongol warrior near Archer. Barb horse near Cardiff finally moves in.

1400 BC: Mongol Archer attacks my archer sleeping in a hill with 2/3rd strength: it is easily defeated. Thank god! Mongol warrior attack is also repelled. Spot city of Samarkand, built on a river…

1300 BC: Kill Mongol warrior. At the very least I am draining their resources. Restarts are on.

1200 BC: Germans start Pyramids. That’s early as heck. Carmathen settlers. Armagh built.

1150 BC: Chinese start Pyramids. Apparently the Mongols are the most powerful civ, and I’m fifth. I ain’t scurred.

1050 BC: Pottery > Monarchy. Caernafon built.

1000 BC: Kill Mongol settler near Karakorum. My warrior seems to be boxed in by a forted Phalanx. Missed some land SE when blackclicking… Tintagel built.

(Forgot to do recap. I had 6 cities and unimpressive stats. Might be running behind the curve again.)
Expansion came along nicely in this next era, we have crossed the channel south for 5 cities and have 4 on the islands northeast.

-925 Zulus at war with Mongols; 50g from hut
-900 Cork founded
-825 Philo->Republic->Trade; become republic; Hail Mongols and get trade from them! Didn't think that would be possible. Cut down science, we need wonders first: Pyr, MPE, Col
-800 Research Banking
-675 Exploring continent 7, not much to settle so far
-650 Barbs from hut @74,40! Was hoping for a city there...
(Archer killed by barbs)
-625 Rhymney founded
-600 Iona founded (cont.7)
-575 Rhondda founded
-550 Illauntanig founded(cont.6)
-525 Banking->Masonry;
(Germans begin Pyramids)
-500 Marco Polo built;
Hail germans, they demand gold, no, war;
Hail China, get Masonry, seafaring, peace, maps
Hail Carths, get Wheel, IW, maps;
we need to do something about the barb trireme north of our homeland

Stats at 500BC:
pop.: 270k; Cities: 12; techs: 18; gold: 65; Gov.: Rep; wonders: MPE; TR: 0D/0F
units: 1 settler, 1 phalanx, 1 boat, 2 vans

(Two barb archers disembark north of Cardiff)
-475 Research Medicine; Bribe barb archer for 61, kill the other
-425 Pyramids built
-325 Mongol horse is blocking my settlr on river...wait for one turn
-300 Medicine->Constrcution, get constr. from Aztecs
-275 Research Bridge-Build; Swansea founded
-250 Durrow founded (@42,52; finally the mongol horse has moved away)
-225 Merthyr, Tara founded
-200 Llangollen founded
-125 Barb legions near Tara on island 7; Dinas Powys (island 3), Aberystwyth (island 8)founded
-100 BB->Engineering; Barb legion killed; 1st delivery to China for 200
-75 Get Math + maps from Mongols, they only have two cities
-50 Mongol horse seems ready to attack, hail them, they demand 100g, no, war! Rush legion in Tintagel
(Mongol horse attacks, phalanx holds)
-25 Colossus built; Elephant from hut on island 8
+1 SSC-delivery for 140; legion kills mongol catapult +vet

Stats at 1AD:
pop.: 880k; Cities: 19; techs: 22; gold: 325; Gov.: Rep; wonders: Pyr, Col, MPE; TR: 0D/2F
units: 5 settler, 2 phalanx, 1 archer, 2 legion, 1 elephant, 2 boat, 2 dip, 4 vans
Out of sheer curiosity, where is your SSC location at Major? Only seeing a river/silk special and that's not very famous.

975 BC: Mongol Phalanx killed.
Interturn: Lose my archer to Mongol warrior. No! Should not have attacked that Phalanx at half hp.. I’m going to build a new one. I envy the guy who got a horse unit from the 1st hut…

850 BC: Monarchy > Currency. Oedo turn next turn, REVOLUTION.

800 BC: Carthaginian civ destroyed by Chinese. Power is Inadequate. Going to need Map Making to get to the SE lands, or go through the Mongols. Which one is easier, that’s obvious. 23 turns for Colossus in Cardiff.

725 BC: Meet Mongols: They demand Monarchy, no, war.
Interturn: 2 Mongol warriors suicide on my archer. No vet sadly.

700 BC: Currency > Map Making. Green Chariot spotted in Mongol lands, technically 2 squares from Tintagel so I get vision.

650 BC: Caerphilly built. Mongols: Give Monarchy for peace, wanted to save my warrior. I did kill 170s worth of resources and only lost 40s, but cheating AI, so bleh.
Interturn: Meet Zulus. Give WC as tribute, peace. Trade something for Map Making.

625 BC: >Trade. Maybe I should be going MPE instead of Colossus? Idk, seems risky. Power is now Strong.

525 BC: Trade > Writing. Power is Moderate.
Interturn: Germans almost done with Pyramids. Colossus is done in 5 turns.

475 BC: Cork built.
Interturn: Chinese almost done with HG. Praise the Lord, we are on King difficulty.

450 BC: Silk special uncovered near Cardiff.
Interturn: Beijing builds HG.

400 BC: Zulus start Colossus. NOT SO FAST, says Cardiff. MPE started. Rhymney built: technically it’s not an offshore city, but…

375 BC: Van in Cardiff: 144s left.

350 BC: Writing > Literacy. Hut: Seafaring.

325 BC: Iona built. Some lands NE of my main peninsula.

250 BC: Marco’s In 3 turns.

225 BC: Rhondda built.

200 BC: Van in Cardiff; Marco’s next turn.

175 BC: Literacy > HBR. Marco’s in Cardiff. Lots of early contact it seems. But we are on continent 13 and not on continent 1? Power is Supreme. Trade for Mysticism with Mongols, pay tech tribute, gift 2 techs, it’s enough to get maps. Germans are west of Bokhara. Chinese: Trade for HBR, pay tech tribute, get maps. Canton is at the hands of the Barbarians. They seem like a good trade partner: Beijing size 6 and landmass 3. Also Carthage has also fallen to the hands of the Barbs! Need to send a dip there. Greeks: Trade maps. Athènes is SE of the Mongols and SW of Rhymney. Aztecs: Get maps. They are to the SOUTH of Mongols. 4 neighbours right next to me… and them. Poor them. Well, I ain’t getting through that anytime soon. Germans: get maps. Zulus: get maps. Ohh boy, they’re right on my path of expansion SE… this ain’t good news. Subverting Carthage becomes a priority so I can get a safe expansion zone where I’m not gonna bump into a rival.

125 BC: Germans take Mongol city of Nishapur.

100 BC: Hut: Settlers.

50 BC: Barbs randomly near Iona! Will need to pay the 50g. Illauntanig built. Swansea built near Chinese. Power is Strong. T4L0S6.

25 BC: Chinese have razed Barb city of Xinjian to the ground.
Interturn: Pay 50g to save Iona.

STATUS AT 1 AD: (Beginning of 101st turn)
Population: 270.000 Cities: 13 Government: Monarchy Total advances: 15 (researching Philosophy)
Gold: 18 T3L0S7 Income/Cost per turn: 13 income, 0 cost. Production: 40MT 0 polluted tiles
Wonders: Colossus, Marco’s.

Holy… that’s unfortunate for a start. Only viable trade partner seems to be Chinese, and they don’t have lots of cities. EC players’ biggest dreams – or nightmares – depending on early luck. Also, the difference in starting spots+barb luck hurts.

Did anyone else build Colossus/HG at 1 AD in your game?
Out of sheer curiosity, where is your SSC location at Major? Only seeing a river/silk special and that's not very famous.
It was the same site you chose, the 4-special close to the starting location. I prefer my SSC not to be the capital, so that later on the capital can build some wonders with zoom-home after the SSC triggered the tech.
Did anyone else build Colossus/HG at 1 AD in your game?
Oops, forgot to include wonders in my log. Nobody had finished wonders except for us by 1 AD.
Anybody else playing? It's beginning to feel uncomfortably lonely here...

My next part until 500 AD, obviously, I was even more sparingly keeping my log than usual. The most interesting point was that I was able to bypass polytheism completely, getting monotheism directly from an AI. I don't think this has happened before to me.

Stats at 1AD:
pop.: 880k; Cities: 19; techs: 22; gold: 325; Gov.: Rep; wonders: Pyr, Col, MPE; TR: 0D/2F
units: 5 settler, 2 phalanx, 1 archer, 2 legion, 1 elephant, 2 boat, 2 dip, 4 vans

20 Engineering->University; Get Astro from Aztecs, Pottery from Chinese
40 Rhayader founded
60 gems(d) for 312
100 Uni->Economics; HG built, begin celebrations; 50g from hut; Abergavenny, Dinas Emrys, Cardigan founded; delivery 140
120 Llanelli founded (island 4)
240 384 for demanded hides to Shanghai
260 Econ.->Sanitation; Maesteg founded
280 Shakespeare built; Neath founded; Sign peace with Germany(they are working on mono)
(Sign peace with Mongols)
300 Deliv 200, 288, Shanghai out of hides demand
320 San.->Chemistry; Get Mono from Germans; Neapel founded; 468
380 Chem.->Gravity; Michelangelo built, Crusader from hut; 108, 248; Get HBR from Aztecs
400 Deliv. 344
(China Navigation)
420 Gravity->Invention, reduce science
440 Issus founded
460 Cunaxa founded
480 Cremona, Cannae founded
500 Capua founded

Stats at 500AD:
pop.: 5.81M; Cities: 32; techs: 32; gold: 391; Gov.: Rep; wonders: Pyr, HG, Col, MPE, Michelangelo, Shakespeare; TR: 0D/10F
units: 13 settler, 2 phalanx, 1 archer, 2 legion, 1 elephant, 1 crusader, 3 boat, 2 dip, 20 vans
Hi,I play,is 1844 AD and build spaceship parts,just Americans allied in map with Washington.Is very tiresome for me to play with notepad open,I think is the last time when write all in a notepad,more time lost....
Going for a landing game. I popped the hut for a Horseman then built capital on the forest. Had a very slow start to the game (at b2450 had 2 cities but had 'irrigated' the forest tile by then)
Forgot to save at 1000bc - but at 825bc I have 7 cities and have 4 vans ready to build Marco's. Researching writing. I'd also found the Mongol's Karakorum by then.
At AD20 have 11 cities and am researching The Republic. Colossus has been built in Cardiff.
I'll post more fuller stats later.
@Catalin: Generally, when I keep notes, I start skimping more and more on the details when my empire becomes bigger, gradually stopping the recording of newly built settlers/vans. It's a judgement thing, mostly: you'll get used to it eventually.

20 AD: Philosophy > Polytheism > Monotheism.

40 AD: T5L0S5 as I am approaching Carthage. Merthyr built.

60 AD: Ship blunders into a Barb ship, I’ll have to hold on building on an island. Zulus: Give Polytheism to keep the peace.
Interturn: Zulus take Athens, destroy Greek civ. They are definitely the strongest opponents. Germans develop Astronomy, START COPE’S. Oh oh… My ship is sunk.

80 AD: Fortunately the Germans want to trade techs, Astronomy acquired. T7L0S3.

120 AD: Oddly enough I was prompted to declare war to the Barbs. Perhaps they come from a city? 156g for Carthage.

140 AD: Cardiff Temple, starts Cope’s. Tara built. Directly in the radius of a previously undiscovered Mongol city…

160 AD: Carthage bribed for 156g, get 3 archers+2 citizens. Llangollen built.

180 AD: Hut: Legion.

200 AD: English: Peace, maps. They are a few squares north of Carthage. I am getting an increasingly strong feeling that war will be the only way. No space to expand whatsoever…
Interturn: Zulus develop Feudalism. Oh boy…

220 AD: Monotheism > The Wheel. Chinese: Trade two techs for Masonry and The Wheel. T7L0S3. Some civs already researching Navigation.

280 AD: Some vans being built. Whole lotta nothing happening.

300 AD: Hut: Nomads. Nice! Dinas Powys built nearby.

320 AD: Aberystwyth built.

340 AD: Rhayader built.

380 AD: Germans develop Navigation. Mongols develop Astronomy. Power dropped down to Mighty… Trade 2 techs to Germans for Math and Navigation. I officially gave up on trade, returns will be awful. Hut: 50g. Cope’s next turn. Dinas Emrys built.

400 AD: Cardiff Cope’s, starts Library. Plan is to get to Republic, then celebrate as usual. Main core (a small one) should go to size 8, standard SSC strats. Maybe fall back to Monarchy afterwards for warfare, even a dash for Demo>Communism? Idk. Aztecs: Trade IW for Philosophy, get 50g tribute. RMS 16. Mongols are researching Feudalism… no tribute. Cardigan built.

420 AD: Rush Library in Cardiff (still size 3) T3L0S7.

440 AD: Zulus build GL, Chinese swap to GW. Techrate 9 turns, slaving not really paying off. 26b in Cardiff.
Interturn: Zulus learn The Wheel, start Sun Tzu. Mikes will be further delayed… what is up with my terrible Mikes timings lately?

460 AD: Swap Navigation to English for Feudalism: Zulus get it from GL. Zulus: They remove troops.

480 AD: Barb leader captured for 150g. Rush Marketplace in Cardiff. Oedo year 540 AD. Maesteg built.

500 AD: Cardiff Marketplace, will now build the 3 trade routes. T4L0S6.

STATUS AT 500 AD: (Beginning of 125st turn)
Population: 840.000 Cities: 25 Government: Monarchy Total advances: 25 (researching The Republic)
Gold: 30 T4L0S6 Income/Cost per turn: 27 income, 6 cost. Production: 99MT 0 polluted tiles
Wonders: Colossus, Marco’s, Cope’s.

I think I should change my nick from Jokemaster to Osama. Osama Bin Laggin Behind…
Finished and submitted!

It wasn't a great game, the landing date looks nice, but since we have 470 turns in this game, the 2nd millenium starts with 1010...

It still seems to be going a lot better than Jokemaster's game...
500 AD (cont.) Neath built.
Interturn: Chinese develop Republic. There goes my instant revolution, but easily worth.

520 AD: Trade Philosophy to Chinese for Republic. Mongols: 50g. Germans: 100g. Blunder into a Barb leader exploring Zulu shores: 150g.

540 AD: Monarchy. Germans: 100g. English: 50g. Mongols: 50g. Almost everyone is offering me alliances… Republic. T2L0S8. Naples built.

560 AD: > Medicine > Construction

580 AD: Hut; Settlers.

600 AD: Mikes rushed for 138g after 2 more vans. T1L2S7, Cardiff celebrates.
Interturn: English take Chinese city of Chengdu and take Republic. Wait what?

620 AD: Mikes in Kells. WLTCD in Cardiff. Issos built.

640 AD: Cardiff hides (nd) to Kells: 10g. Cunaxa built.

660 AD: Cardiff size 5.
Interturn: Zulu gov’t overthrown. Chinese almost done with GW.

680 AD: Construction > University. Cremona built.

700 AD: T1L3S6.
Interturn: Zulus almost done with Sun Tzu… that one’s lost. Lose a city to Barbs, razed. Zulu dip spotted near Aberyswyth, they want war.

720 AD: T1L1S8. Cardiff beads (d) to Beijing: 228g. Cardiff spice (nd) to Kells: 18g. Cardiff 110 beakers. Zulus: Pay Philosophy as tribute. Hut: Crusaders.
Interturn: Zimbabwé builds ST.

740 AD: University > Engineering.

760 AD: T2L1S7. Pyramids woulda really helped this game…
Interturn: Chinese develop Banking.

780 AD: Hut: Settlers. Rush University in Cardiff for 270g. T1L1S8.

800 AD: Engineering > Sanitation. Cardiff Uni, 148 beakers. Trade Banking to Chinese for University: Zulus get both techs from GL.

820 AD: T3L1S6.

840 AD: T1L1S8. Techrate 3 turns. Cannae built.
Interturn: English develop IW, Zulus get it from GL.

860 AD: Sanitation > Theory of Gravity.

880 AD: T2L6S2, going to celebrate the nation by a few pop each before growing Cardiff to size 12.
Interturn: Mongols develop Feudalism. One of my plans gently laid to waste… an example of strategic drifting.

900 AD: Cities everywhere celebrate, Cardiff Aqueduct. 6 vans in Cardiff: Shakes next turn.
Capoue built.

920 AD: Cardiff Shakes. T3L6S1.
Interturn: Zulus develop Physics.

940 AD: Trade Engineering for Physics to Zulus. Athènes is 390g for a normal bribe, 780 for subvert. Not worth. T2L8S0.

960 AD:Hut: Crusaders.

980 AD: Merthyr coal (nd) to Tabriz: 7g. Just needed 4 to buy Sewers in size 12 Cardiff.

1000 AD: T4L3S3. Max techrate still 3 turns but Cardiff will celebrate to max capacity.

STATUS AT 1000 AD: (Beginning of 152st turn)
Population: 5.030.000 Cities: 32 Government: Republic Total advances: 33 (researching Theory of Gravity)
Gold: 45 T4L3S3 Income/Cost per turn: 139 income, 23 cost. Production: 167MT 0 polluted tiles
Wonders: Colossus, Marco’s, Cope’s, Shakes, Mikes.
I do not have the resources to wage war, and I do not have the space to expand. Slow game incoming.

Also just realized I never actually submitted this game in /(... still got time.
Jokemaster, sorry to read how things were going in your game. Something seems to have gone totally wrong. Wasn't it possible to trade more with the chinese? They were trireme-rechable and I had a lot of demanded deliveries there.

760 AD: T2L1S7. Pyramids woulda really helped this game…
Yes, they did. They are always desireable, I would say they are even more with lower difficulty. On king, like in this game, I would say they are as important as HG and Marco.

My next 500 years:

520 Delivery 472
540 Invention->Gunpowder; 190, 92, 174
560 Turin founded (island 15)
580 Gunp.->Explosives(858); 28
600 Leonardo built; Get Navigation from China; Deliv. 103; Nomads from hut
620 Expl.->Metallurgy; 128, 196, 200; Get feudalism from Zulus
640 Metall->Physics; Adv. Tribe (Genua) on island 14
660 Kreta founded
680 Physics->Magnetism; Verona founded
720 Mag->Steam; 282, 214; Barb crusader bribed for 61g
740 Steam->Railroad; 535, beaker box half full, cut down science, aim for zoom-to-Darwin-to-Demo in 780
760 Salamis founded
780 RR->Demo(rev+est.)->Industry->Corporation; Darwin built; Lissabon founded
820 Corp.->Electricity; 196, 124, 160, 350
840 Electr.->Steel(1232); A lot of commodity shifting, both at home and in China...; 190
860 188, 188
880 Steel->Theology; 828
900 Theo->Refining(1380); Bach Cathedral built; 25g from polar hut; 420
920 Refining->Genetic; 366, 192, 224
940 Genetic->Combustion(1440); Cure for Cancer built; 366, 244, 164, 100; time for some celebrations
960 Comb.->Automobile; 205, 80, 204; Hamburg founded
980 Prag (island 21), Mexico (south of Aztecs), Bergen founded; Barb leader 150g; delivery 350
(China Magellan)
1000 Auto->MassProd.; 100

Stats at 1000AD:
pop.: 13.68M; Cities: 42; techs: 52; gold: 191; Gov.: Dem; wonders: Pyr, HG, Col, MPE, Michelangelo, Copernicus, Shakespeare, Leonardo, Bach, Newton, Darwin, CfC; TR: 2D/34F
units: 22 engineer, 5 musc, 2 crusader, 4 boat, 3 dip, 21 vans
Wasn't it possible to trade more with the chinese? They were trireme-rechable and I had a lot of demanded deliveries there.

The few cities that were connected to my capital were always busy building vans for WoW. Was a slow process since I did not have many cities connected by land (idr what the colonies were doing, probably building settlers) but still a strong SSC, so shield production lagged behind techrate (more WoW would become available before long so new vans would always go towards building them) The terrain with the Chinese also did not look very good for trading arrows-wise, and they weren't demanding many good commodities. (Mostly beads. Did have beads but didn't think the payout would be good enough to be worth the delay with WoWs) Traded a few times, but nothing remotely worth mentioning.
I finished a few days ago. Forgot how long a spaceship takes to build, the turns got silly towards the end. I certainly won't be the quickest as I forgot various things along the way (built several wonders too late, forgot to build marketplaces to help celebrations, and couldn't remember the best units to take out AI) but I did keep ahead of the AI all the way. Ceasefires held me back, think I need a refresher course in CIV 2. I didn't enjoy the MGE style of aggression. I'll have to hunt down the XP disc I know is somewhere around.

In my game the Chinese got taken out quite early on by the Carthags. Early trade was with the Carthags, later was with the Americans (not sure if they were a respawn or not) and just domestic to the SSC.

I can't get the indeo drivers to work no matter how many times I follow the guides so I haven't seen the landing video or final score which is a bit annoying. It was fun though. I'll post some dates and stats when I get more time.
I started playing last night. Even before the start I knew I will be playing an OCC. Given how late I got started, there was no second thoughts about that.

Got a horse out of the first hut, which is what I was hoping for. I immediately revealed the other special which turned out to be fish. Built my single city on the 4 special forest like most of you. However, after careful analysis I decided to irrigate first. While my analysis showed that ignoring hut outcomes it would be beneficial to build first, I decided that the hut outcomes could tip the balance in favor of a later build. This actually paid off when my second hut gave me 100g. This allowed me to get size 1 while working fish which gave me 2 arrows for science.

Got a nomad out of a distant hut in -2000. It took it till -875 to reach home. I should have immediately joined the other settler to the city but forgot to do so till -700.

All my original rivals are still in the game, but Chinese have lost a city to Carthaginians.

The Oil is making this a somewhat unusual OCC. Starting at size 4 my city can produce 10 shields a turn which is something that usually does not happen till the city is about size 8. This has allowed me to have both Marco and Colossus by -500 which is highly unusual. Log follows.
Date, Produced, Tech achieved, Other notables

-4000 Moved towards hut.
-3950 None horseman from hut. Got Fish and Oil
-3850 Settler starts turning forest into plains
-3800 100g from hut. This is great for size 1 settler
-3600 Cardiff founded. Worker on Fish
-3350 Code of Laws Research goal is Monarchy
-3100 Size 1 Settler
-3050 Cardiff is size 2

Status at -3000
City Size: 2 Government: Despotism Gold: 34 Techs: 4 Trade routes: 0
Units: 1 settler, 1 None Horseman
Goals: Monarchy in -2850; Marco and Colossus
Zulu: No contact
blue: No contact
Aztec: No contact
Chinese: No contact
Carthaginian: No contact
Mongol: No contact

-2900 Warrior Monarchy 50g from hut. Revolution started
-2850 Monarchy established. T3L0S7
-2650 Burial -> Mongol (1) -> Mapmaking, peace
-2600 Pottery from hut
-2200 Cardiff is size 3
-2100 Silk revealed
-2000 Currency Nomad from distant hut.

Status at -2000
City Size: 3 Government: Monarchy Gold: 110 Techs: 8 Trade routes: 0
Units: 1 None settler, 1 settler, 1 warrior, 1 None Horseman
Goals: Marco and Colossus
Zulu: No contact
blue: No contact
Aztec: No contact
Chinese: No contact
Carthaginian: No contact
Mongol: No embassy

-1700 Pottery -> Aztec (0) -> peace
Pottery -> Mongol (5)
-1500 Writing
-1350 Chariot from hut
-1300 Cardiff is size 4

Status at -1000
City Size: 4 Government: Monarchy Gold: 157 Techs: 9 Trade routes: 0
Units: 1 None settler, 1 settler, 1 warrior, 1 None Horseman, 1 Chariot
Goals: Marco and Colossus
Zulu: No contact
blue: No contact
Aztec: No embassy
Chinese: No contact
Carthaginian: No contact
Mongol: No embassy

-0900 Trade Barbarian archers land near Cardiff. T7L0S3
Seafaring from hut
-0875 None settler reaches home
-0850 Warrior survives barbarian archer
-0825 Marco T3L0S7
-0800 Warrior survives barbarian archer & turns vet
Barbarian leader for 150g
-0775 Library
-0750 Caravan
-0725 Trade, Seafaring -> Chinese (0) -> Mysticism, peace, maps, alliance, no gift
Trade, mapmaking -> Aztec (2) -> maps, alliance, 50g
-0700 Caravan Settler joins Cardiff making it size 5
-0675 Warrior Two barbarian horsemen from hut
-0650 Chariot killed by barbarian horsemen
Trade, Seafaring -> German (3) -> peace, maps, alliance, 50g
Trade, Mapmaking, Mysticism -> Zulu (6) -> peace, maps
-0625 Caravan
-0525 Literacy Barbarian archers land near Cardiff
-0500 Colossus

Status at -0500
City Size: 5 Government: Monarchy Gold: 48 Techs: 13 Trade routes: 0
Structures: Library
Wonders: Marco, Colossus
Units: 1 None settler, 2 warriors, 1 None Horseman
Goals: Philosophy, Republic, trade with Chinese
Zulu: 4 cities, 10 techs
German: 3 cities, 12 techs; allied with me
Aztec: 3 cities, 11 techs; allied with Mongols and I
Chinese: 2 cities, 9 techs; allied with me, war with Carthaginians
Carthaginian: 5 cities, 8 techs; war with Chinese
Mongol: 5 cities, 9 techs; allied with Aztecs
Date, Produced, Tech achieved, Other notables

-0475 Aztec -> 25g, German -> 0g
Literacy -> Zulu (6) -> alliance, 0g
-0450 Explorer Accepted 150g from Germans for war on Mongols
Cardiff survives barbarian archer
-0425 Caravan Zulu -> 0g
-0375 Caravan
-0350 German -> 50g
-0325 Trireme Philosophy Warrior disbanded
Republic Republic established. T2L2S6
-0275 Temple Cardiff celebrates. T3L3S4
-0250 Cardiff is size 6
Philosophy -> German -> Math, 50g
Republic -> Zulu (6) -> Iron Working, 100g
-0225 Cardiff is size 7. T3L4S3
-0200 Cardiff is size 8. T2L2S6
-0175 Marketplace Philosophy -> Zulu (6) -> 100g
Explorer finds Karakorum
Iron Working -> Mongol -> cease fire
-0150 Caravan Aztec -> 0g, German -> 50g. Temple sold
-0125 Caravan Medicine Mongol elephant near Cardiff
Republic -> Mongol -> no peace
Aztec -> 50g
-0100 Diplomat Mongol elephant wirhdraws
Beads to Beijing for 207 for first trade route
-0075 Caravan Astronomy Monarchy -> Zulu -> 200g
Mongols demand tribute and declare war
Mongol elephant bribed for 126g
-0050 Caravan German -> Masonry, Aztec -> 50g
-0025 Caravan
+0001 Barbarian archer steps next to Cardiff
Hides to Canton for 207 for 2nd trade route

Status at +0001
City Size: 8 Government: Republic Gold: 288 Techs: 20 Trade routes: 2
Structures: Library, Marketplace
Wonders: Marco, Colossus
Units: 1 None settler, 1 vet warrior, 1 None Horseman, 1 elephant, 1 trireme, 1 diplomat, 5 vans, 1 explorer
Goals: Shakespeare (4 turns), Copernicus, university, third trade route, rescuing my explorer trapped in the peninsula behind Karakorum
Zulu: 5 cities, 17 techs; allied with me
German: 3 cities, 16 techs; allied with me
Aztec: 3 cities, 19 techs; allied with Mongols and I
Chinese: 3 cities, 14 techs; allied with me, war with Carthaginians
Carthaginian: 5 cities, 9 techs; war with Chinese
Mongol: 5 cities, 19 techs; allied with Aztecs, war with me

+0020 University Barbarian archer dies in attack on Cardiff
Barbarian leader for 150g. T1L2S7
+0040 University -> Chinese -> Banking
+0060 German -> 50g, Aztec -> 50g. T3L0S7
+0080 Shakespeare
+0100 Caravan
+0120 Caravan Germans build Pyarmids
+0140 Caravan Zulu -> 50g, German -> 100g
+0160 Caravan
+0180 Caravan 2 Barbarian legions land near Cardiff. Zulu -> 50g
+0200 One legion dies in attack on Cardiff
Second legion destroys irrigation.
A third legion lands.
Mongol catapult shows up near Cardiff.
Elephant kills Mongol catapult. T2L0S8
Explorer runs into Carthaginian elephant.
Carthaginians demand 50g and declare war
+0220 Caravan Another barbarian legion dies in attack on Cardiff
last barbarian legion destroys another irrigation
Elephant kills another Mongol catapult.
German -> 100g
+0240 Copernicus Construction Another Carthaginian elephant kills my explorer
Last barbarian legion dies in attack on Cardiff
Barbarian leader for 150g.
Construction -> Mongol -> peace
Construction -> Aztec -> 50g. T0L3S7
+0260 Cardiff celebrates. T0L2S8
Built a hilltop fort 3 tiles west of Cardiff for defense
+0280 Aqueduct Cardiff is size 9
+0300 Cardiff is size 10
+0320 Cardiff is size 11
+0340 Harbor Cardiff is size 12.
+0360 Caravan Theory of Gravity T3L0S7
+0380 Caravan
+0400 University -> Zulu -> Wheel, 50g. Aztec -> 100g
+0440 Bridge Building
+0460 University Barbarian legion lands and is bribed for 82g
Zulu -> 25g, German -> 75g
+0500 Caravan Engineering

Status at +500
City Size: 12 Government: Republic Gold: 22 Techs: 27 Trade routes: 2
Structures: Library, Marketplace, Aqueduct, Harbor, University
Wonders: Marco, Colossus, Shakespeare, Copernicus
Units: 1 None settler, 1 vet warrior, 1 Legion, 1 None Horseman, 1 elephant, 1 trireme, 1 diplomat, 3 vans
Goals: third trade route (next turn), Sanitation (currently being researched), another explorer for hut hunting? (last one found none), Newton
Zulu: 5 cities, 20 techs; allied with me
German: 3 cities, 20 techs; Pyramids; allied with me
Aztec: 3 cities, 25 techs; allied with me, war with Mongols
Chinese: 3 cities, 20 techs; allied with me, war with Carthaginians
Carthaginian: 6 cities, 11 techs; war with Chinese and me
Mongol: 5 cities, 23 techs; war with Aztecs
+0520 Undemanded wine to Beijing for 316 for third route.
+0540 Sanitation Cardiff celebrates. Power is weak
+0560 Sewer Cardiff is size 13. Zulu -> 100g
+0580 Caravan Cardiff is size 14
+0600 Caravan Cardiff is size 15. T1L3S6
+0620 Caravan Cardiff is size 16
+0640 Chemistry Cardiff is size 17. Hides to Canton for 468
+0660 Invention Cardiff is size 18
+0680 Bank Cardiff is size 19. Power climbed to Mighty
Sanitation, Invention -> all allies, Zulu -> 50g.
+0700 Caravan Cardiff is size 20. Zulu -> 50g
+0720 Caravan Navigation Cardiff is size 21 and out of food for now. T5L0S5
+0740 Caravan
+0760 Caravan Barbarian legions land near Cardiff
+0780 Caravan Democracy Mongol -> 100g. Democracy established. T2L0S8
+0800 Caravan 2 of the Barbarian legions die in attack on Cardiff
+0820 Caravan Physics Zulu -> 100g. Trireme and warrior disbanded.
+0860 Newton Magnetism Navigation -> all allies. Chinese -> Economics German (6) -> 50g. T4L0S6
Mongols demand tribute and declare war
Navigation -> Carthaginian (3) -> peace, Chivalry
+0880 Galleon Mongols build Great Library
+0900 Caravan Carthaginians build Sun Tzu.
Chinese lose Canton to Carthaginians
+0920 Caravan Steam Engine T3L0S7. Zulu -> 100g, German -> 50g
+0940 Caravan
+0960 Caravan Atomic Theory
+0980 Caravan
+1000 Caravan Gunpowder Senate hands cease fire to Mongols
Zulu, German -> 50g. Hides to Beijing for 432

Status at +1000
City Size: 21 Government: Democracy Gold: 652 Techs: 39 Trade routes: 3
Structures: Library, Marketplace, Aqueduct, Harbor, University, Bank, Sewer
Wonders: Marco, Colossus, Shakespeare, Copernicus, Newton
Units: 1 None settler, 1 Legion, 1 None Horseman, 1 elephant, 1 galleon, 1 diplomat, 9 vans
Goals: Explosives (next turn), an engineer, Refrigeration, another explorer for hut hunting? (last one found none)
Zulu: 7 cities, 27 techs; allied with me
German: 4 cities, 29 techs; Pyramids; allied with me
Aztec: 3 cities, 33 techs; allied with me
Chinese: 2 cities, 33 techs; allied with me, war with Carthaginians
Carthaginian: 8 cities, 17 techs; Sun Tzu; war with Chinese
Mongol: 4 cities, 33 techs; Great Library
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