Governments and Politics II


Feb 6, 2010
Governments and Politics II


“When I was a young child, my brothers, friends, and I would play a very interesting and fun game. We would stand at the bottom of a small hill and compete for the top of it. We would push others down, until one remained on top. Then he would have to defend himself from all those who tried to knock him down and stay at the top of the hill. It was a great game, rough but friendly, difficult but rewarding.

Now I see we were unknowingly preparing for our future struggle. As we grew up, we played the same game for the leadership of the tribe. Now, instead of fighting for the top of a hill, we fought for a chair, a position. We did not push each other, but we did manipulate each other. We formed alliances, gained support of the people, verbally fought each other, and sometimes even used our blades. Some of my brothers and friends became enemies in this rough and merciless game. And there was only one winner. The rest were either dead or disgraced. It was difficult, but rewarding. I won that game.

Unfortunately, all life must come to an end, and I fear mine is right on its last moments. I already sense the game setting up. Once my life ends the game shall begin again. My son, your family, your people, and your father depend on you to win this game. It will be a tough journey, where blood will be spilled, honor and grace might be lost, and words will become swords. But if you stay strong you will overcome and reach the top of the hill. You will be bathed in glory and power, respect and honor. My son, I ask you, will you fight for your name? Will you become the most powerful man? Will you lead your people to glory, and build a civilization that will stand the test of time? Do you accept this--”

The old chief gave a long sigh. His eyes closed and his hand fell to his chest. He never heard the answer of his son.

-The last breath of the Ancestral Chief​

The Ancestral chief's son had to make a decision. The time has come to make your decision. Do you accept his challenge? Will you carry the burden of your family and people, and be remembered until the end of time?

Table of Contents

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Actions and Movements List*
Resource Ownership*
Popular Stability


Game Dynamics*+


Special Stats*+

Connections and Illegal Businesses*+
New Groups*+

Weapons and Equipment+
Gene-pool Rule+
Main Thread Rules*+
The City Maps+
Signing Up*+



Ideals and their Effects

The Rise of Groups
Coups, Range of Power, and the diffusion of News

Importance of a Good Wife


In this game, you, the players, will be citizens of the Celt nation, and you will lead this civilization from the beginning of time. You will compete against other civilizations, just like in any ordinary game. One twist here is that I will control the other civs using a system I created to make the decisions, and hot seat.

Each player will be a citizen of the empire. At the beginning of the game, All signed up players will be civilians of this emerging nation.
Spoiler :
(I will say in-game to refer to aspects of the Civilization V game that are not controlled by me)

Each player will have the following ”stats”:
  • Age
  • Money
  • Local Influence
  • National Influence
  • Military Influence
  • Popularity
  • Reputation
  • Skill
  • Stealth
This decides how long a person has lived. The older, the more chances of death there are.

Wealth is a very important part in the game. This is how much money you have. With money, you can do many actions including paying bodyguards, hiring assassins, paying rebel militias, propaganda, spying, bribing, and much more. There are several ways to earn money. You may get a job, start a business, earn money from your land, or from politician salary.

The currency of the empire is oro, symbolized with a g after a quantity. (ex: 5g means 5 oro)
All nations deal with Gold, the money indicated in-game, 10g = 1 Gold.
For more details on money and the game's economy, see The Economy in the Guide section

Local Influence:
This is the influence you have over a specific ethnic group in the city you are in. Depending on this is how it will affect decisions taken, and how civilians will react to it. It will decide if AI civilians agree to it or not once decision is made, and it will lessen opposition if an influential person approves a decision. It is also used in other actions.
National Influence:
It serves the same function as local influence except this is your influence over a certain ethnic group nationwide.
Military Influence:
This is your influence among the armed forces and is used in certain actions and decisions involving armed forces. It impacts soldiers' morale and approval of your decisions.

Popularity is a measure of how well people like you. These are the ranks:
  • abhorred
  • despised
  • repudiated
  • hated
  • opposed
  • dislike
  • rejected
  • ignored
  • disgraced
  • forgotten
  • unknown
  • seen
  • spoken of
  • known
  • appreciated
  • supported
  • recognized
  • liked
  • loved
  • admired
  • revered
Notice how above unknown the traits are negative, and below unknown the traits are positive. The farther away from unknown, the stronger the trait. This impacts people's reactions, popular stability and people's opinion on your decisions. Also affects certain actions. Popularity is only obtained by what the AI people are told and know, not what I know.

Reputation is what you are known for. At beginning of life, you are unknown, then, depending on what you do you will gain a title followed by a quality, which tells you if it is good or infamous:



Reputation is only obtained by what the AI people are told and know, not what I know.

The only stats I will report to you in numbers will be Age and Money/wealth. The others will be described by words and scenes in stories. I will report these stats to every player via private message, or through your Google document.

In this game, you will create your government. You will decide how things are decided, how laws are made, how policies are made and much, much more. At the beginning of the game, there will be a despot. He has sole power and the law is his whim. Once we have five player politicians, or a player chief calls for a Government Council, the government will be created. A Government Council will be called and I will give all the details for the creation of the government. Influence and popularity will play a big part for the acceptance of the new government. However, governments throughout history have changed, even in the same country. For a government to change, all politicians have to agree,or at least most, and a Reformation Council is made to change it.(unless government makes a specific rule about reforms). Opposition and Supporters can do various actions to push or fight these changes.

Spoiler :
(As you can see, Government Councils are held when a government is starting from scratch for a new nation, or after a war or revolution. Reformation Councils are held to reform an already created government.)

Politicians and civilians have a set of actions they can do. These actions are used for different purposes and goals.
There are several domestic actions a politician can do:
Spoiler :
  • Hire body guards
  • hire assassins
  • political coups
  • military coups
  • espionage
  • hire agitators
  • bribe
  • create assassin groups
  • create guerrilla groups
  • imprison politicians
  • Frame politicians
  • frame elections (if democratic government)
  • create propaganda
  • create laws
  • reform laws
  • Secede
  • create groups, clans, parties, creeds,
  • Issue government crackdowns
  • banish anyone
  • Send missionaries
There are several international actions a politician can do:
  • Order assassinations on foreign leaders
  • send missionaries to other civs
  • Bribe foreign leaders
  • spy on foreign leaders
  • send agitators to foreign civs
  • aid insurgents or governments
  • create agreements with foreign leaders
There are several actions for civilians: (unless specified, politicians can do these too)
  • create protests
  • start revolutions
  • create a guerrilla movement
  • terrorism
  • ethnic attacks
  • boycotts
  • become reporters or hire them and investigate
  • go on strikes
  • assassinations (hire or become assassins)
  • Hire Security Forces
  • Procreate (see Lineage for specifics)
The specifics for each action (how to do them) are said in the next posts. You do not need to read them all to play. The only time you need to is if you want to do that action.

These actions have a limit as to how many of them you can do. Each turn you can do one movement. These are the movements you can do:
  • Move four tiles
  • Move two tiles and the following:
  • Visit the bar and lower district
  • Visit the market area
  • Take a walk in Poor, Middle, Rich, or downtown district
  • take a walk to tiles outside the city (rural, suburban)
  • take a walk in a foreign city if Open Border treaty
  • investigate
  • become the assassin and assassinate someone
  • Family Visitation
  • Recruiting Movement
  • Courting a Woman
  • Announcing Marriage Proposals

NOTE: You may do any of those movements without moving two tiles.

See movements for more details on each movement.

How to:
PM me with the following information:
  • Movement you will be doing
  • Destination (City; Tile; District)
  • Purpose
For the Recruiting Movement:
PM me with the following:
  • Where you are going to recruit
  • What kind of people you are looking for
  • Specific Purpose

One of the main objectives of the game is to be the most powerful man of the world, and to be there throughout history. A politician's power will depend on the highest and longest period of power.

Spoiler :
one could be ultra powerful for two turns but for ten turns you were lower. When you die, your power for each session will be averaged into a definitive score.

The ten most powerful people will be listed on the Powers list, and will be constantly changing. What you want to be is in the list, and to be Number 1. (The first ruler at the very beginning will have Father’s Place, since he is very powerful due to he is a despot.)
At the end of game, whoever is in first place is the winner.

When you reach the age of 18, you will begin to look for marriage to conceive heirs to your fortune and continuance of the family. Every turn, you may take the action procreate, where you may receive a child. This child will in ten turns enter the civilian pool. Each of your children can become a politician, but only the first born is guaranteed. The others have probability. The second is 50%, third is 40%, fourth is 20%, fifth is 10%, sixth is 5%, seventh is 2.5% and so on.
Each children will receive inheritance, and you decide how much each gets. Those who don’t become politicians will not be controlled by you, so you have to be careful how you distribute your inheritance.

Note on procreate: You cannot do this more then once each session if you have already conceived a child during the session. You must either wait until next session, or queue your action for the transition time. By queue, you can order how many children you will want to try to have during the transition time. You will then try each in-game turn until you reach your goal, or the next session begins.

Marriage now takes a movement. Once you reach the age of 18, you may go on a movement to search for a wife. There are two options: court a woman, or announce marriage proposals.

Courting a woman: This is done when you know who you want to marry. You must visit the woman and her family, gain the acceptance of her father, and the love of the woman. Talk, make agreements, and show your skills in the tests they will give you to win the heart of the woman.

Announcing Marriage Proposals: This is done when you do not know who you want to marry. You will just announce you are looking for a wife and letters will reach you with a proposal and the details. Your position, popularity, wealth, and influence all determine what kind of proposals you receive (and which kinds of families propose their daughter).

Resource Ownership:
When a person owns a tile, and that tile has a resource, they own that resource. The government must now pay them to use that resource, and that person has full control of that resource. (The government can decide to expropriate the tile, taking control of that tile because of resource. If the government also has a policy of communism/authoritarian, then maybe all resources belong to state and people can not own the resource.)
Ownership of a resource creates the possibility of forming a company of that resource. See Businesses and the Economy.

Tiles, the land of the game, can give a lot of power, wealth, and influence to a person. Land in the game is divided into tiles (the hexes in-game). You can calculate a tile's value by taking the following into account: 1 food = 1g, 1 hammer = 3g, 1 Gold = 5g.

Tiles are handled a little differently at the beginning of the game then in the previous version. Now, no tiles will be awarded freely at the birth of an in-game citizen. Instead , distribution will depend on despot, or situation, it may be taking land by strongest, or the sharing of the land.

Popular Stability:
Spoiler :
This decides how people will act to situations, and how stable they are. The more unstable the more violent and drastic their actions. Each ethnic group in each city has their own Popular Stability.
If popular stability in a city is:
Murderous: (-13 and more) People may attack politicians to kill them. Big chance of revolutions (60% and + 10% for every negative point above -13) and other violent acts: terrorism (40% + 10% for every negative point above -13), guerrilla (50% + 10% for every negative point above -13) and assassinations (30% + 10% for every negative point above -13)
Chaotic: (-10 to -12) Riots form in streets. Politicians are attacked at streets, with few chances of death of politicians (10% + 5% for every negative point above -10). Greater chance of terrorist acts (20% + 5% for every negative point above -10). Chance of guerrillas forming (30% + 5% for every negative point above -10). Greater chance of Boycotts (40% + 5% for every negative point above -10)
Unstable: (-8 to -9) Protests can begin to start (60% + 10% for every negative point above -8). If -9, there can be strikes (50% + 10% for every negative point above -8) and very slight chance of riots (20% + 10% for every negative point above -8). Small chance of terrorist acts (5% + 10% for every negative point above -8). Small chance of boycott (5% + 10% for every negative point above -8).
Panicked: (-6 to-7) Crime rates will begin to increase (+5% for every negative point). Small percent of protests forming (30% + 5% for every negative point above -6)
Resented: (-2 to -5) People still resent and remember worse times with cruel governments. All politicians will loose a little popularity ( -2). Very slim chance of protests (5% + 5% for every negative point above -2). mostly people will try to obey, but a few will protest.
Oppressed: (-1) Very difficult to maintain. People live in fear of government, and will keep quiet. No chance of protests or speaking in public against government.
Malleable: (0) People can easily be swayed. Easy to tip to stable or unstable grounds.
Indifferent: (1) People begun to feel comfortable. They are indifferent to violence.
Stable: (2-4) People are stable. Crime rates begin to slowly drop (-5% for every positive point)
Reasonable: (5-8) Crime rates significantly drop (Divide result by two). Easy to speak to population and calmly debate.
Conformed: (9-10) Few people oppose government (10%). People live good lifestyles and earn good money.
Peaceful: (11-13) People are very tolerant with other differences. Will never take violent acts without politician actions.
Celebrating: (14-18) There is no crime, or very little (divide result by ten). They praise the government and leaders. People feel proud of country.
Arrogant: (19+) People start loosing fear and interest. They rebel and defy governments, stop working, fall to drugs and become unhappy of anything. Nothing can satisfy them, and they can easily turn Unstable.
These are ideas that can affect how people think and react to certain events. The following are the Ideals: Nationalism, Religion, Freedoms, Ethnic Ideals, Capitalism, Communism. More ideals can be added as the game progresses.
At the beginning, each Ideal will be 0. Then, certain actions will increase certain ideals. To learn more on Ideals, see The Guide.

Ethnicity: Through out history, one of the most problem causing factors is different ethnic groups in the same area causing fights. This factor will be present in the game. Your civ will be one ethnic group, and other civs will be different ethnic groups. City States, Barbarian camps, and ruins will also have a small different ethnic group. As you expand and conquer, more ethnic groups will join your civs society and will interact with the civs original ethnic group.
Every time you occupy a barbarian tile, or a tile where there was an ancient ruin, you will incorporate their population to the city. When an ancient ruin gives the empire a citizen in-game, that politician will be from that ethnic group and their population will be added to the empire's.
When two civs or a city states border each other, migration will occur.

From the beginning, all civs will have unorganized beliefs, depending on where they settled and the civilization played as. No real religions will be used to avoid any real religious conflict between players. Instead, we will use each civs ancient mythology. Now that Gods and Kings takes care of this, the rules change a bit. When enough faith is accumulated for a pantheon to be founded, everyone will bid for a certain pantheon they want and the tribe's witch will decide which to publicly support based on what the payers made to influence his decision the most. This one will be chosen in-game and a pantheon based on what was chosen will be made. The formal Religious Council will take place once we get a Great Prophet in-game. During this time players interested will meet and decide the religion's structure and beliefs. They will also decide what Founder and Follower Beliefs they will choose.

In Government and Politics there are three pools of players:
  • Civilian Pool: The first pool you start in when you sign up. Here, you are a civilian with no government office who gains little money and has little influence in national and international events, normally. You can do any movements or actions that are not restricted to you by the lack of power. You are actually playing and participating in the game.
  • Politician Pool: This is the special pool of players with a government position or concrete power. These people are usually the most wealthy, influential, and powerful. How you get to this pool depends on the government you create.*
  • Limbo Pool: When you die, which can happen at any time, you go to the Limbo Pool for ten in-game turns. After five turns, you are born back into the Civilian Pool. The Limbo Pool can be avoided by having children. When you die, you can take control of your first born child.
*NOTE: At the beginning of time, how you get into the Politician Pool depends on your role of the tribe and emerging civilization. What will you use to gain power and leverage? How will you become a key player of the tribe?
Game Dynamics:
The game will be played and carried out the following way:
At the beginning of the game, an AI player will be the chief, the despot, of the tribe emerging to become a civilization. The game starts with:
  • Everyone being 18 years old. (The AI chief is 42)
  • No one has money.
  • No one has influence or popularity.
  • Skill and Stealth are at horrible
  • Population is 1000 and all are Celt
  • All ideals are zero.
  • Crime Rates are zero.
  • No one has a family yet.
  • No one owns a tile.
  • Leader will have popularity and influence (liked and 100%).
  • 0% Literacy and 100% Illiteracy.

The decisions for the start of the game will occur in the following way: To start in a way the players want, the chief will listen to his people's suggestions. Among those suggestions the chief will decide using the system I created. The more people support a suggestion, the better proposed, and the suggestions best fitting the chief's personality will have higher chances of being chosen. This will continue until this chief dies, and a player is put on the 'throne'.

The rest happens the following way:

First of all, the game is divided into sessions. In a session, I will tell in-game decisions/issues and other updates of the game. Each Session is divided into two turns of two days each. In each turn players can do actions, diplomacy, plan, discuss, argue about in-game and other decisions. Players can also do one movement per turn.

  1. I will play in-game turns doing what you have told me to and I will stop when an in-game issue arises.
  2. I will post the news and updates. With this post a Session begins. The first turn begins
  3. After two days, the first turn is over. This is the time when a Mid Session Event will happen. It will be related to an issue or outcome of an action done during the first turn. PMs will also be sent to players who did certain movements. The second Turn begins
  4. After twelve hours the second turn and the session ends. A Conclusion Update will be posted telling any outcomes of actions done. PMs will be sent to players who did certain movements.
  5. Between the Conclusion Update and the next Session is a Transition time. This is the time I transmit all decisions to in-game and play our next turns. During this time no actions or movements can be done.
  6. I will post the news and updates. With this the next Session begins. Step 2-5 keep repeating.
Sometimes, Quarter session reports may occur when needed (when an issue is still unresolved and cannot be concluded, ex: coups, revolutions, etc.)

These are the second type of things you can do. These are not action because they have a limit as to how many movements you can do, and most of them involve you moving locations.
A player can do one movement per turn. The movements you can do is:
Move four tiles per turn (if two cities are connected by a road, you may move to the city instead of just two tiles)

Each turn, you can move two tiles, and one of the following other movements. This will count as only one movement.

Visit the bar and lower district; here you can talk to people who are more familiar with the criminal or outlaw aspects of society. Here you can find out about new assassin groups, people involved and other rumors. Here you can also hire these unlawful people. If you are a civilian, you wont be affected by coming here. Politicians, however, may face speculation of wrong doing and gain infamous reputation or a small decrease in popularity.

You can visit the market. This is a more respectable place to go for any player. You can ask the same questions as if you were in a bar but there is a higher chance they wont know what you are talking about.

You can take a walk in one of the following areas: the poor, middle, rich districts or down town district. These walks would let you see what the city and society looks like. When you do this you are exposed to attacks by people who oppose you, and you are seen by people who live there in those districts.

You can also take a walk to tiles outside the city (rural, suburban).

You can also take a walk on a foreign city if Open Border treaty

You can investigate.

You can become the assassin and assassinate someone.

How to:
PM me with the following information:
  • Movement you will be doing
  • Destination
  • Purpose
For assassination and investigation, follow rules mentioned below.
Recruits and Units

I have always had come sort of stats for the AI, which determine their decisions, attitudes, motives, and actions. Now I am expanding on that behind the scenes part of the game and allowing you to play and benefit from knowing these stats.

These rules apply to all units (like bodyguards, assassins, civilians, etc). These rules are also applied in deciding assassination, espionage, and other actions' success. The information listed below is what you need to know to play. To see more in detail, see The Guide.


There are several types of units:
Combat Units: people who's primary job is fighting, defending, and other actions. Most common. Include people like bodyguards, mercenaries, soldiers, Security Forces, thugs/bandits, etc.
Non-combat Units: People like missionaries, investigators, civilians, merchants, messengers, heralds etc. Their main objective is for sending, acquiring, and distributing information.
Agents: Specialized combat units who have specific objectives. These include people like assassins, spies, proxies, etc.

All units can be ordered to do any task. A non-combat unit may engage in combat, a security force agent may be ordered to deliver a letter or distribute propaganda, an assassin me be ordered to act as a mercenary. Though these may be unwise decisions at times, any of these can be performed. The types of units are different because they have certain different stats.

Characters: The individuals, the people of the game. There are two types:
  • Key Characters always have unique stats. They are singled out from a group, have more individualism and personality. These are the AI you normally talk to, who have names and detailed background.
  • Secondary Characters: characters who have less importance and are sometimes unnamed. These can be people who have a small position, and are usually grouped with characters with similar stats. Some secondary characters may be unique. (depends on group's unanimity)

Each character (or group of characters) has stats of different abilities. Each ability has a different level which shows how good that person is in that ability. These are the following abilities:

  • Intelligence
  • Skill
  • Stealth
  • Intrigue
  • Co-operation
  • Loyalty
  • Integrity
  • Morale
  • Appearance

Special Stats:

The following are stats that do not appear with every unit or character. These only pertain to non-combat units.

  • Curiosity
  • Bargaining
  • Confidentiality

For details on each stat, and more, see The Guide.


Units you control may be ordered to go on movements called assignments. Each character or group may only perform one assignment in one turn. Some assignments may take longer then one turn.

The following are the assignments they can do:

  • Mission/contract
  • Training (if master: teaching)
  • Move (everyone moves tiles as players do)

NOTE: Taking a walk through a district is not an available assignment for GM time consuming purposes;)


You may train your units to improve their abilities. To train, select a group of units and key characters and select the focus of their training. The focus is the number of abilities being trained. The more abilities you focus on in one training session, the less chances of ability increasing.

Going on contracts gains improvement on abilities depending on risk and abilities used in that mission.
Loyalty cannot be trained. If loyalty to man, it will increase periodically. You must find ways to control and have support of your men.

Master Bonus: if you have a Master (overall skill) teach them, there are more chances the abilities will increase. A Master can only teach one group. For Overall Skill, see the Guide.

It works the same for players. Except going on movements gains improvement instead of contracts. You can only have one training session per session-turn.
Connections and Illegal Business

You must now have some sort of connection to the criminal underworld to hire proxies, thugs, and other agents. You can no longer say 'hire some do some job...”
To obtain this connection, you must investigate and find criminals, go on movements and meet them. Hire or know people who know where to get these kinds of people. Somehow establish this connection and from there you may begin to hire these type of people.

Whenever you hire an assassin, it will now count as if you traveled to the lower district's bar and directly hired them. This will always happen unless you specify another way to contact them.

Assassins only accept the deals proposed in the rules. Contracts involving long term services, periodic payments, payment based on success of mission, and other specifications will not be accepted. For these kinds of things, there are other groups, groups that you must find by movements ;)

New Groups:

Even though they have always existed, now they take a more prominent form with a name and organization. They will also have their stats.

Courtiers and Messengers of the Celts:
They are the people who always deliver your messages, but they also have a more secret option. They are the ones who send anonymous messages for you. They require 5g as payment per anonymous message. When hired, it will count as if you delivered the message to their mailing headquarters unless you specify other way. They offer 1 messenger per person to be hired personally for 10g per turn.

A messenger takes 1 session-turn to deliver three letters in one city. Remember that all units travel the same way.

Investigator's Guild of the Celts:
They are the very demanded investigators you always hire for 20g. When hired, it will count as if you traveled to their guild to hire them, unless you specify another way.

The Assassins:
The group that takes contracts from anyone who pays. They take assassination or espionage contracts which strictly follow their guidelines. See Hiring Assassins and Espionage in the Actions Section for contract details.

Bodyguards and Mercenaries Guild:
The name says it all.

NOTE: hiring still counts as an action and does not need movement points.
Weapons and Equipment

You may equip your units with improved and specified weapons to increase their odds of success. See the Guide for reference on which weapons and the requirements you need for each.

Gene-pool Rule

I have to thank Tambien for bringing this issue to me. :D
From now on, marrying cousins three times consecutively will make their children completely sterile and sick. Marrying siblings two time consecutively causes the same effect.

Main thread rules

All decisions made towards issues must be in bold and easily visible. PM'ing the decision is also good.
The main thread is the public stage. Everything here is public, which means everything told here is known by all the population. This is the place to make speeches to the people and address other players and issues. Try to stay in character as much as you can.

For discussions with only one player, try using PM or social groups. Everything said here could affect you popularity and reputation.

For minimal effect on popularity, say Discussion before a statement. For greater effect, say Public Speech before a statement.

The City Maps

For each city in the empire, I will provide a map of the city, and as time goes on, the map will expand with new buildings, streets, monuments, etc. Even your shops and buildings will show up on this map. This is useful when you are planning a mission, battles, or when you want to visit specific locations.

Signing Up

To sign up, all you need to do is give me the following:
  • House Name: This will be your house's name, which will be every character's surname.
  • First Name: For your first character.
Naming in this game will be done as it is in Mexico and other Latin American countries, where you have two surnames. The first coming from the father's first surname, the second coming from the mother's first surname. This character will then pass on his first surname to his children. This will make it easier to trace back the lineage of characters and to know who their parents are.

EDIT: see below for how surnames will be handled to keep to the Celtic flavor.

Jehoshua said:
I suggest you change the system you outlined (for aesthetic purposes mainly) to the following system. ("first name", " maternal grandfathers name", son/daughter of "fathers name + house name") so: an example of the son of one Breandan Ui Neill and a Fiona NicLugh Ui Breton would go

Seamus Lugh MacBreandan Ui Neill : which is equivalent to : "Seamus Lugh, son of Breandan Ui Neill.".

just so you know, the following are useful terms when it comes to insular celtic (gaelic) names like im using.

nic = daughter of
mac = son of
bean = wife of (so fiona upon marriage would become Fiona NicLugh Bean Breandan Ui Niell)
Ravus Sol said:
To help out, here is some more terms similar to the ones Jehosua lists below.

Uí = Descendant (plural)
Ó = grandson (of)
Ní = grand-daughter (of)
Mac = son (of)
Nic = daughter (of)
Ua = an older form of Ó
Í = an older form of the word Uí
Action Details:
The following explains each action and how to perform it. You do not need to read it all to play game. You will need to read it when you want to perform that action.

Hire Bodyguards

To defend yourself against assassination attempts, espionage, and other threats to your life. Increases chances of surviving attempts at your life and foiling espionage plans on you.
5g per bodyguard and will remain loyal to you as long as you can pay them and Popular Stability is not murderous. (This applies to Bodyguards and Mercenaries Group)
How to:
Once the bodyguard group appears , to hire bodyguards, you need to PM saying you want to hire them and how much you will pay. Then, they will automatically protect you. However, before that group exists, you must find ways to get people to protect you. Will you use the warriors, or will you scout for people among the tribe whom you can trust and will defend you? What will you offer in return? (For more details see Recruits)

Hiring Assassins

To eliminate political enemies or other assassins. (Politicians and Civilians alike)
100g per contract and everyone will know it was an assassination. First Package
200g per contract and everyone will think it was a natural death. Second Package

How to:
Send me a PM saying you want to hire assassins with the following information:
  • Target(s)
  • Assassin's Group being hired
  • Payment
  • Specification of package wanted
NOTE: The same goes to the assassins. Their group will not exist at the beginning of the game. If you want to assassinate that early in the game, you must do it, or you must find someone to do it for you. Second Package kills are not available until the classical era.

NOTE ON SECOND PACKAGE KILLS: If you order a Second Package kill on a person who is participating in a big event that turn before the kill order was sent, the kill wont occur until the next turn. Reason: It takes more time and effort to slip the poison to the target, and since it is unpredictable what the target will do, more planning and preparation is required.
Political Coups

To remove a politician who occupies a major position of power: ex: leader of a group, leader of entire civilization, leader of a creed, party or clan, governor of a city, or a person with 50% or more local or national influence. Here, politicians only can participate.
None for coup. 7 Gold for having message of coup distributed anonymously.
How to:
First, all participants of the coup must be in the same city and location of where the coup will occur.
To start a coup, one politician must PM me saying you want to start a coup, where when and against who. Then, his supporters will PM me saying they will support the coup. This means that you will have to deal with telling the others of the coup, risking the chances of them not supporting you and being betrayed.
For this reason, there is a second way to start a coup. You can pay 7 gold to have the message distributed to other politicians by me sending them an anonymous letter of a possible political coup, and those who want to join must PM me back. Then the leader of the political coup shall be PMed telling him who is supporting the coup. The leader will then decide if he wants to go forward with the coup or not.
If the leader goes forward the coup happens.
If not, the other members will be notified that the leader backed out and the number of people supporting the coup. They will also be asked if they still want to execute the coup. Whoever says no will also just back out and supporters of coup will proceed with the coup. The supporter with the most influence will be named leader of the coup.
If the coup succeeds, power will fall on the coup participators, with the leader of coup holding the reins. The defeated will be handled as the coup wishes.
If the coup fails, coup participators will be exposed and captured. They will be dealt with as the opposition of coup wish.
(Possible punishments include: execution, imprisonment, or banishment)

Leader of the coup must also PM me the plan of the coup, detailing what they are going to do and how they are going to gain and keep power.

Military Coups

Same as Politician coups except that in a military coup, only a politician with a military position, like a minister of war, secretary of defense, general, or some similar position with military influence can start one. Usually, these coups are done without other politician’s support.
None. 7 Gold for having message of coup distributed anonymously.
How to:
To start a military coup, and if you are able to, you just have to send me a message telling me to start the coup where, when (what turn) and against who. Normally, military coups are done against people with great power, like the leader of the nation. If you are involving politicians, it is exactly like a Politician Coup.
Differences to Politician Coups:
If coup succeeds, the leader will have absolute power in what he just took power in. He can do whatever he wants with politicians in the city he is in. However, as more politicians are hurt, the more negative impact it has on popular stability. Rule in that city then becomes a dictatorship until the leader of coup ever decides to stabilize government.

To know what is going on behind closed doors or what your enemy is up to. To be on look out for opposition. To get information on other players.
There are five packages with different purposes:
First Package: spy on the social group page, where you will receive some discussion that happened in the target's social group page. Cost: 50g.
Second package: To spy on a player's stats where you will receive detailed stats of that person’s income, money in account, popularity, power status, local and national influence level, membership to any organization, etc. Cost: 180g.
Third Package: intercept letters, where you will receive information of any action that the player is planning, or about to do, or did in last turn. Cost: 230g
Fourth Package: to steal money from target. It costs 200g and they will steal a random number of gold above 350.
Fifth Package: you hire an informant that infiltrates any organization you want, and it will inform you for ten turns. Cost: 500g
How to:
To hire a spy, you must PM me with the following information:
  • Target
  • Spy group being hired
  • Package wanted
  • Payment
You can spy on several targets at a time, for each target you need the previous information.
Counter: Body Guards. Counter espionage and see if they are spying on you.

NOTE: The same goes to the espionage missions, which are done by the same group as the assassins. Their group will not exist at the beginning of the game. If you want to spy that early in the game, you must do it, or you must find someone to do it for you. Third Package missions before writing is researched will only give you what that player did that turn.

Hire Agitators

When you need to agitate things to make people rebel, or when you need to make a politician look bad, you can always hire people to turn peaceful protests into something more.
Agitators costs depend on how much impact you want to make on the popular stability. You can pay 1 gold for a very little impact, or 200 for a huge impact. (200 is the maximum)
How to:
PM saying you want to hire agitators and payment.
Unless you are spied on in the modern age, it is very hard to prove that someone hired agitators. However, if it is found, you will highly decrease in popularity. (If you are spied on before the modern age, follow Frame a Politician action rules to try to prove that someone used agitators).


Sometimes you may need to convince people to do something, and sometimes the only option is money. You can bribe any person, even AI.
How to:
To bribe a player, you must PM that person, and when both agree, both must send me a message telling me how much money will be transferred and from who to who. The person bribing must be careful, since the person you are trying to bribe may denounce you, and then there would be a battle of words and credibility (Frame a Politician rules).
To bribe an AI player, just PM me as if you were trying to convince a real person. You will risk chances with that person, since that AI would be using the dice system to see if they accept or not. It is not random or pure luck, your PM influences the probability of the bribe working.
Espionage can see if a player is involved in corruption. If someone is found guilty of corruption, their popularity will highly decrease.
Imprison Politicians

Normally happens when a politician is found guilty of committing a crime (coup, assassination, espionage, illegal business, corruption) or when a politician is framed of committing a crime.
When a politician is imprisoned, he:
  • looses his government position and goes back to the civilian pool of players.
  • He is in jail, so he will not gain any money from jobs.
  • Tile given to you by government will be taken away.
  • You can not give any speeches to the population
  • You may be visited by any one person (politician or civilian) at a time, unless government specifies against this.
  • Your position in government will be replaced by a new politician.
  • Government will decide what happens to your companies and what you own
Imprisoned politician can still however control any group he created or is leader of, and will gain money (if applicable) from the group.
Spoiler :
Governments may freeze your money accounts if in a bank, thus disabling money transactions.

The way you get out of prison depends on the government laws and punishments. If law permits, politician can pay a certain amount of money specified by law to be free civilian. You can wait your sentence in prison. Amount of time can sometimes be until death, so you can either hope a revolution happens and you are liberated by people who support you and took control of city, or you can bribe an official that can let you out, or if popular pressure on government is too much and they must let you free to keep civilians at bay. Any group you created, or other people's, can try to break you out. If you do escape, you will become an outlaw and must stay hidden in your group’s headquarter.

A person in jail can still be assassinated. They can also naturally die in jail.

Frame Politicians

Sometimes, a politician may have so much popularity and power, that you need to ruin their popularity to either remove them as threats or stop them from becoming untouchable.
How to:
To frame a politician, you have to post on the main thread denouncing/accusing a politician of something. I will read the post and calculate a popularity change to target. Then I will read other responses, and calculate their impact on target. After this, a credibility stat will grow for both the accuser and the target. Those who have more local influence and more popularity will have more credibility. Also, those who have good reputation will have higher credibility then those who have infamous reputation. Supporters on both sides can help by posting their responses in favor or against either politician.
Whoever has the most local credibility at the end of two days will be the winner of this credibility battle. Winner will result slightly negatively affected locally if anything, and the looser will be negatively affected locally. Supporters of loosing politician are also negatively affected. Supporters of winner gain popularity.
The effect on popularity will depend on crime committed. There can also be popular stability consequences. The effect on popularity of accuser if he lost is negative, and as the politician accused has more popularity, the negative effect will increase. If he won, he will slightly gain popularity.
Credibility Help:
If you can show evidence, you will get more argument bonus. If in modern, digital era, videos and photos taken by spy or reporters can be used.

Frame Elections

Win elections, if there even is elections in government.
How to:
To frame elections, you must hire the fourth package of espionage. (See Espionage: Fourth Package)
Create Propaganda

When you need to sway people’s support to an idea, law, war or to change popular stability or popularity of something, you can create Propaganda.
How to:
To do this, you must PM me with the following information:
  • Tiles you will be distributing this
  • What you want it to cause
  • Payment
  • Name of Propaganda
After you have sent me the message, you must post in the main thread a post with the propaganda’s name as the title. In the post you will tell what you want to promote. You may also PM me the propaganda and I will post it, avoiding you and your ideas being exposed to enemies.
Propaganda can be fought with counter propaganda, or by groups destroying the propaganda. Counter propaganda is done exactly the same as propaganda.
For groups to take down propaganda, they have to have a presence in that tile. To order your group to do this, you must PM me saying you want to take down the propaganda and specifying which one by saying the name. To have orders ready, leader should tell me what to do with propaganda before hand. (See queuing actions).

Create/Reform Laws

This will depend almost entirely on how the government you created is, which will address how laws will be made and by who. When a law is made or reformed, it will happen when the politician with the power calls for an assembly, and all law making politicians will gather and discuss on the vote, and follow the procedures of government.


Create a new nation with your own rules, policies and sovereignty.
How to:
To secede, leader of the city must PM saying you want to break away from the empire. After I reply, you can post on the main thread announcing your break away from the empire. Many different things will then happen. First, politicians will have to decide if they support this or not. A smart thing would be to first contact the politicians, anonymously or not (anonymously is PM me first, then I will PM who you tell me with your message, but they wont know who it is.) and see who they support. When you announce it, the politicians supporting you will post their support in the main thread. Those opposing you can declare it, or take an action to stop this. Be careful when opposing, because the leader seceding may take you out. Then, the population of the city will have to decide who they support. Civilians can openly declare their support, or they can oppose it. The rest of the population and the military will then decide. The government will then have to respond with some action to the reaction of the population.

If government manages to remove any threat of the opposition, or control them, or there isn’t any, government has managed to pass through the first stage of secession. Now, they have to deal with the government they are trying to secede from. This will depend on how they react. They might let you secede, they might send troops, they might try to assassinate leader of city, they might do anything. However they react, leader of secession must decide how to fight back.
If government falls to opposition, it will depend on what kind of opposition. If government fell, it is most likely do to armed revolts. If this happens, politicians supporting secession will suffer consequences. If government fell, national government must now come in and take control of situation. Secession does not occur.

If you manage secession, through negotiations or force, you will make your own nation. You will make your own government, own laws, and will be separate from mother nation. This new nation will have its own name, own money, own army, own population, own popular stability and own resources. You will share technology, however.
Leader of this new nation immediately gains more influence in all aspects, more popularity and more money.
Hire Security Forces

To specifically combat crime in a city. Each city can only hire as much as the gold it produces. Multiply the # of gold it produces by 2 and this will be the percentage that will be reduced to crime rates.
Gold income * 2 = % reduction to crime rate. Anyone in the city can help to pay for more security forces by paying from their money. This would be an expense every turn, but it will give them a boost in popularity.
How to:
To hire Security Forces, the leader of the city just has to announce it in the main thread. If any player wants to hire extra Security Forces, they must announce it in the main thread and post or PM me the money they will be paying every turn.

Spoiler :
For those who wish to become more powerful with an iron fist, there is a way to use the security forces as police terror to keep citizens at bay. If you wish to do this, PM and I'll tell you how

Government Crackdowns

Keep the people at bay, put down protests and other popular oppositions
How to:
Any leader with authority over the military can issue the order. To do so, PM me with the following information:
  • Army Unit ordered
  • To what protest/event
This will cause a drop in popularity to who ordered the issue. Maximum leader's popularity will also go down even if he did not give the order, unless he punishes the ones responsible. Popular Stability will go to an unstable but controllable level immediately. This means any disturbance can cause the people to become more unstable and easily swayed for a revolution.
Create Groups, Clans, Parties, Creeds

Assassin Groups

At a point in the game, there will be one assassin group not owned by any politician or civilian. It is actually ran by an AI civilian, and they will always just make contracts, never take initiative by themselves. However, a politician or civilian can create an Assassin group. It can be used for personal use or for profit.
How to:
  • You must PM me with the following information:
  • Name of the group
  • Where you are setting the group's headquarters (City; Tile; District [if available]; building)
  • Vision of group. Its purpose and mission. (This can sometimes bring assassins to your group to work for free)
  • Kind of group: Private or Public
  • If public, you must set the costs for assassinations.
Then you would need to recruit units and make them assassins. To recruit, take the Recruiting Movement. See Recruits for more details.

Guerrilla Groups

Sometimes, the people themselves will strongly oppose a decision, a government, or a leader. You can take advantage of this in many ways. If you oppose the same things, one of the actions you can do is to crate a guerrilla group. You will finance them, arm them, and privately support their cause. (Guerrillas can form without anyone forming them when popular stability reaches a certain negative effect.)
How to:
To create a guerrilla group, you must PM me with the following information:
  • Payment
  • Name of Guerrilla Group
  • Headquarters location (City; Tile; District [if available] ; building)
  • Private Support or Open support
  • Cause of guerrilla

If private support, you must look for a person to lead and recruit people for the guerrilla group. Only this person would know you are financing this. If open support, then you may rally up the masses and recruit people into the group.
This is really up to you. Will you hire a man to lead this militia? How much will the militiamen be payed? How much are you willing to pay to arm these men? See The Guide and the Recruits section for more details.
Spoiler :
If the guerrilla already exists but you want to support it, you do not have to pay the leader, or recruits. You may just finance the group and help it out in other ways.

A guerrilla group will begin their operations by taking control of the tile where they chose their headquarters. They would have to fight a military unit there. (If none, guerrilla wins). If guerrilla wins without a fight, they are completely hidden from government. If they had to fight, then government only knows what tile they are in, but they still have to find them within that tile.
If they lost, then depending on how bad they lost will tell how many died, and if leader survived to tell government who supported them.
Operations can happen in three different types of terrains: Rural, Suburban and Urban. Rural being the easiest places to succeed, and urban being the most difficult. Rural is a tile with a farm, workshop, or no improvement. Suburban is a tile with Trading posts, or a tile adjacent to a city. Urban is a tile with a city.
The types of Operations a guerrilla can do is:
  • Take down Propaganda.
  • Terrorism
  • Harass military units
  • Sabotage improvements
  • Block roads
  • Kidnap politicians or important civilians
  • Actions that would create pressure on politicians
To do these, just give orders by PM to me and they will be done. You can also queue orders (see queue orders)

Terrorist Groups

How to:
To create, you must PM me with the following information:
  • Cause
  • Location of headquarters
Terrorist groups are specific groups of small number of people (Not masses of people like guerrilla groups) who only do terrorist acts. A terrorist group can turn into a guerrilla group if they have enough people and power. To recruit people into the group you must talk to players and AI, and take walks around the city, scouting for possible recruits. (Recruiting Movement)

Ideal groups

These groups are just ways to get players who think like you to come together in a way. To create one, PM me with the following information:
  • Name of group/creed/clan/party/brotherhood
  • Main ideals
Then you can announce this new group in the main thread and offer anyone who agrees with your ideals to join you.

Remember, any Social Group pertaining to this game must have me invited.

A punishment to politicians and civilians who have committed a crime.
How to:
This all depends on the laws your government creates. A banished person will not live in city or empire (depending on what he is exiled from) and can not return lawfully.

Send Missionaries

Spread the nation's religion to cities with in the empire, or to other empires.
How to:
Once there is an organized religion, leaders of the religion can send missionaries to spread the religion. For this, the leaders will have to pay faith from the accumulated faith in the empire.
  • Payment
  • Destination(s) (one missionary can go to three different locations during his lifetime)

Minor Faiths
Want to create your own religion? Once we adopt a Pantheon, you may begin prieching your beliefs, deities, and ideals. Just send me your faith's "manifesto" and the ideas will begin to spread. If you want your faith to spread faster, you may send a missionary for 20g with the information above.

Aid insurgents or Governments

Help a government/insurgent win a war and have them in your favor.
How to:
This will also depend on how you create your government, but the main thing is:
If you are aiding a government, it will be carried out by just gifting gold through regular in-game diplomacy.
If you are aiding insurgents, it will be the the same as aiding a government except the money giving will be used to immediately buy a military unit that will fight the government and enemies.

Create Agreements with Foreign Leaders

Besides the regular in-game agreements, using hot seat and controlling other civs will allow for different types of agreements resolving issues created by this game and other things.
How to:
This also depends on the government you create. However, when foreign leaders meet, leaders will actually be moving locations (see movements). When a foreign leader contacts us, he comes to our city. When our leader contacts a foreign leader, our leader moves to the other leader's city no matter how far apart the cities are.

Create Protests

Oppose a decision and create pressure to change it.
How to:
Anyone can create protests. To start one, you must PM me with the following information:
  • Cause of protest
  • location of protest
  • Operation of protest
When you protest, these are the following things you can do to create pressure:
  • March through the streets- people who agree with you will come to the streets and walk with banners. Gets your ideas out to the world, very little pressure is created, but the more people join you, the more pressure you create.
  • Road blocking- people who agree with you will join you with banners and will block roads. You get your ideas out to the world, more pressure is created since no unit will be able to pass through. More pressure is created
  • Strike- people who have bad working conditions will stop working. That Tile's improvement will stop producing anything. A lot of pressure is created
  • Hunger strikes- people who agree with you will join you and not eat until you get what you want. Creates a lot of media attention and pressure on government.
Strikes and Road blocking cause people affected to oppose you, decreasing popularity among supporters of the protest. Having low popular stability can cause your protests to turn violent.

Create terror among the people and pressure on government.
How to:
To do a terrorist act, you must PM me with the following information:
  • Cause
  • Location
  • Executioner (You, a group of people hired, a terrorist group)
  • Payment (required if you alone are not the executioner)
  • Operation and target(s)
These are the types of terrorists acts you can do:
  • Ethnic Attacks- you murder a civilian (or a group if executioner is many) and you put them as display and example, warning they are not wanted, or that this will continue if there is no change
  • Assassination- (see assassination) Target, if killed, is displayed as an example to create fear.
  • Kidnapping- you kidnap a civilian (or a group if executioner is many) and warn that they wont stop unless you get what you want.
  • Sabotage- you destroy an improvement or road in a tile, and warn this will continue if you don't get what you want
  • Bomb Attack- you blow up a bomb in a place specified in location, killing civilians. Only available when tech gunpowder is researched. Must pay 250 Gold to kill 100 civilians Special: Suicide bomber: you don't have to pay person committing suicide, kills 25 and has more chances of success then a regular bomb attack.
  • Chemical weapon- you release a chemical weapon, killing civilians and decreasing food production. Must pay 500g to kill 1000 civilians.
  • Nuclear attack- very rare and usually only happens with terrorists attacking other countries. 10000g for a nuclear weapon.
For all terrorist acts, they will have to defeat security forces, body guards and/or military units to achieve their goal. The operations are listed from least impact to most impact on population and from chances of success to least.


Punish a country economically and create pressure for that country to change.
How to:
To issue the order, it depends on the government you created to see who can and when. But however you decide it can be done, you can either post on the main thread or PM me saying:
  • Target of boycott (what cities)
  • Reason why
The effect it has depends on the foreign leader's AI decision.

Reporters and Investigation

To investigate about a person or issue and show the world what really is happening behind closed doors without breaking the law using espionage. This method it is more difficult to get the information and some information may not be found.
How to:
There are two ways you can do this:
  • Hire a reporter
  • Investigate yourself (this would be considered a movement)

Hire a reporter
A reporter costs 20g and you would have to trust him to do a good job, and get the information you want. There exists a possibility that the reporter gives you false information or gives you information you were not looking for. If you are in the modern era, pictures and video can be taken by paying 10 more gold.

Investigate yourself
the way you can investigate yourself is by doing movements (explained below). You must talk to people, go places, and obtain information through documents and speculation. In the modern era, you may take pictures and video.

To counter reporters and nosy players, you can create diversions and false information to mislead them. This would mean creating documents with false information, telling people wrong rumors, and framing politicians to divert the attention. You can also take an illegal path and assassinate them.
Queue Actions and Orders

To be ready and do an action or order when a certain thing happens.
How to:

Queue actions

Queuing actions doesn't necessarily mean giving a lot of action orders in a way you would queue production orders. Queuing orders means having a stand by order ready for when and event occurs and you cant order it right away. By doing this your action would happen before anyone else (if someone's queued order also triggers, the most powerful person's order happens first)
To queue and action:
You must PM me with the following format:

Trigger action and details if: circumstance
or if circumstance
or if circumstance
or if circumstance then do action and details

For example:
Trigger Assassination, on Player 1, hiring Assassin group, 200 Gold, Second package if: he becomes supreme general of the Royal division
or if he becomes leader of capital then trigger assassination, on Player 1, hiring Assassin group, 100 Gold, First package.

Queue orders

Military units must have queued orders when they move or attack to become more useful. When needed I will specifically ask for this information. Normally, they would be things like terrain preferences, direction of travel, what to do with certain enemy units, when to attack, etc.
Governments and Politics – The Guide
Good things come to those who read

As you all know, knowledge is power. This guide is meant to provide extra knowledge on certain aspects of the game to help you make better decisions. These do not have to be read whatsoever to play the game. It does, however, provide meaningful insight, causes, effects, and hints to many parts of Governments and Politics. Use this as you will...

Ideals and their Effects

Ideals are affected by many things in-game. One of them is Social Policies. For example, Tradition increases nationalism and ethnic ideals, Liberty increases Freedoms, Piety increases religion, Honor increases nationalism, Patronage increases Freedoms and ethnic ideals, Commerce increases ethnic ideal and Capitalism, Autocracy increases nationalism Rationalism decreases religion, Freedom increases freedoms, Order increases Communism.
Certain buildings and technologies also affect certain Ideals.
In piety, if you have freedom of religion, it decreases Religion ideals.

Each ideal will have an effect of its own:

Nationalism: Makes people feel very proud of their country. The problems come when other ethnic groups in your country have more nationalism. They will want to become independent of you. Nationalism also increases the support for a war. This will make people feel revengeful against civs that have done something against them. People will support wars against civs who have wronged us and oppose their ideals radically.

Religion: As this grows, this makes your people be more religious. It will begin to influence people’s support for issues, and as it increases, intolerance of other religions increases.

Freedoms: this will make people value their rights and freedoms a lot. Decisions limiting their freedoms will be unpopular among people with high freedom ideals. People will also oppose countries where freedoms are limited.

Ethnic Ideals: This will make people intolerant to other ethnic groups.

Capitalism: This will make people want to have private businesses and free markets all over the world. Citizen specialization will be unpopular among high Capitalist people. It will also make people oppose communism.

Communism: This will make people want to have equality. Popular stability will decrease if there is a huge difference between literate and illiterate people. It will also make people oppose rich citizens (civilians and politicians alike).

Each level of intensity of an ideal will cause people to react and certain actions:

0: Careless: This ideal has no effect on population.
1: Indifferent: This ideal has been born among this population. Still not enough to have any effect. Can’t go back to zero.
2: Minority: This ideal is growing, but it is in few people’s minds. May influence how people support an issue (10%).
3: Considered: The ideal level for an ideal. May influence how people support an issue. (20%)
4: Weak: This ideal is still weak, but it is gaining strength. May influence (30%)how people support an issue.
5: Important: This ideal is now important among this population. Very slim chances of protests (20%) and strikes (10%). People are still peaceful about their ideals.
6: Influential: This ideal begins to begin to influence people. Slim chances of protests (30%) strikes (20%) and boycotts (10%).
7: Strong: This ideal is powerful among the population. Small chances of protests (40%), strikes (30%), boycotts (20%). Very slim chances of terrorist acts (20%) and riots (30%).
8: Powerful: People are passionate about their believes. This ideal has become powerful. Big chances of protests (60%), strikes (50%), boycotts (30%), and attacks on politicians (30%). Small chances of terrorist acts (40%), assassinations (10%), riots (50%).
9: Ardent: This ideal is ardent, burning, in people. They are very passionate about what they believe, and may sometimes even take violent actions. Great chances of riots (60%), strikes (40%), assassinations (40%), and terrorists (60%)
10: Extremist: This ideal makes people do take radical actions, mostly violent actions towards people opposing their beliefs. High chance of terrorist attacks (70%)against enemies, Assassination attempts (60%), revolutions,(20%) and guerrillas (30%).

Groups supporting ideal causes may form at level 7 (20%) and increase by 10% ever level.
The Rise of the Groups:

The following is when each group is formed and can be contacted:

The Bodyguards and Mercenaries Guild - Guilds researched
The Assassins - Philosophy researched
Courtiers and Messenger of X - Writing researched
Investigator's Guild of X - Writing researched

Coups, Range of Power, and the Diffusion of News:

News are diffused the following way in each era:
  • Ancient Era: News are restrained to the city and first ring. News diffuse four squares out per turn
  • Classical Era: News are restrained to the city and first ring. Next turn, news travel through roads to the next city connected News diffuse four squares out per turn.
  • Medieval Era-Industrial Era: News reach that city and all its tiles and cities directly connected by road. Next turn, news travel through roads to the next city connected News diffuse four squares out per turn
  • Radio: News reach that city and all its tiles and cities directly connected by road. News also reach cities with broadcast towers. Next turn, news travel through roads to the next city connected News diffuse four squares out per turn
  • Mass Media: All cities in empire not blocked by water will learn of news instantly. Next turn news reach cities connected by harbors. News diffuse four squares out per turn and through roads to the next city connected.
  • Computers: No matter where the city in the empire is, news will reach it. News diffuse four squares out per turn and through roads to the next city connected. News reach next turn to cities with this technology in other nations.
  • Globalization: News will travel the world instantly to every nation.

Note to cities separated by large bodies of water: News will not reach them until next turn if connected by a harbor. If not, then they must wait for natural four square diffusion.

Coup Example: If a coup succeeds in Medieval Era: All cities directly connected to location of coup receive the report of the coup and come under direct control of leader of coup. Leader of coup, now dictator, also decides what happens to politicians in those cities. Remember, though, that the more punishment of politicians, the more the negative effect on popular stability there is. In the next turn of coup, all cities outside dictator’s reach and connected by road receive news of coup, and finally come under dictator's influence. Cities connected only by harbor will also receive news of coup that turn, so their popular stability is not affected until they receive news.
Spoiler :
TIP:getting supporters on cities outside of your initial reach is key to maintaining power in all nation
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