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Happy birthday Igloodude!

Happy Happy Birthday!

New Hampshire or Bust!
I was thinking about this yesterday, and I even told Raisin Bran to start it if I didn't, and for all my effort, we still forgot and left it late. :wallbash:

Happy Birthday!! :D

And have a :borg: for your special needs, since the forum lacks a :hypno: smiley or anything of the sort.
Happy birthday ID!

Question: If Igloos are cold, why do you make me so hot? :groucho:
I also say happy birthday to:

Supa, skylined, DJMGator13, Hornblower, jiml_63, Jimcat, lockstep, eyrei, Terjon, cesar , Mriswith , Pirate , Weigraas , Eran of Arcadia , emu , eriq2 , Pointlessness, Arachnaphobia, Ffinlo moore, Illini Rule, Osama McDonald!
Is today Moderator Day or smthing ?
Happy birthday! :cool:
Happy birthday Igloo! Enjoy your day of being special, along with everybody else. :)
Happy Birthday IglooDude!! :banana: :banana: :banana: :bday:
Joyeux anniversaire, gars de l'igloo.
Happy birthday Igloo! :bday: [party] :dance: :banana: :splat:
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