Harv's Civ6 Tour of Historical Learders - Current Game 7 - Pointy Hat Scythian Horse Lords


Dec 16, 2008
Spoiler :

The Dark Ancient Ages - Turn 1 to Turn 51 - 2000BC

I was having so much fun with the start, I wanted to see if I could optimize it or just make it worse. A few days ago I learned that all we really had to do to manage Gilgamesh was simply add him as a friend. Then I also learned that he is either a friend or an enemy and there is no in between.

We founded our capital city in the exact same place. Some production might be nice. We are on a river with Citrus. We can grow to Size 6 with no happiness issue.

T11 3600BC - Slinger 35h
T17 3360BC - Slinger 35h
T24 3080BC - Warrior 40h
T30 2840BC - Warrior 40h
T35 2640BC - Warrior 40h
T44 2280BC - Spearman 65h
T45 2240BC - Warrior 40h
T48 2120BC - Scout 30h
T50 2040BC - Scout 30h

T11 3600BC - Animal Husbandry 25s
T22 3240BC - Archery 30s/50
T26 3000BC - Mining 25s
T37 2560BC - Bronze Working 42/80s

T15 3440BC - Code of Laws 20c
T40 2440BC - Foreign Trade 40c

Major events:
T20 We sacked a Barbarian Camp and joined the Sanguine Pact - very similar to before.
It works every time.
Spoiler :


T25 We triggered a Gilgamesh early war by not adding him as a friend.
Spoiler :


T33 Here is the start of a Barbarian Invasion.
Spoiler :


T40 We chose the Lady of Reeds and Marshes for the immediate benefit. Contact with Perry.
Spoiler :


T48 Somebody already build Etemenanki
T49 Captured Uruk

Spoiler :


Body Count:
1 - T21 Slinger killed Barbarian Spearman
2 - T23 Vampire killed Barbarian Scout 1 Pint
3 - T27 Archer killed Sumerian Warrior 1+1 Pints
4 - T29 Archer killed Sumerian War Cart 2+1 Pints
5 - T30 Warrior killed Sumerian Warrior 3+1 Pints
6 - T31 Archer killed Sumerian Warrior 4+1 Pints
7 - T33 Archer killed Sumerian Warrior
8 - T35 Warrior killed Barbarian Horseman 4+2 Pints
9 - T35 Archer killed Barbarian Horse Archer 4+3 Pints
10 - T37 Archer killed Barbarian Horseman 4+4 Pints
11 - T38 Archer killed Sumerian War Cart 5+4 Pints
12 - T44 Warrior killed Sumerian Warrior
13 - T46 Archer killed Sumerian Warrior 6+4 Pints

Game is at T51 and we are entering a Dark Age and at war with the Sumerians.


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Dec 16, 2008
Spoiler :

Turns 51 to 70 1240BC

If we entered the Classical Era in a Dark Age and have still not discovered Writing, then we might do well to present our story from the perspective of another civilization, If we are at war with them, then they are unlikely to say nice things about us and we do not have our side of the story to tell. The Huns did not have a written language and I understand our only source is from the Romans. Similarly, the Sumerians had their nomadic enemies who had no knowledge of writing and they had choice words for these people. I think these were the Amorites and the Elamites and we are geographically closer to the Elamites. The Sumerians got displaced by.... the Babylonians, then the Assyrians. The Elamites were wiped out by the Assyrians and this left a power vacuum that got filled by the Medes, who came back and destroyed the Assyrians. The Medes were then displaced by the Persians. I should look up more of this history.

T54 Pottery 20/25s
T60 Masonry 38.4/80 - We might have done better with Irrigation but it might not matter.
T63 Irrigation 24/50s
T66 Writing 24/50s

T52 Early Empire 33.6/70c - It is possible we overfilled and overflowed on this one.
T57 Mysticism 24/50c
T64 State Work Force 33.6/70c
T67 Military Tradition 24/50c
T70 Political Philosophy - Don't remember cost, but we got it for 60%.

T51 2000BC - The obvious Dark Age Dedication is Free Inquiry. We are even missing half the Eureka from the Ancient Era. A slingshot into a Heroic Age should be easy to pull off.
For 60gp, we set up an Encampment for Pasargadae and with our pathetic tech level, it only costs 78h to complete.
T52 1960BC - We pillaged a mine for 72g and invested 200g in a Builder. We hired Mags to Pasargadae.
Kish got walls up in a hurry and left our invading Warrior with a single hit point. One hit point is all we need!
T53 1920BC - Quarry built in Pasargadae and that triggered a Eureka for Masonry. 11/20 Era.
T54 1880BC - 54h got us a Trader and a route to Uruk yielding 1f1h2g1c. Eureka Currency. 12/20 Era.
Spoiler :


Eridu is now under siege and we knocked it down to 128hp. Built a flood plain farm in Pasargadae for another tile yielding 3f2h.
T55 1840BC - Warrior L1 Battlecry. Eridu is down to 75hp.
Contact with Singapore and 1 Envoy.
T56 1800BC - Eridu captured.
Spoiler :


T57 1760BC - Rice farm in Pasargadae. Inspiration Craftsmanship. Eureka Irrigation. 13/20 Era.
We captured a Barbarian Settler with our Scout!
Spoiler :


Contact with the Netherlands and Inca. Delegations sent. 15/20 Era.
T58 1720BC - Archer L3 Suppression. Monument Pasargadae. We found a Barbarian Camp causing some trouble in the southwest.
T60 1640BC - 86g from pillaging a freshly restored Ziggurat. Spearman L1 Echelon. Horse Archer incoming from the southwest.
We founded Zranka and it appears this will supply us with some much needed resources.
Spoiler :

T61 1600BC - 86g from a pillaged mine. Uruk Monument.
Our Scout captured a Builder from the Sumerians and we obtained two free builds. We also invested 215g to get a builder in Zranks.
Elsewhere in the world, the Greeks and Maori are at war.
T63 1520BC - Encampment complete in Pasargadae. Inspiration State Work Force and Military Training.
T64 1480BC - Amber Mine in Zranka. Eureka The Wheel. 16/20 Era.
Mags promoted to Provision. We hired him 12 Turns ago and so far he has done nothing for us.
Perry paid us a visit and 2gpt for permission for his Scout to roam our empire freely. We need the charity.
T65 1440BC - Archer L3 Suppression. Scout L1 Ranger.
T66 1400BC - Our Warrior killed a Barbarian Spearman and sacked a Camp. 19/20 Era.
Spoiler :

T67 1360BC - We got some luck and the Inspiration for Games and Recreation from a Village. We were nowhere close to getting Construction technology.
Zranka Iron Mine. Eureka Iron Working. Pasargadae Granary. 20/20 Era.
Uruk Citrus Plantation. Citrus to Pacha for 14gpt.
Policy changed to Discipline and Colonization.
Contact with Simon Bolivar. Delegation sent the next turn. 21/34 Era.
T68 1320BC - There was a moderate flood and that damaged our Flood Plain Farm. It's one food and it can wait.
T69 1280BC - Citrus Plantation Uruk. Citrus to Simon for 14gpt.
Iron Working got us to 22/34 Era.
Contact with Ngazarsamu and Inspiration for Political Philosophy.

This takes us to T70 1240BC - Settler in Pasargadae 80h. With Colonization we probably got it for a substantial discount. Here is our situation.
Political Philosophy got us to 23/34 Era.
Spoiler :

Body Count:
14 - T57 Scout killed Barbarian Slinger
15 - T59 Archer killed Sumerian War Cart
16 - T63 Vampire killed Barbarian Horse archer 6+5 Pints
17 - T64 Archer killed Sumerian War Cart
18 - T66 Warrior killed Barbarian Spearman 6+6 Pints
19 - T66 Archer killed Sumerian War Cart
20 - T67 Scout killed Barbarian Slinger

Our efficiency was a disaster this round. Our Vampire was simply on the wrong front. We killed 3 Sumerian War Carts. As the game gets longer, the War Carts will get less dangerous.


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Dec 16, 2008
Spoiler :

Turn 70 to 91 - Slingshot to the Heroic Age

T75 Currency 72/120
T78 The Wheel 38.4/80
T81 Sailing 24/50
T83 Engineering 120/200
T87 Astrology 24/50
T88 Horseback Riding 72/120
T91 Construction 76.8/160 - and we probably had a bit of overflow

T75 Games and Recreation 66/110 - and we probably did too much overflow
T80 Military Training 72/120
T84 Defensive Tactics 105/175

T70 1240BC - For government, we went with Oligarchy, Discipline, Conscription, Urban Planning, and Colonization. Hindsight says we should have stuck with Colonization for a much longer time. We got greedy, as always. We built another Citrus plantation and sold it to Perry for 4g plus 12gpt.
T71 1200BC - 220g bought us a Trader in Zranka. We will build a route to grow the city faster.
T72 1160BC - It's 1f2h2g1c.
Spoiler :


T73 1120BC Uruk built walls. Eureka for Engineering. 65h will eventually get us a Government Plaza, but I do not see much production in Uruk yet. Looking at those hills, we might do well to build more builders some day.
Warrior L1 Battlecry. Eridu and Zranka Monuments.
T74 1080BC 130g upgrades us our first Immortal. 26/34 Era.
Contact with Khmer and delegation sent. Contact with Caguana and envoy sent.
Spoiler :


T75 1040BC An annoying Swordsman appeared to harass Zranga and we have a Warrior on its way to defend it.
For Civics, I think we went with Discipline, Conscription, Urban Planning and Ilkum.
T76 1000BC Founded Hagmatana
Spoiler :


T77 975BC Builder in Pasargadae. An Entertainment Complex will eventually cost 122h.
T78 950BC Citrus Industry in Pasargrad. Citrus to the Netherlands for 47g+8gpt. Our deals are getting less lucrative.
T79 925BC Zranka Builder. Marble Quarry.
T80 900BC We founded Tushpa and invested 80g to get a 3f2h1g oasis tile
For civics, we went with Discipline, Raid, Urban Planning and we played the Isolationism card.
Spoiler :



T81 875BC - 130g bought us another Immortal. Caguana now has 2 Envoys from finishing the quest.
We obtained 91 science from raiding the Sumerian campus. They have been literate a long time ago. We.... only recently.
T82 850BC - Pasargrad Barracks. Uruk Government Plaza. It will be 131h for a commy hub.
Builder Eridu. 130g got us another Immortal. 120g got us Amber on Lak Urmia.
We hired Piggy to Pasargrad. This might be premature, because we had 3 forests we could chop and a bunch of settlers we could build.
Mags will move to Eridu, instead.
T83 825BC - Cop Pasture Pasargrad. We just wanted the Eureka for Horseback Riding. This might be bad planning in the long run as we look for space to put wonders and districts. As the original barbarians, why are we thinking about wonders? Why are we thinking about faith? We grabbed 91 from smashing a quarry.
T84 800BC - Piggy promoted to Researcher because we need to get back into the Science game.
Contact with Nan Madal. We sent them 1 Envoy and we sent Jerusalem 1 Envoy. We might as well get a bit of faith income as well.
Amber Industry in Zranka for what it's worth. I have no idea where we might try to build up faith income.
For civics, we went with Discipline, Conscription, Urban Planning, and Isolationism.
Simon bought our Amber for 230g+2gpt.

T85 775BC Walls Zranka. Spice Plantation. 85g bought us a space to build another commy hub. 85g for a science center in Zranka
A hut got us a Eureka in Astrology. We might well be on the biggest continent and is it my imagination or does it have no natural wonders?
T86 750BC Pasargrad Water Mill. Eureka Construction.
T87 725BC More real estate investments. 85g for 2f2h tile for Hagmatana. 210g for 3f2h tile for Tushpa.
Simple Eridu to Uruk trade route gets us 4f4h2g1c for a few short turns.
Spoiler :


T88 700BC We promoted 2 Immortals to L2 Commando. Hagmatana has an Iron Mine.
T91 625BC - The Classical Era ends. The Medieval Ends.... right where the Classical Era was supposed to begin.
We are catapulted into a Heroic Age and get to choose 3 dedications. We skipped Religion again, so it might be an easy choice.

We are kind of behind in both Science and Civics. I measure based on the amount of charity we are collecting.
Medieval Era started.
5/8 Science
4/7 Civics
We have 3 of each to catch up

Body Count:
21 - T71 Warrior killed Sumerian Slinger 7+6 pints
22 - T72 Archer killed Sumerian Scout 8+6 pints
23 - T73 Archer killed Sumerian War Cart 9+6 pints
24 - T80 Scout killed Barbarian Swordsman (!!!)
25 - T82 Vampire killed Barbarian Scout 9+7 pints
26 - T85 Immortal killed Sumerian War Cart 10+7 pints
27 - T87 Archer killed Sumerian War Cart 11+7 pints
28 - T90 Vampire killed Sumerian War Cart 12+7 pints
This was a one-shot kill. Maybe we keep the Sumerians alive to farm vampire kills.


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Dec 16, 2008
The lessons from Game 6 I can find so far are:
Preparing for early war in case we spawn right next to an aggressive neighbor.
Apparently Gilgabro accepts all friendship offers when first meeting him.

The next issue I am dealing with is diplomacy. If we take his final city, the entire world condemns us and we will be kicked out of all of the lucrative trade deals. We would have to build up our economy independent of the other empires. The situation seemed winnable, but not optimal.

I will check if the grievances fade away after 30 turns and we are then able to rebuild trade agreements. It might also be better we keep Sumeria alive until we launch a second war and then get condemned.


Dec 16, 2008
It's not like the last start was terrible. However, we were learning the hard way what happens to the bad guys and I just did not like the idea of being out of 100gpt for the entire world condemning us as the bad guys. In this restart, we are partly bad guys and it is only showing up in diplomacy. It is a fun start, but I needed a two week break from the game.

There is, of course, some shameless RNG and save shopping. Part of it is to conserve the original Sanguine Pact start. Part of it is the pursuit of perfection, even if we have some positions that leave us very open to attack.

Part 1A - Turns 1 to 25- 3040BC - The Blood Pact and Road to War

Turn 1 4000BC - We pretended as well as we could to start with no information and moved the Warrior in the only direction he could move a couple of tiles, 1W. Then we moved the Settler to see more space and once again, we found what we thought was the best spot to found a city - an Orange Tile on a River. Then we moved the Warrior and Settler one more time to seal the deal.

Turn 2 3960BC - We founded Pasargadae on the Orange River Tile and started work on establishing Code of Laws, researching Animal Husbandry, and building a Slinger.

T4 3880BC - Moving our Warrior northwards, we discovered a boundary that is the Mediterranean Sea. Quite a few years pass as we aimlessly explore our boundaries.
T10 3640BC - We invested 50g to buy a 2f2h forest tile and get some production into our capital city. At least it has some growth. It is already size 3.
Spoiler :


This is, of course, bad news if we encounter somebody in the next five turns. However, we have some map knowledge and an insane plan for an early ancient war.
T11 3600BC - Sure enough, Gilgamash is right where he always is. We have no money to send a delegation. We spent it all on some undeveloped forest property.
Eureka Writing.

T13 3520BC A Barbarian Camp materialized at 7NW. Also, a Barbarian Scout showed up on our border at 1W2N.
T14 3480BC We are already busted by the Barbarian Scout!
T15 3440BC With Code of Laws, we established our very first government. We went with Discipline for very obvious reasons. We are already busted by the Barbarians. We also have no Scouts and that policy will do no good for us. For economy, we went with God-King. We have no source of Faith and we would like to establish some sort of Pantheon. Basically, we will be investing 25h to get 25g and a Pantheon.
A dust storm made some desert hills tile more farmable.

T19 3280BC Our Slinger got a kill on a Scout and we have Eureka on Archery. It is not a turn too soon!
T21 3200BC Our forces have finally arrived at the Barbarian Encampment and reading from the works of Sargon the Great, we pulled a trick that works every time. We moved a Slinger close enough to the encampment to threaten the Spearman fortified inside and that is enough to come out and play.
The RNG said the best way to achieve our objective and join the Sanguine Pact was to sack the Barbarian Camp right away and that is what our Warrior did. The Slingers then attacked the Spearman, only to be counterattacked at the end of the turn. This was enough to win a promotion and undo the damage - and as a bonus we have a promoted Slinger unit.
Spoiler :



T22 3160BC - Meanwhile on the home front, we have only a single Vampire defender and we are exploring a little bit as the Sumerians gather their forces to take our one and only city and wipe us from the game. They got distracted by a Barbarian Scout which they effortlessly wasted.

T25 3040BC - Apparently a lone Vampire wandering at night is an irresistible target for the Sumerians, even if their primitive civilization has not yet invested Wooden Stake Technology. Still, they were able to waste it, forcing it into gaseous form and escape to a coffin specially prepared in Pasargadae.

The foulest stench is in the air
The funk of forty thousand years
And grizzly ghouls from every tomb
Are closing in to seal your doom

-Michael Jackson's Thriller

Part 1B Turn 38 2520BC - Gilgamesh Meets Ekindu

T26 3000BC - The sudden attack on our Vampire did no real harm to us. The Vampire is effectively immortal. However it did win us an Inspiration for Defensive Tactics for the time we finally develop it. We do have a starting war situation to ponder.
Spoiler :

There is some work cut out for us and we start at it. We start with something that can be killed, which is the Warrior which is already wounded. There is, of course a consequence - and that is the War Cart will counterattack something, which is our Warrior fortified in the Forest. Over the next few turns, we accumulate a body count and a blood count.

T31 2800BC - We beat back the initial wave of Sumerians and caught visibility of a War Cart escorting a Settler. At the sight of our advancing army, they retreated to Uruk. We got visibility of Uruk the following turn.

T34 2680BC - With a Sumerian War Cart and Settler in full retreat, we recklessly advanced on Uruk and put it under siege. As a bonus, the city is left nearly completely defenseless.
Spoiler :


T37 2560BC With no real units to defend it, Uruk fell pretty quickly.
Spoiler :


This is actually one of the fastest times we captured a capital city. I'm not sure this is the best result we can achieve. I played this save quite a few times. Sometimes we got the city and a Settler and a Builder. This time we got the Capital very early.

T38 2520BC - The Sumerians sued for peace and since we already have their capital, we figured it is just easy gold for us. We get 12gpt and Uruk, which has a couple of Orange tiles we can develop and sell to other AI we meet for even more gold.
Spoiler :


Part 1C Turn 51 2000BC - Dark Days are Coming

T40 2440BC - We finally got around to finishing our second civic, Foreign Trade, just in time to found our Pantheon.
For Civics, we shifted to Discipline and Urban Planning. We now have 2 cities to benefit from it and Urban Planning is our gold standard for policy cards.
For Pantheon, once again, we went with Lady of Reeds and Marshes. Apparently she gets a lot of hate from the YouTube experts. However, this looked like a situation where we can pick up some very early and very quick gains.
This also got us the Inspiration for Mysticism.
Spoiler :


Elsewhere in the world, the Netherlands conquered Jerusalem and robbed Sumeria of its vassal.

T41 2400BC - We found another Barbarian Camp and established contact with Perikles.
T44 2280BC - Quarry in Pasargadae and Eureka in Masonry
T44 2280BC - Flood Plain Farm in Pasargadae for a builder charge that does very little for us

T47 2160BC - Trade route established between Pasargadae and Uruk. It generates 1f1h2g1c. It also gets us Eureka for Currency.
Spoiler :


T48 2120BC - We unloaded our final builder charge on a Rice Farm that we are unlikely to use in the near future. However, it does get us an Inspiration in Craftsmanship and Eureka in Irrigation. Our first investment in a builder looks like this:
50h - Builder
16c - Inspiration Craftsmanship
20s - Eureka Irrigation
28.8s - Eureka Masonry
1h/t - Quarry
0.25f/t - Farm
So maybe it's like a free builder if we assume the culture and science are equivalent to the hammers. For yield so far, we did not get much.
We also hired Mags to Pasargadae. He established on T53, but it is unlikely we make use of any of his talents until later. Maybe we will be able to use him to chop out Settlers quickly.

T10 3640BC 60g for 2f2h forest tile
T40 2440BC 60g for 3f2h marsh tile
T40 24440BC 60g for 2f2h flood plain tile
T47 2160BC 60g for Encampment site
T50 2040BC 215g for Builder in Uruk

T11 3600BC Slinger 35h
T17 3360BC Slinger 35h
T24 3080BC Archer 60g
T25 3040BC Archer 60g
T27 2960BC Warrior 40h
T32 2760BC Warrior 40h
T39 2480BC Monument 60h
T44 2280BC Builder 50h
T47 2160BC Trader 46h
T49 2080BC Monument Uruk 60h

T11 3600BC Animal Husbandry 25s
T20 3240BC Archery 30/50s
T26 3000BC Mining 25s
T37 2560BC Pottery 25s
T45 2240BC Writing 30/50s
T47 2160BC Bronze Working 48/80s

T15 3440BC Code of Laws 20c
T40 2440BC Foreign Trade 40c
T48 2120BC Early Empire 42/70c
T49 2080BC Craftsmanship 24/40c

T33 2720BC 63g Ziggurat
T35 2640BC 63g Ziggurat
T37 2560BC 72g Ziggurat

T22 3160BC Slinger L1 Volley
T28 2920BC Archer L1 Volley
T31 2800BC Warrior L1 Battlecry
T36 2600BC Archer L2 Arrow Storm
T50 2040BC Archer L2 Arrow Storm

Religion and World News
T33 2720BC Sumeria established the Earth Goddess Pantheon
T44 2280BC Greeks established the Sacred Path
T47 2160BC Somebody built Etemenanki - This is too bad, because we would have some very powerful marsh and flood plain tiles. However, there was little we could do about it, because we got involved in an early war.

Body Count
1. T19 3280BC Slinger K Barbarian Scout
2. T22 3160BC Warrior K Barbarian Spear
3. T26 3000BC Archer K Sumerian Warrior - 1 Pint
4. T27 2960BC Archer K Sumerian War Cart - 2 Pints
5. T29 2880BC Warrior K Sumerian Slinger - 3 Pints
6. T30 2840BC Warrior K Sumerian Warrior - 4 Pints
7. T31 2800BC Archer K Sumerian Warrior - 5 Pints
8. T38 2520BC Warrior K Sumerian Warrior - 6 Pints
9. T44 2280BC Warrior K Barbarian Horse
10. T49 2080BC Archer K Barbarian Spear - 6+1 Pints
11. T50 2040BC Warrior K Barbarian Scout

T51 2000 BC - The Classical Era started. We deliberately chose to be in a Dark Age and there were quite a few opportunities to prevent that. The reasons we can think of are:
Heroic Age Slingshot
Maybe we manage to use a Dark Age card
Vampires like darkness


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Dec 16, 2008
Part 2A 1000BC - A Quiet Dark Millennium

T51 2000BC
We started the so-called Classical Era in a dark age.
Era Score 10 - A single point short of a normal age and this was a deliberate choice. We figured we could get away with the consequences.
Science 7 of 11 - This means we are collecting charity for 4 Ancient Technologies. It also means we are far behind.
Civics 4 of 7 - This also means we are far behind, collecting charity for 3 Civics.
2 Cities - The benchmark I was given is 3 cities and we are nowhere close to that.
Most likely, this is absolutely inexcusable for Persia.

The consequences of our Dark Age Decisions show up in Uruk. It is losing loyalty and is expected to rebel in 34 Turns, or Turn 85. This is a lot of time to fix our issues and gets us pretty close to light at the end of the Dark Age tunnel. Our first order of business is a dedication.
Spoiler :


This is an easy choice. We will choose Free Inquiry and collect our Era Score by Eureka.

Then again, maybe not. We left off with some troops sitting by a couple of Barbarian Camps and a Tribal Village. It is time for some action.
In the desert east, our Archer unloaded on the warrior defending the camp and the Vampire sucked the rest of his blood and soul. 13 Era Score.
In the tundra south, our Warrior finished off the defending warrior. 15 Era Score
In the southwest, another Warrior explored a Tribal Village and found people willing to join our mighty civilization in Uruk.

We sent a delegation to Perry, then traded our Citrus to him for 201g + 4gpt. This pretty much pays for our Builder and we have two more builder charges effectively free.

T53 1920BC - With State Workforce, it was time for some changes in government policy. We went with Agoge and Urban Planning. We also collected Inspirations for State Workforce, Military Training, and Mercenaries. We got contact with Singapore and Ngazargamu, and a free Envoy in Singapore. We also got two easy quests, build an Archer and build a Galley.

Mags got promoted with Provision, so we should work on some Settlers soon.
T54 1880BC - A walk into another Tribal Village won us an Inspiration for Recorded History. Given that it is unlikely we will build 2 Campuses in time, this is a very nice boost.
Elsewhere in the world, somebody built the Great Bath.
T55 1840BC - Uruk built a Fox Camp. For a few turns, it will no longer be unhappy and our loyalty problems are alleviated for a short while.
T56 1800BC - We established contact with Simon Bolivar and sent a delegation. Suddenly we are playing a little bit nicer. 16 Era Score.
T57 1760BC - Eureka for Machinery as we finished our Archer in Pasargadae. This also obtained for us an Envoy in Ngazargamu and another bonus production towards a Spearman. 17 Era Score. Simon returned the favor and sent a delegation. We are playing nice!

T59 1680BC - We established a Citrus Industry in Pasargadae and sold it to our good buddy Gilgamesh for 53g + 11gpt. He maybe have started a war with us many generations ago, but it it time to bury that grudge. We have no idea where he is getting all this gold from. He is now sending us a grand total of 23gpt. 19 Era Score for finally advancing our Science into the Classical Era.
Elsewhere in the world, it appears Colombia has gone to war with the Netherlands - or maybe the other way around.
T60 1640BC - We established contact with the Netherlands. 20 Era Score. We have another 14 to collect to fulfill the purpose of deliberately choosing a dark age.
T61 1600BC - We also met Pachacuti. 21 Era Score. We took this turn to send our delegations. We are in contact with 5 Civilizations and have sent delegations to 4. Maybe we are not quite over the grudge with Gilgamesh.

T62 1560BC - With Political Philosophy, we can choose a better government. Since we are at peace and we need Housing and Amenities and maybe even Great People, we chose:
Classical Republic. 24/34 Era Score.
Urban Planning and Colonization - It is time to work on Settlers!
Charismatic Leader - We have no plan to send any envoys.
Conscription - We can gain 3gpt. It is a close call compared to Caravans.
T63 1520BC - The Netherlands sent us a delegation. We have received delegations from 2/5 contacts. Maybe Perry sent us one long time ago, so 3/5.

T65 1440BC - The Campus in Uruk gets us to 27/34 Era Score. We sold our Oranges to Pacha for 14gpt. We are making some massive investments and this gold is coming in handy. We also got contact with the city state of Caguana, but no envoy and a quest to build a Preserve, which we never do. I wonder if it is a good idea since we are running Lady of the Reeds and Marshes and this counts as an unimproved tile.
We also established contact with Javaman of the Khmer empire. Most likely, he will develop a monopoly on the coffee trade. 28/34 Era Score.
T66 1400BC - Exploring another Tribal Village got us a free Builder in Pasargadae.

T68 1320BC - We founded Gordian.
T69 1280BC - A trade route back to Pasargadae gets us 1f2h2g1c.
Spoiler :


Our city placement makes it very expensive to obtain the Iron, but gets us very fast access to Fox, Spice, and Horse. The trade route will help it grow faster and one day look like an important city contributing to our growing empire. In Uruk, we built another Citrus Plantation and sold our goods to Javaman for 180g+5gpt.
T70 1240BC - Somebody has already built Macchu Picchu.

T71 1200BC - Founding Hangmantana got us a Eureka for Sailing. 30 Era Score.
Spoiler :


Pacha also sent us a delegation. I think that puts us at 4/6 received delegations.
T73 1120BC - With another sudden change in government, we decided with this Settler, we were done with founding cities for a few turns and it was time to focus on the domestic front. It will take 9 Turns for our Settler to find the new city site and this is lots of time to use the Isolationism Card.
Spoiler :


Basically we are winning 4h, the same as Urban Planning card. We also get 2f for Gordium. We are planning to buy some more tiles and maybe the Land Surveyors card will help us. Most likely it does not help much and simply playing Ilkum would be better. We played Dilpomatic League and established 2 Envoys in Caguana with a buy one get one free special.
At the end of the turn, a Flood damaged and fertilized our flood plain farm at the same time. Eventually, we will send a builder in to fix it.

T74 1080BC - We built a fox camp in Gordium and a spice plantation. We sold the fur to Simon for 4g+12gpt. We also got the Eureka for Celestial Navigation. 31/34 Era Score.
T75 1040BC - Eureka Engineering. Most likely we could have waited for the Limes policy card and saved a bunch of hammers. 32/34 Era Score.
Library would have been a better build in this case. The Fox Industry in Gordium also cost us an extra builder charge due to poor planning. We could have expanded the fur trade in Uruk and sold the furs, then establish the industry in Gordium.

72/120s T59 1680BC Currency
38.4/80 T64 1480BC Masonry
24/50 T72 Sailing
40/50 T75 Astrology - This appears to be the first one we got by slow research. Such a vast continent. No Natural Wonders.

33.6/70c T53 1920BC State Workforce
66/110 T62 Political Philosophy
110? T73 Games and Recreation
24/50 T76 Military Tradition

88h T53 Pasargadae Encampment
30h T53 Uruk Scout
30h T54 Pasargadae Scout
60h T57 Pasargadae Archer
80h T63 Pasargadae Settler - The policy card most likely did not do much for this dude.
97h T65 Uruk Campus
110h T67 Pasargadae Settler - Now the policy card is helping us.
140h T73 Pasargadae Settler
80h T75 Uruk Ancient Walls
65h T76 Pasargadae Granary
60h T76 Gordium Monument

100g T52 Uruk Fox tile
165g T52 Uruk Science Site worth 4 - We will take what we can get!
230g T63 Pasargadae Builder
105g T65 Orange tile for Pasargadae
210g T68 Trader in Gordian
70g T70 Oasis in Hangmantana
260g T70 Builder for Hangmantana
144g T74 Pearls for Hangmantana
56g T74 Oasis tile for Hangmantana
60g T75 Government Site for Gordium

Body Count:
12. T51 2000BC Vampire killed Barbarian Warrior - 6+2 Pints
13. T51 2000BC Warrior killed Barbarian Warrior
The Barbarian front got very quiet suddenly.

Troop Promotions:
T52 1960BC - Warrior L1 Battlecry

This brings us to T76 1000BC. If I caught all the details, then our science and civics are moving very slowly. We are, after all, in a dark age. It looks like we played 25 Turns and have 4 Technologies and 4 Civics to show for it, or about 1 every 6 turns. On the brighter side, our Era Score is 32 and we have a bunch of turns to collect those two points. We are several turns away from founding our fifth city and that will get us access to Iron and give us all the points we need.

We have not even built our unique unit or built our unique building! We might save this for the Medieval Age and pick up a very fast 8 points. This is probably 15 Turns away.
We should chop out the forest near Pasargadae and then move Mags to Gordium. This will give us room to establish Piggy.
Here is our situation:
Spoiler :


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Dec 16, 2008
Part 2B - Turn 93 575BC - The End of the Dark Age

T76 1000BC - Building a Horse Pasture in Gordium got us the Eureka for Horseback Riding.
We were due for a small change in civics. We went with Urban Planning, Ilkum, Charismatic Leader, and Isolationism.

T80 900BC - Encampment in Pasargadae. Science Campus in Uruk. Government Plaza in Gordium. Eureka Mathematics.
We sold our Amber from the lake near Pasargadae to Gilgamesh for 116g+8gpt. Then we established a trade route from Hangman to Gordium worth 4f4h2g1c.
Spoiler :


We also hired Piggy, but it will be quite a few turns before he is actively doing anything.
T81 875BC - We finally received a delegation from Perry in the form of a large wooden horse.
Piggy is promoted to Researcher, but it will still be quite a few turns before he is doing anything, because we messed up the logistics in Pasargadae.
We made a few more changes to the government. Urban Planning, Caravans, Charismatic Leader, Maritime Industries.
This allows us to found Susa. We finally got our Iron Mine and Eureka for Iron Working and The Wheel.
Spoiler :


At the end of the turn, we sold our accumulated 10 Horse to Simon for 37g+2gpt. At the surface, this seems not bad for a single tile we started to work on 5 Turns ago. It is like for the past 5t the tile made 7.4g and for the next 30 turns 2g. We would do well to shop around and find the value of various commodities.

T82 850BC - Chop. Chop. We sent 2x72h to Pasargadae
T83 825BC - We sold Citrus to Willy for 31g+8gpt. It was the best we could get at the time and we always need gold.
T84 800BC - Another chop got us 78h to Pasargadae. It looks like Mags earned us a grand total of 74h in Pasargadae in his time there, along with food for 3 Settlers. With the chops completed, his time there is done and we can move him to Gordium while we move Big Piggy in. For trying to find every penny in the game, we lost about 4 turns of Piggy supercharged research in Pasargadae, over 50 each in Culture and Science.
At the end of the turn, we sold 6 Iron and 6 Horse to Gilgamesh for 3gpt. Eventually we will have to start accumulating these resources for ourselves.

T85 775BC - It was time for another change in government. Urban Planning, Corvee, Charismatic Leader, Isolationism.
T86 750BC - We have contact with Kupe. Delegation sent. We are playing nice right now and everybody seems so far away.
T89 675BC - Piggy is promoted to Connosseur. We made more minor changes to the government. Urban Planning, Corvee, Charismatic Leader, Colonization.
Contact with Poundmaker.
T90 650BC - We sold Citrus to Gilgamesh for 14gpt.
T91 625BC - With Pasargadae at 10 population, we got an Inspiration for Civil Service.
We developed a Horse Pasture for Susa. Maybe we can make money twice as fast!
T92 600BC - It was time for another quick civic change. Urban Planning, Corvee, Diplomatic League, Colonization.
We send an Envoy to Hong Kong for a buy one get one free special.

72/120 T79 925BC Celestial Navigation
72/120 T80 900BC Horseback Riding
72/120 T84 800BC Iron Working
38.4/80 T85 775BC The Wheel
120/200 T90 650BC Engineering
96/200 T93 575BC Mathematics

105/175 T81 Defensive Tactics
72/120 T85 Military Training
?? T88 Drama and Poetry
?? T90 Recorded History

70h T78 Builder Pasargadae
67h T80 Gordium Government Plaza
74h T81 Pasargadae Builder
60h T80 Hangman Monument (Put down Harbor for 131h)
122h T81 Pasargadae Entertainment Complex
65h T80 Hangman Galley
150h T89 Gordium Ancestral Hall
90h T91 Uruk Library
78h T93 Uruk Builder
60h T93 Monument Susa
170h T93 Settler Gordium.

115g T77 Amber Tile for Pasargadae
80g T81 Susa Iron Tile
Where did all of our gold go? This does not seem like much for investments!

T93 575BC We entered the Medieval Era very early. For us, it is a Heroic Age! We will try our best to grab another Golden Age. We have yet to build our unique unit and unique building. It looks like we do not have a picture of our empire on this turn.

Looking at our science, we are 6/8. Our civics are 6/7. So unsurprisingly we are a little bit behind in both.


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Dec 16, 2008
Part 3A Turn 103 325BC - The Years Before the Colosseum

T73 575BC - We actually saved a governor title for this moment and we promoted Rising Hunger. We got an extra Vampire Unit and the ability to build 2 Vampire Castles. We do not see amazing locations for them, but will try our best. We promoted our first and only Immortal unit and claimed some Era Score. We also built a Water Mill in Gordium for a quick Eureka in Construction. (At the time, I was looking for the leverage in building Settlers as opposed to bonus food in our new city.)

For Civics, we went with Urban Planning, Colonization, Charismatic Leader and Maritime Industries. For the dedication, the choice was very easy, since it seemed unlikely we would be founding a religion in this era.
Spoiler :

It is also possible that World Congress could ban Great Prophets. They did not. Instead, amazingly, they blessed us with some free border pops.
Spoiler :


T95 525BC - Rice Farm Susa. Mine Uruk. Our Builders are running around. Eureka Apprenticeship.
T96 500BC - Rice Farm Susa. Contact with Nan Madal. We built our first Vampire Castle.
Spoiler :


We will soon find out if yields update as the tiles improve. So far we are at 12h4g.
T97 475BC - Eureka Ship Building. With that out of the way, we reworked our civics. Urban Planning, Colonization, Diplomatic League, Corvee.
With the Diplomatic League 2f1 special, we picked up 2 Envoys in Nan Madal and Buenos Aires.

T99 425BC - We did a lot of wheeling and dealing this turn.
Orange to Kupe for 4g+12gpt - It turns out we have a surplus of Oranges. We should try to sell them somewhere.
20 Horse to Poundmaker for 3g+9gpt
10 Horse to Simon for 48g
20 Iron to Kupe for 3g+9gpt
16 Horse to Pacha for 3gpt

We reworked our government again. Urban Planning, Colonization, Charismatic Leader, and Inspiration. Eventually I realized that the Inspiration is theoretically worth 30 or even 36gpt, based on the cost of buying great people. It looks like so far we traded these points for Corvee, which might have been worth 6 hammers per turn. Maybe it got us our wonder a turn earlier. We also founded Zranka.
Spoiler :


T100 400BC The Colosseum gets us Eureka in Buttress. We built a Spice Plantation for Zranka and founded Tushpa and claimed the Pearls, selling them to Gilgamesh for 95g+9gpt.
Spoiler :



T101 375BC - For what it's worth, we established the Pearl Industry in Tushpa. We do not see any cities that will be generating large amounts of Faith, so it seems to do little good. We used a surplus builder charge on this. Rice Farm in Pasargadae got us the Inspiration for Feudalism.
T102 350BC - Zranka to Pasargadae trade route gets us 2f2h2g1c. We send the traders to the newer cities if we can to help them grow faster. The competing strategy would be to leverage production bonuses like Gordium.
We established contact with Zanzibar and obtained a free envoy.
We also established contact with Babylon. This leaves two civs for us to discover.
Reworking the government again, we went with Urban Planning, Colonization, Charismatic Leader, and Maritime Industries.

80/200 T95 Construction
150/300 T99 Apprenticeship
80/200 T101 Shipbuilding

24/50 T97 Mysticism
180/300 T99 Civil Serice
96/120 T101 Theology
T102 Feudalism

65h T97 Galley Hangman
200h T98 Gorium Settler
400h T100 Pasargadae Colosseum
100h Pasargadae Aqueduct
131h Hangman Harbor

130g T93 Immortal
90g T93 Susa Holy Site
320g T93 Water Mill Gordium
225g T94 Builder Susa
140g T98 Maize Farm Uruk
95g T99 Spice Tile for Zranka
250g T99 Builder Pasargadae


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Dec 16, 2008
Part 3B T120 100AD - The Sumerian Front Reignites

T103 300BC - We sent a delegation to Babylon, then traded Spice for Cotton, and Orange for 3g+11gpt.
T104 300BC - Amber mine near Tushpa and we sold the goods to Perry for 4g+12gpt. We sold Fur to Babylon for 3g+11gpt.
Sawmill near Pasargadae and a Eureka for Mass Production. We received a delegation from Babylon.
This turn saw World Council Emergency Session. Somebody attempted to pass a city state emergency against Pacchu and the vote failed with a tie.

T105 275BC - We built our second vampire castle. This one only yields 11h. Maybe we will find better sites out there.
T106 250BC - Zranka gets the Spice Industry. We learned the hard way we can't have a second industry in the same city.
T107 225BC - We sacked a Tribal Village for 75g.
Monarchy established. Eureka Castles. For civics, we went with Maritime Industries, Veterancy, Urban Planning, Charismatic Leader, Colonization, Serfdom.
T108 200BC - Quarry in Zranka. Susa to Pasargadae trade route for 2f3h2g1c.

T109 175BC - We vassaled Zanzibar!!!
We chopped out 108h to Gordian and took that as an opportunity to move Mags to Susa.
For civics, we went with Professional Army, Retinues, Urban Planning, Charismatic Leader, Inspiration, Serfdom.
T110 150BC - We got the Inspiration for Civil Engineering.
Mine in Goridum. We obtained 20 Faith from a Tribal Village.
We also founded Bakhtri and built a wheat farm.
Spoiler :


It isn't much of a city, but it collects from the Colosseum. We have about two more city sites that can benefit from Colosseum.
T111 125BC - We collected the Eureka for Metal Casting, which will come in handy in the very distant future.
We established contact with Jadwiga of Poland and sent a delegation and initiated an amber for tea trade.
T112 100BC - We finally go mine crazy around Gordian.
T113 75BC - We built another sawmill for Gordian and collected a Eureka for Banking. Meanwhile this it the calm.....

.....before the storm! Suddenly Gilgamesh wants a rematch. His War Carts storm into our territory and surround Uruk. With our City Walls, we can hold out for quite a while, but our entire army was busy pushing northwards to take out some Barbarians on a remote island. It will take some time to get some defenders to start farming experience. More importantly, it will take some turns to get a vampire on the scene to farm blood.

T114 50BC - The war cancelled a couple of trade deals, so we set up new ones.
Citrus to Poland for Marble. Pearls to Cree for 3g+11gpt.
For civics, we went with Bastions, Limes, Urban Planning, Charismatic Leader, Stragegos, Craftsmen.
We received a delegation from Poland. We are still popular as the world condemns Gilgamesh for attacking us. We will do well to take advantage of our political favor while it lasts.

T115 25BC - We promoted Piggy to Piggy Grants. Meanwhile on that remote northern island, we got our quad kill and claimed an Inspiration for Naval Tradition. When we are behind in Technology and Civics, every boost helps. Gordian built yet another Lumber Mill. Most likely they collect a lot of hate because they get in the way of districts or something like that.
T116 1AD - Eureka Cartography. We recruited Pedro do Bardi and got the Inspiration for Mercantilism. It will be a few turns until we have a place to put him. He is worth 1 Envoy and 200gp when we cash him in. It seems underwhelming for all the great merchant points.
We built a mine for Susa and got a Scout promoted to L1 Ranger for getting shot up by a Crossbow and somehow managing to survive. We might do well to bribe our way inside friendly borders.

T117 25AD - We vassalled Nan Madal for an incredible boost in Culture that is only going to get better in the future.
T118 50AD - From another Tribal Village, we obtained a Governor Title! We hired Liang. With Serfdom in play, he is probably not quite as strong. Maybe he can help with some districts later. Maybe we were better off with our ambassador. A trade route from Gordian to Pasargadae yields 2f3h2g1c. This got us the Inspiration for Medieval Faires.
With 115h, we chopped out a Temple for Susa. We should have worked on a Commercial hub instead.
T119 75AD - We promoted Liang again and sent him to Gordian. It might be quite a few turns before he becomes useful. It also looks like our break from producing Settlers is just going to be a while. We are distracted with a war.f
For civics, we went with Raid, Craftsmen, Urban Planning, Charismatic Leader Strategos, Inspiration. Apparently we believe 3 influence points are more important than 18g. This might change in the near future.

150/300 T105 Machinery
195/390 T109 Military Engineering
195/390 T112 Castles
195/390 T116 Stirrups
T118 Buttress

170/340 T107 Divine Right
170/340 T109 Mercenaries
It looks like we missed a couple in my notes, such as Naval Tradition.
T119 Medieval Faires

230h T105 Settler Gordian
170h T107 Pasargadae Industrial Zone
60h T107 Zranka Monument
90h T108 Pasargadae Barracks
113h T108 Uruk Aquaduct
260h T109 Gordian Settler
100h T114 Aqueduct Gordian
195h T114 Pasargadae Workshop
80h T115 Susa Water Mill
65h T115 Susa Granary
200h T116 Pasargadae Trebuchet
170h Zranka Harbor
80h T117 Pasargadae Ancient Walls
70h T117 Susa Shrine
120h T118 Susa Temple
100h T119 Hangman Aqueduct
195h T20 Pasargadae Armory
170g Gordian Industrial Zone

100g T105 Mash tile by Zranka for the Vampire Castle
480g T107 Hangman Lighthouse
285g T108 Trader Susa
270g T108 Builder Gordian
260g T108 Granary Zranka
125g, 10 Iron T109 Man at Arms
125g, 10 Iron T109 Man at Arms
65g T109 Man at Arms
125g T109 Crossbow
125g T111 Crossbow
125g, 10 Iron, T112 Man at Arms
125g T114 Crossbow
480g T116 Zranka Lighthouse
310g T117 Gordian Trader
110g T118 Commercial Hub Site for Susa

Body Count:
14 T115 Quad k Barbarian Slinger
15 T116 Crossbow k Sumerian War Cart - 7+2 pints
16 T117 Uruk k Sumerian Spear - 8+2 pints
17 T117 Vampire k Sumerian catapult - 9+2 pints
18 T117 Vampire k Sumerian War Cart - 10+2 pints
19 T118 Vampire k Sumerian Archer - 11+2 pints
20 T118 Vampire k Sumerian War Cart 12+2 pints
We are slowly developing a reasonably powerful vampire unit. We need our lowbie vampire to get better.

T120 100AD - Did we remember to post a nice picture of our empire in the early war? Of course not. I will play the proverbial "one more turn" and correct this.
Added: Here is our situation:
Spoiler :

The southern front with Sumeria

The heartland

The Barbarian Northern front

It looks like for the surprise attack, the Sumerians did several turns worth of damage to our epic campus.


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Dec 16, 2008
Part 3C Turn 133 425AD - The Fall of Kish

T120 100AD - We started a military alliance with the Netherlands, mostly just to get the Inspiration for Diplomatic Service and save ourselves a few turns.
T121 125AD - A special session of the World Congress was called. They decided that Pacha Inca needed some help. Maybe later we will send them some gold to get us back into the diplomatic game.

T122 150AD - We recruited Timur. He will serve us well for the Medieval and Renaissance Age. In the Industrial Age, we will retire him and promote a unit. By then, we should have a solid replacement. We sent a trade route from Hangman to Pasargadae, yielding 2f3h2g1c. We also founded Tarsus, claiming an island on the North American continent and a new resource, Truffles.

Spoiler :


For civics, we went with Raid, Craftsmen, Urban Planning, Machiavellianism, Serfdom, and Inspiration.

T123 175AD - World Congress met in proper this turn. Hindu units get +10 to strength and we now generate +100 grievances. We scored another Diplomatic point and lag Poland 4 to 2.
T124 200AD - We established a Truffle Industry in Tarsus.
T125 225AD - A Tribal Village yielded us a Skirmisher unit. It turned out later this was going to be a replacment.
T126 250AD - Piero do Bardi established himself in Gordian. We received 200g and an Envoy. Before I called this underwhelming. Soon we will have a comparison and I will keep reminding everybody of this. We also captured Kish.
Spoiler :


It also looks like there is some incoming barbarian activity.

T127 275AD - Pasargadae reached Size 15 and we got the Inspiration for Urbanization. A trade route from Tarsus to Gordian yields 2f4h2g1c. We also discovered Yosimite half way across the world, deep in Polish territory. Otherwise a Vampire Castle would be very nice.
T128 300AD - All roads lead to Gordian. We established another trade route from Tushpa to help grow the city.
Civics are now Raid, Craftsmen, Urban Planning, Merchant Confederation, Professional Army, Invention

T130 350AD - We got our Musket kill and Eureka for Square RIgging. More importantly, we vassalled Ngazargamu.
Civics are now Raid, Craftsmen, Urban Planning, Merchant Confederation, Invention, Town Charters

T131 375AD - We recruited Imhotep! Here we will contrast Imhotep and Piero de Bardi at least three times, depending how we count. We also have a good chance of obtaining Marco Polo for the same number of points - and at least he gets a Trader and free trade route.
Spoiler :


We seem to love building and taking pictures of the Mausoleum. Here is another one. We built it just in time, because Imhotep gets 3 charges!
Spoiler :


We obtained 20 Faith from another Tribal Village and a Barbarian Spear wiped them out at the end of the turn. RIP Scout.
T132 400AD - We built the Terracota Army, the first of the gifts from Imhotep. We got an entire round of promotions for our army and navy.
Spoiler :


Policy is now Raid, Craftsmen, Urban Planning, Merchant Confederation, Invention, Serfdom.

360/720 T122 Cartography
360/270 T125 Gunpowder
438/876 T128 Metal Casting
365/730 T133 Siege Tactics

360/720 T122 Diplomatic Service
720 T128 Humanism
T130 Exploration
432/864 T132 Mercantalism

170h T121 Uruk Industrial Zone
60h T121 Baktri Monument
220h T122 Pasargadae Knight
25h T122 Uruk Campus Repair
170h T122 Tushpa Industrial Zone
23h T123 Uruk Library Repair
3h T124 Uruk Wall Repair
225h T125 Pasargadae Spy
80h T125 Uruk Watermill
219h T126 Gordian Commie Hub
200h T127 Pasargadae Courser
65h T127 Gordian Granary
209h T127 Susa Commie Hub
200h T129 Pasargadae Trebuchet
95h T130 Pasargadae Diplomatic Quarter
113H Tushpa Aqueduct
60h Monument Tarsus
31h Campus Repair Kish
400h T131 Zranka Mausoleum
400h T132 Pasargadae Terracotta Army
21h Repair Commy Hub
150h T133 Pasargadae Consulate
170h Hangman Industrial Zone
228h Susa Industrial Zone
21h Commie Hub Repair

150 Faith T124 Builder in Gordian
155 Faith T125 Builder in Gordian
480g T126 Market Gordian
330g T126 Trader Tarsus
480g T127 Susa Market
165 Faith T127 Builder in Gordian
170 Faith T128 Builder in Gordian
180g Caravel
180g Caravel
85g, 20 Niter Musket

Body Count:
21 T120 Crossbow k Barbarian Warrior +1 Pints
22 T122 Man at Arms k Barbarian Man at Arms +2 Pints
23 T122 Vampire k Barbarian Warrior +3 Pints
24 T123 Vampire k Barbarian Sword +4 Pints
25 T124 Man at Arms k Barbarian Spear +5 Pints
26 T125 Man at Arms k Sumerian Scout
27 T128 Crossbow k Barbarian Crossbow 12+3 Pints
28 T128 Skirmisher k Barbarian Spear
29 T129 Skirmisher k Barbarian Skirmisher
30 T129 Crossbow k Barbarian Scout +6 Pints
31 T130 Crossbow k Barbarian Man at Arms 12+4 Pints
32 T130 Musket k Barbarian Skirmisher
33 Musket k Barbarian Man at Arms 12+5 Pints

T133 425AD - We are into the Renaissance Era in another Golden Age. It will not be quite as brilliant as our Heroic Age. It looks like the differences will be missing the Free Inquiry and Pen bonuses. We are most likely to keep the Monumentality buff.
Technology - We are in the pack with 6/8 Medieval and 4/9 Renaissance
Civics - We are in the front pack with 7/7 Medieval and 4/6 Renaissance

Here is our situation:
Spoiler :






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Dec 16, 2008
Session 4A T147 720AD

T133 425AD - We started the Renaissance Era in another Golden Age and continued with Monumentality. So basically we lose our Science and Culture bonuses and move on. We captured Nippur and a Builder with a single charge.
Spoiler :


This is a city fated to rebel every 3 turns or so and we will never build anything for it. We had our hopes that our Vampires could use it to farm blood, but free blood counts the same as barbarians blood and we are limited to +10 pints. Also important this turn, we obtained a Eureka for Education, which is very nice, because we have no prospect of obtaining a Great Scientist, ever, let alone before we are forced to research education. It is worth nearly two turns of research at our glacial rate.

T134 450AD We also got a Eureka for Scientific Theory. I forgot what triggers it now. We recruited Marco Polo. At least he is worth an extra trader. Meanwhile our alliance with the Dutch got us involved in a war with the Inca.
Policy is now Raid, Craftsment, Triangular Trade, Merchant Confederation, Invention, Professional Army
A bunch of trade deals were reworked and we obtained 40 Niter for 34g+8gpt. 274 total. So about 7g per Niter. Maybe less, because it's paid over 30 turns.

T136 500AD - With the help of Imhotep, we completed Petra. We also activated Marco Polo in Gordian.
Spoiler :


T137 520AD - Gilgamesh sued for peace and we settled. It is easier to fight a war on a single front.
T138 540AD - Nippur revolted, but our troops were nearby and we immediately recaptured it. Somehow we managed to obtain OB with Sumeria, so we can send some reinforcements right across his territory.
A special session of the World Congress was called against us, but the motion failed 4 to 2. The world must be already afraid of us. Or we still have friends.
We also built the Colossus.
Spoiler :


T139 560AD We recruited James of St. George and promoted Mags to Black Marketeer. Most likely we will not gain much from this. However, it is possible we actually need to expand our military since we are involved in another war and are getting ready to expand our civilization. Yasamin is promoted to L1 Disguise.
Policy is now Retinues, Craftsmen, Triangular Trade, Merchant Confederation, Professional Army, Invention

Going along with the promised rant of Great Engineers versus Great Merchants....
One Great Merchant got us 200g and an Envoy.
Another Great Merchant got us a Trader and some bonus to trade routes.
Imhotep got us 3 Classical Era Wonders.
James got us Ancient and Medieval Walls in 4 cities.

T143 640AD - We vassaled Caguana. Maybe some time I will remember to take a picture of our Envoys.
Policy is now Raid, Craftsmen, Triangular Trade, Merchant Confederation, Colonization, Invention
At the end of the turn, we lost 232g to siphoning. So we have spies in our territory and we have not accomplished anything with our own spy. The amount is less than a single pillage.

144/240 T134 Military Tactics
187.2/312 T136 Education
360/600 T140 Mass Production
360/600 T143 Banking
T144 Square Rigging
360/600 T147 Printing

360/720 T134 Enlightenment
T139 Civil Engineering
576/960 Opera and Ballet
1212 Nationalism

228h T134 Uruk Commie Hub
290h Gordian Grandmaster Chapel
243h Tushpa Harbor
144h T135 Pasargadae Theater
400h T136 Hangman Petra
144h Zranka Encampment
65h Tarsus Granary
30h Repair Market
150h T137 Pasargadae Ampitheater
20h Repair Water Mil
400h T138 Hangman Colossus
195h T139 Gordian Workshop
195h T140 Uruk Workshop
120h Zranka Stable
290h T141 Pasargadae Art Museum
65h Hangman Granary
195h Susa Workshop
65h T142 Kish Granary
290h T143 Gordian Settler
290h T144 Pasargadae Chancery
158h T145 Zranka Theater Square
250h T146 Uruk University
320h Gordian Settler
178h Susa Aqueduct
219h Bakhtri Industrial Zone
195h Hangman Workshop

480g T134 Market Uruk
360g Trader Uruk
480g Lighthouse Tushpa
360g Trader Bakhtri
130g Site for Huey Teocalli
780g Workshop Tushpa
190g Pike and Shot
85g, 20 Niter Musketman
85g, 20 Niter Bombard - We are paying heavily for Niter
160g T136 Trader Pasargadae
85g, 10 Niter T139 Bombard
85g, 10 Niter T141 Musket
1000g T146 Kish University

Body Count:
34 T135 Vampire k Barbarian Skirmisher 12+6 Pints
35 T136 Musket k Barbarian Man at Arms 12+7 Pints
36 T138 Quad k Barbarian Skirmisher
37 T142 Crossbow k Inca Scout
38 T144 Vampire k Free Musket +7 Pints, 12+8 Pints
39 T144 Vampire k Free Musket 12+9 Pints
40 T146 Musket k Inca Warrior 1+7 Pints
41 T146 Knight k Inca Warrior

T147 720AD - Once again, we did not remember to take a picture of our home front and Inca front, but very excited to get back into the war!


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Dec 16, 2008
Part 4B T161 1000AD

T147 720AD We promoted Liang to Aquaculture. Apparently this was for no good reason, because we are doing nothing with this. We should have started a different governor to give us more options. Gilgamesh denounced us and Simon and Gilgamesh declared on the Inca. This is probably bad news for the Inca. Does that mean they are fighting 3AI and a human?

T148 740AD We recruited Leonardo da Vincci. We get 2 charges with him, so I guess this means we are getting +6 Culture for each Workshop and we will be building workshops everywhere. It also looks like we are generating 31 engineer points per turn, so we should have another one in 8 more turns.
We captured Willy Wonka.
Spoiler :


We made no effort to keep the city from revolting, so it is doomed to revolt every few turns or so.
T149 760 AD We founded Halicarnassus on a desert hill and it will take a while to grow big enough to compete with AI cities on the eastern front. Here it is a few turns later.
Spoiler :


T151 800AD We recruited Amina and we now have 2 Great Generals. We also recruited Raja Todar Mal and will gain a few more benefits to trade routes.
We also founded Sahi Qumis and claimed a Khmer city Preah Vihear.
Spoiler :



T152 820AD We renewed our alliance with Willy.
World Congress met. Military units are now 50% cheaper when we hammer them out. We would do well to remember this. Most likely, we have a big advantage in hammers. Even better, the AI might be building lots of units for us to feed the blood and experience machine. We also obtained for ourselves a district culture bomb.

T155 880AD We recruited Francis Drake, converted him to a Privateer unit, and built the Taj Mahal.
T156 900AD We recruited Mimar Sinan. This gives us a culture bomb that does nothing for us.
T158 940AD The Greeks built the Forbidden City and we lost the bid.
T159 960AD Tushpa built Huey Teocali.
Spoiler :


T160 980AD We captured Wanuku and founded Harvana.
Spoiler :


T149 Astronomy
T153 Industrialization
T157 Scientific Theory

T151 Urbanization
T153 Colonialism
T158 Natural History

Body Count:
42 T149 Crossbow k Inca Knight 2+7, 14+9 pints
43 T156 Musket k Inca Knight 3+7, 15+9 pints

So this is the 1000AD checkin. We having a lot of fun crushing the Incas. Our science rate is pathetic. We are lagging Poland 150-113, but have somehow obtained a technology lead.


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Dec 16, 2008
Part 4C Turn 173 1020AD - Into the Industrial Age

T161 1000AD Founded Pushkalvati
Spoiler :


I am starting to wonder if I am founding cities that are doing not much for us. By the end of the Industrial Age, we should no longer be wondering this.
T162 1010AD Reclaimed Willy Wonka again.
T163 1020AD Rcruited Filipo Brruenellesch
T164 1030AD We actually stabilized Nippur by sending in Victor. We can finally start building stuff.
T165 1040AD Start of a Cree-Polish War
T167 1060AD Recruited Zhour Dagun. We also built Oxford University.
Spoiler :


T169 1080AD - For civics we went with Total War, Craftsmen, Triangular Trade, Merchant Confederation, Invention, Military Upgrades

T163 Military Science
T167 Ballistics
T167 Rifling from Oxford University
T167 Economics from Oxford University
T170 Steam Engine

T164 Mass Media
T167 Conservation
T169 Scorched Earth
T173 Mobilization

Body Count:
44 T161 Vampire k Free Musket 15+10 pints

T1020AD Beginning of the Industrial Age. Here is the situation:
Spoiler :


We finally actually have a lead in science, in spite of our terrible numbers. We are probably doing better in culture.


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Dec 16, 2008
Part 5A T186 1250AD - Communism and Capitalism

T173 1120AD We made our Golden Age Dedication to Heartbeat of Steam. Our trade routes are internal, so we did not see point in the coinage.
We had a governor title, which we gave to the vampires. We will go looking for a good site for a vampire castle.
T174 1130AD We retired Timur. His time has come.
T175 1140AD We captured Cuzco and established contact with Harald of Norway. We have encountered all the world leaders.
T177 1160AD Captured Ollantaytambo.
Spoiler :

We did not check carefully if we cut out enough Inca land and we granted them peace shortly afterwards.
T178 1170AD Recruited Santa Cruz and Eiffel.
T179 1180AD For Civics, we are running Force Modernization, Military Research, Five Year Plan, Merchant Confederation, Military Organization, Invention.
T180 1190AD We settled a peace with the Inca. We already took from them what we wanted.
T181 1200AD Reclaimed Willy Wonka. This time the city will stay with us, because we have taken so much power in the area.
T182 1210AD Denounced by the Khmers. However all of our troops are still too far to the east to launch a surprise war on them.
Ruhr Valley is complete. Why would we send so many hammers to Pasargadae without Ruhr Valley?
Spoiler :


We also went with Communism. We lose a valuable Wildcard slot that way and we get another military slot that is harder to use.
Logistics - We are moving our troops across our entire territory.
Military Research - We have the buildings for this. Maybe we should start building walls if this is a pattern.
Levee en Masse - We might as well.
5y Plan - Of course. We just went Communism.
Public Works - We need builders.
Collectivism - We said all of our trade routes are internal.
Invention - Engineers have been our best great people.
T182 1220AD - We recruited Jose do San Martin and built Big Ben.
Spoiler :

For another economic slot, we took Economic Union. Sure why not. We should have lots of commercial hubs and harbors by now.
T184 World Congress met again. We voted +100 Grievances for Willy and we voted for ourselves yet another trade route.
T185 We recruited Jane Asten.
T186 We bought 4 very cheap diplomatic points for winning the competition in aiding Perry and Hammy. We are now 8/20 in a game where we are losing diplomatic favor.

T173 Sanitation
T178 Refining
T182 Steel
T186 Combustion

T179 Ideology
T182 Class Struggle
T186 Capitalism

We don't have a great picture of our situation, but here is something.
Spoiler :




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Dec 16, 2008
Part 5B T198 1370AD - Khmer War

T186 1250AD - For civics we went with Military Research, Force Modernization, Logistics, 5Y Plan, Collectivization, Public Works, Economic Union, Merchant Confederation, and Invention.
We retired Santa Cruz and formed a Battleship Armada in what now amounts to a lake. These ships will never see action. Maybe one time should we go to war with Greece. We also retired Amina. He is far away from the next front and getting outdated.

T187 1260AD - Recruited James Watt. We will get two charges of Workshop, Factory, and +2 Hammers to each Factory.
T188 1270AD - Developed Meier's Overbaked Supplies. We also recruted Titian.
T189 1280AD - Claimed another former Inca city, Kaslamarka. Then we got denounced by the Inca. We have their capital city already, so it does not matter.
T190 1290AD - We declared war on the Khmer and renewed our military alliance with the Netherlands.
T191 1300AD - Claimed Knossos. Then we founded a National Park at Kish.
Javaman warned us about luck running out and karma coming back to bite us.
Spoiler :


A megacolossal showed up right when we were trying to pass our troops through the mountain range, doing megacolossal damage to our armies.
On the other side of luck, we managed to theme our archaelogical museum in a single try.

T193 1320AD We finally got around to gearing for total war.
T194 1330AD We are hit by a major flood. Then we built the Bolshoivek Theater
We started a few rock bands. Then we captured Mahendrapvarta.
Spoiler :


T195 1340AD We are denounced by Gilgamesh, which is no surprise. Recruited Ada Lovelace. We're not sure exactly what she does, so we will pick a couple of smaller cities to possibly get some districts faster. Rock bands are as follows:
Glam Rock - Mini Barbarians of Tarsus
Surf Band - War Guitars of Harvana
Space Rock - Unique Turtle of Pasklalva

A special session was called for the military emergency we created, but the vote failed. The world congress is afraid of us.
T196 1360AD Recruited JJ Astor and captured Indrapura.
Spoiler :


T197 1360AD - We are denounced by Kupe and have a new enemy. Then Sid developed Sid's Summertime Supplements.

T189 Replaceable Parts
T192 Chemistry
T194 Radio
T195 Electricity
T197 Advanced Flight

T190 Professional Sports
T192 Sufferage
T194 Cold War
T194 Cultural Heritage
T195 Nuclear Program
T198 Totatalarianism


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Dec 16, 2008
Part 5C T215 1520AD - Fall of Khmer

T198 1370AD - Well, if we are doing a lot of wars and making a bid at a domination victory, then we should give Fascism a shot.
Propaganda, Total War, Third Alternative, Limitaei, 5Y Plan, Triangular Trade, Merchant Confederation, Science Foundation, Invention
We captured Yasodharapora.
Spoiler :


T200 Captured Vimaypura. It is in the northwest part of the above picture.
My notes show a lot of very bad luck at winning culture victory through rock bands.
T201 1400AD Founded No-Scurv Lime Juice
T202 1410AD Captured Angor Thom.
T203 1420AD Captured Angkhor Wat. Mags is promoted to Vertical Integration.
Spoiler :


T205 Captured Lingapura. I think it's two more cities to go.
T206 1450AD Recruited Nikola Tesla
T207 1460AD Captured Kampong Svay.
T208 1407AD Denounced by Babylon. It's their bid for survival. Recruited Ching Shim. My handwriting is indecipherable. It looks like we defeated Javaman.
Spoiler :



T210 1490AD We declared war on Babylon! We claimed a city that used to belong to the Cree.
It turns out Babylon is allied with Norway, so we are at war with them, too.
T212 1505AD Captured Karkar.
T213 1510AD Captured DarKur and razed it. It was a desert city with no districts and I was not going to bother building it up.
World Congress and we correctly guessed at both proposals.
T214 1515AD

T200 Plastics
T203 Computers
T204 Synthetic Materials
T208 Rocketry
T211 Satellites - Beep. Beep. Beep. Beep.
T212 Advanced Ballistics
T214 Telecommunications

T199 Combined Arms
T203 Space Race
T209 Rapid Deployment
T215 Globalization

T215 1520AD - This brings us to the modern era.
We are a long way from a cultural victory. We are a long way from a space race. I think we are 10/20 on diplomacy, but that will change quickly.
We are 3/11 on capital cities. Here is what our Babylon front looks like.
Spoiler :



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Dec 16, 2008
Part 6A T222 1555AD - Fall of Babylon

T215 1520AD We went with the Heartbeat of Steam again for a Golden Age Bonus.
Captured Rapiqum.
T216 1525AD Recruited Robert Goddard and Erwin Schrodinger
Captured Eshnunna
For policies, we went with Total War, Force Modernization, AAR, 5YP, ECommerce, Science, and Invention
T218 1535AD Captured Babylon
Spoiler :


T219 1540AD Piggy promoted to Space Initiative. Captured Malgium.
T220 1545AD Captured Mashkan Shapir and Shaduppum.
Spoiler :


T221 1550AD Apparently 587g+8gpt buys peace!
We recruited Sufonisba Anguissala.
Spoiler :


We adopted the Corporate Dystopia government.
Integrated Space Cell, AAR, Levee
ECommerce, 5YP, International Space Agency
Science Foundation, Invention, Military Organization, Heritage Tourism, Satellite Broadcast

T216 Composites
T217 Guidance Systems
T219 Nuclear Fission
T221 Lasers

T216 Environmentalism
T219 Social Media
T221 Venture Politics
T222 Near Future Governance

I should grab the mod that gives all the detailed calculations for these cards. It would very likely help me make better choices.
Spoiler :




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Dec 16, 2008
Part 6B T236 1625AD - A Man on the Moon

T223 1560BC Started a war with the Cree. Recruited Shah Jahan.
T224 1565BC Chichen Itza in Knossos
T225 1570BC Special session called and the world is sending aid to the Cree. Captured Mistawasis.
T227 1580AD Recruited Mary Lealey.
T228 1585AD Recruited Sudirman. Captured Mikisiw-Wacihk and Paskwaw-Askikh.
T229 1590AD Recruited Alvar Alto
T230 1595AD Recruited Leo Tolstoy. Captured Mistahi-Siphik.
T232 1605AD Captured Makwa-Sakahkin
Spoiler :


T233 1610AD Estado do Maracana
T234 1615AD Statue of Liberty. 498g+8gpt buys peace with Persia.
Spoiler :


T235 1620AD Founded Parsa. This city is going to give us the rest of what we need to finally win this game! Recruited Janaki Animal. Our rock bands would have already had a culture victory if they recruited Animal as drummer.
Spoiler :


T225 Nanotechnology
T226 Stealth Technology
T227 Nuclear Fusion
T228 Cybernetics
T231 Predictive Systems
T236 Seasteads

T222 Near Future Governance
T226 Information Warfare
T229 Exodus Imperative
T236 Smart Power Doctrine


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Dec 16, 2008
Part 6C T242 1655AD - Mission to Mars

T237 1630AD Offworld Mission. Cultural Hegemony. Recruited Kakusai.
T238 1635AD Reformed Church. Captured Stravanger and Sarpsborg.
T239 1640AD Advanced AI. Optimization Imperative.
T240 1640AD Distributed Sovereignty. Recruited SErgei Karalev. Captured Bergen.
T241 1645AD Advanced Power Cells. Future Civic. Recruited Liu Tianhva.
Launched Mars Colony. Launched Expolanet Expedition.
Spoiler :


T242 1655AD Future Civic. 1/50LY
None of the other objectives are even close. Now we just have to make this thing move faster so we don't have to hit end turn 49 times.


Dec 16, 2008
Finally. T251 Space Victory. 3227 points.
Spoiler :


This is a long way from being destroyed T30 by Sumeria because we were neighbors and we did not know he would just accept a friendship treaty. Maybe this will serve as a lesson in early game what to do if we have spawn next to a bad neighbor.
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