Has the early game Worker steal exploit been addressed?

Jun 18, 2010
AI: Does it get completely mad at you for attacking a CS to steal a worker and immediately make peace again?

In my two last Deity games, I did the usual exploit of stealing a worker from a CS, and about 4 AIs got the negative diplo hit of "They believe you are a warmongering menace to the world!". Shortly enough, at least 1 of them Declared War.

Has anyone else noticed this?
If your military is strong enough and "close enough", you can bully CS's to (net result) "buy workers"... for a minimal faction hit.

I wouldn't slight CS's early since AI civs have economic and other advantages early on to consistently ally CS's long before I can, and I don't need the "extra hits" if I have any chance of allying a nearby one.

edit : That is to say, I wouldn't dow one early just over a worker.
Yes, I got this the first time I tried it with the new expansion. I suspect the programmers realized they couldn't fix directly since there is nothing a city state can do (since they can't refuse peace) so they booby trapped the loop hole by specifically checking for it and then changing some nearby AIs visible diplomatic and hidden war modifiers so that you suddenly become a big target for AI aggression.
idea1: if you declare war on a CS, peace with it is impossible for 3-5 turns. That should in the very least expose you to some risk if you steal a worker with a weak or injured unit.

idea2: declaring war on CS permanently increases the rate at which your influence with them during the game drops. (they remember your evil deed and like you less).Say, by +0.25.

Or both combined.
I like the way it is done now. Quite realistic actually. I mean normally if a country like the USA would DoW on a country like Belgium just to steal things from them the whole world would be pissed as hell! Probably even more than when they would declare war on, say, Russia
Mainly AIs that have protected the CS will get mad. DoW'ing a protected CS is just a bad idea.

As per other AIs getting mad, it depends on their CS flavours.

I have no problem with most civs if I worker steal early in the game.

There are some modifiers as well that will trigger. As well as some quests.

Now CSs will offer quests for others to Denounce a civ that attacked or bullied them. It's possible those AIs decided to complete the quest and then decided you were easy.
I really like it the way it is now too. I liked that the player can't use such ways to win anymore, and they implemented the solution with a not cheesy way at all. If you think about it, yes, the AI's have every right to be mad at you for something like this. Especially early game, when a free worker can make a big difference and have a huge impact on your game.
A city-state I had pledged to protect was bullied by an AI. That CS gave me the quest to denounce that AI for instant influence. So, if you bully a CS for a worker, you can expect a denunciation from the AI and you won't know why that AI would denounce you, except for this quest.
Fuel to the fire: CSes will also ask you to go bully their rivals, demanding tribute.

Can make for some VERY unstable political situations.
Is the bully a new G+K function ?

How does it work ? I see that you have to place units close the CS, but how many units are necessary ? Does the bully starts automatically ? How can you make peace with a CS after having bullied it ?

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