[GS] Help making Dawn of Man Audio play for a custom leader.


Feb 14, 2023
Good day,

I'm posting on the forum for a little help in regards to a custom leader that I am working on.

I have used ElevenLabs' Voice Lab (AI Speech Synthesis Website) to clone Sean Bean's voice using YouTube videos of him speaking quotes and the dawn of man dialogue from the loading screen (It sounds very good).

My question is: How can I import this into the game so that it plays after Sean Bean goes on about the first stirrings of life beneath water?

I have downloaded the specific Wwise version for audio modding, however, all the templates I have found have no such audio file related to DawnOfMan.

I've found 1 example reddit code snippet, however, I have no idea if this works and have no idea how the snippet is supposed to go into ModBuddy.

I'm using my intuition here and expect the answer (if any) will be to use CIV_NAME_DOM in wwise and then somehow make a call for it in ModBuddy.

Thanks for any responses and thank-you for taking the time to read this.
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