Help needed - Sullla's Survivor Season 3 savegame files


May 4, 2023
I'm currently "working" on a project aiming at providing alternate histories (sort of) for all available seasons, but with a somewhat different format and goal.
More on that once I have a set of results for a complete season to publish (only 320 games to go... easy peasy).

I started with Season 4 because I can't load the Season 3 savegame files that Sullla provided ( game crashes. I deactivated all mods on my end (just a couple of minor xml files edits anyway), to no avail. I suppose I'm using a different version of Civ4 (non-beta Steam, didn't know better at the time).

If someone can open those files, could you provide a worldbuilder version for them ? :love:
I can open those files but what's the issue there? You downloaded them but can't open? Is this issue still relevant now? Should we try save them and copy that file? One is download file you already have, other is I opened in world builder and saved it file. Does it even make sense :D


  • Survivor 3 Playoff One BC-3960.CivBeyondSwordSave
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  • Season3 Playoff1.CivBeyondSwordWBSave
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Thank you.
The issue is I probably don't have the same Civ4 version Sullla is running (I believe he has the GOG version, I have the non-beta Steam version, and iirc Steam modified some of the assets, making the save games not compatible with other versions). As a result, when I load one of his save games, my game crashes.

But Saxo has sent me an archive of the "worldbuildered" saves, so the issue is resolved now. :)
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