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Sullla's AI Survivor Season Eight - Game 1 Thread

C'mon Church...snipey snipe snipe
It's difficult to believe that Hammurabi fought his way out of a 4v1 dogpile and then stumbled into so many random conquests while everyone else was bleeding one another white.
I'm gonna lose another Church win to 2nd place
I'm not sure Hammurabi has stumbled into all that much. What with all the wars declared on him, what we see is pretty much the result of reactive gameplay. This is more how I would see Joao playing a good game in the middle.
Got 1 point but fair play Hammy, that was almost like an always war game for him and he didn't crumble.

Two game 1 victories in a row for Hammy as well, should jump up the power ranking a bit. Don't expect him to do much in the playoffs though.
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