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Holy Roman Empire idea thread


Sep 22, 2010
USA, Former Northwest Territory
The Holy Roman Empire

Leader: Charlemagne, Otto I, Charles IV, or Frederick II

Units: Landsknecht (this IS technically Germany), Teutonic Knight (Stronger Knight)

Special Ability: Reichsfreiheit

All cities captured in warfare can only be made into Puppet States.
City-State bonuses are increased a lot.
City-State relations break down slower.
Settlers take a long time to produce.

What I'm trying to do is come up with a way to imitate the real Holy Roman Empire which was a loose confederacy of partially controlled states. But what you need is the lack of control to be balanced out by something else, I don't know if city-state bonuses are enough, what do you think? Maybe replace Landsknecht with a unique building that helps the balance? Maybe Kaiserpfalz?
Both UUs are very appropriate, though. They did a lot to include the Empire inside Germany this time, however, which makes things difficult. I feel Otto I is the best choice for their leader (nobody gets exclusive claim over Charlemagne).

I'd also not suggest sticking in so many penalties if this Civ is supposed to be playable in a regular game (and not some middle ages scenario).
I say that Germany representates both HRE and modern Germany this time, so I would suggest creating other civs instead. Poalnd could be an idea.
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