1. FlammieJerynZ

    [BNW] How to diagnose Random Crashes because .lua format in a Custom Mod or Modpack?

    Good day or night everybody! I hope you all be okay. I am writing to you today to ask you if It's possible to detect or debug Random Crashes caused by the .lua format core file "lua51_Win32.dll" in a Mod or Modpack for the respective CvMiniDump.dmp generated by the Crash in cuestion (like the...
  2. Imperator Knoedel

    [BTS] Can't remove Mapfinder without breaking scenarios?

    I'm trying to use a trimmed down version of BUG (4.4) + BULL (1.3, from the SVN repo on SourceForge) as a base for a mod of my own, by which I mean that I want to get rid of features that I personally have no use for, like for example anything to do with BUFFY, or those copy-pasted strategy...
  3. M

    Mod not working with expansions (SOLVED)

    Hello, so I'm pretty new to modding, and I way trying to make a new civilization (using the jasper kitty template). So basically, when I set the ruleset to default, everything is fine: But when I set the ruleset to gathering storm, this happens: and it crashes once starting the game: here...
  4. A

    Tanzania and Qatar problem

    Hello, lately I've been doing saves with a ton of civilization mods only turning on the ones I previously randomized using spreadsheet (to number them) and random org. Mostly the saves has been stable and fun however there are two exceptions and I was wondering if someone was bored enough to...
  5. Iconian

    [BNW] Recon Flavors mod trouble

    This is about two separate but related issues. About a year ago I created a mod that changes the recon flavors all the leaders in Civ 5. Recently I updated it, and then I tested it. In short, I've combined the recon mod with my cheap scouts mod, hoping the AI's would build quite a few more...
  6. D

    Crash when founding religion

    Hi, I'm new here, so I apologize in advance for violating conventions that exist around here. Problem: Any time I try to found a religion, the game crashes. The religion dialog opens, and the game window just disappears. A few times, I was able to click a religion icon before that happened...
  7. King Phaedron

    Vinland CANT enter the Renaissance

    The Vinland civilization is irredeemably broken! You can't have them in the game or play as them past the Medieval age. The creator apparantly did not give them spy names or something like that. I am playing a game with Siuc, Vinland, Ayutthaya, Gael, Catatania, Amazons, Bohemia, and Eagleland...
  8. R

    [NFP] Sudden, inexplicable client crashes upon joining map

    I have a debilitating issue that really needs resolving After quite some time in MP, the game will inexplicably error out. Me as host would be fine, but the client will simply crash. Once this happens, literally each and every single save of that map will cause the client to crash upon loading...
  9. Ribannah


    The game keeps crashing my laptop due to overheating after a number of turns, no matter the graphic settings or the map size. It is a new MSI gaming laptop from 2020 with Nvidia Geforce RTX and 240Hz Ultra Fast gaming display. There is no error message. I've never had this with any other...
  10. S

    [Vanilla] Random crashes and freezes on ending turn

    Hi I am playing unmodded CIV 6 on patch I am experiencing random crashes and freezes on turn ends. The crashes happen at random intervals, not constantly, but every 30 turns or so. I have tried to replicate my exact moves before ending a turn when the game crashes to see if something...
  11. C

    CIV V Mac Crashes same turn.

    It's been a while now. CIV V sometimes works all the way till the end of the game, sometimes it crashes at the same turn and there is nothing I can do about it. Even saving and restarting wont change things, neither would making different decisions in previous turns. There is one odd thing is...
  12. R

    [GS] Access Violation

    I've been playing for a while trying to get through a game but to no avail. Every time I play a game it crashes at some point after pressing "Next turn" whether it's the ancient era through rennaisance with this message: Unhandled Exception Code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Error reading...
  13. Z

    Play by cloud webhook- Linux

    Webhook is the only chance to get notification of my turn in Play by cloud, but as I set the webhook link, after my turn is commited, the Civ crashes. Found a known bug for this behavior, but 1) over a year old 2) For MacOS, I am on Linux Any suggestions? This bug makes the Play by cloud almost...
  14. Knightfall

    [NFP] "Unhandled Exception" Error

    My friends and I couldn't play mp the other day because we kept having crashes and desyncs. Every few minutes one of us would get an error that looks like this: "Unhandled Exception Code: EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION Error reading address 0x30 Call Stack...
  15. L

    [BNW] Loading modded game crashed after slight changes in mod

    I've started a game with some collection of mods, this was supposed to practical testing of my new modded civ (which have some issues, working but incomplete version of it can be found on in this thread), with several other mods (including IGE, as it is great way for testing things I think), and...
  16. G

    Asset Editor Crashing at Start Up

    I am attempting to start some light Civ6 modding but whenever I try to start the Asset Editor it crashes at "Initializing all components..." Does anyone know how or why this issue occurs?
  17. Q

    [] Windows users, help please with Firaxis and crashes

    Windows users, please, I need your help. I took PIR's suggestion, and contacted Firaxis directly with the crashes I've been having. They've been extremely unhelpful. The first reply was a canned response -- "I understand you have questions regarding Civ VI for Mac" -- that showed they weren't...
  18. Q

    [] Crash caused by railroading; also diplomacy bug

    In the attached saved game, the unit yet to move is a military engineer. If you railroad the adjacent holy site, the game crashes two turns later, i.e. at the beginning of turn 274. (An autosave is generated, but I never get control, and don't get notified of a splendid commercial hub...
  19. W

    Using MPMPM for a modded multiplayer game with friends, using bowman causes crash?

    Here's the .dmp file any help would be appreciated, modpack will be included to look at as well modpack made with mpmpm: .dmp file:
  20. W

    Using MPMPM for a modded multiplayer game with friends, using bowman causes crash?

    Here's the .dmp file any help would be appreciated, modpack will be included to look at as well modpack made with mpmpm: .dmp file:
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