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Ideas needed: Common Events

Discussion in 'Civ4 - Fall from Heaven' started by Kael, Feb 4, 2008.

  1. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    Why not an option that gives you an Ogre like that one event in Age of Ice?
  2. Dean_the_Young

    Dean_the_Young King

    Aug 2, 2009
    Bob Barbari, I like your events. Keep em coming.

    You could get an Ogre in Age of Ice?

    Only AoI events I could remember was the traitor Dovello and the priest of Mulcarn who wanted to spread religion...
  3. Dean_the_Young

    Dean_the_Young King

    Aug 2, 2009
    Bah, double post without realizing it.
  4. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    It requires the Trophy Hall and you could get an Ogre or a :) in your citys.
  5. megamanx06

    megamanx06 Caswallan

    Mar 4, 2007
    Instead of strong promotion, the first option should give the weak promotion. Or the second option could give axemen.
  6. Bob the Barbari

    Bob the Barbari Warlord

    Aug 21, 2008
    One-tile island
    I saved that for

    Bob the Ogre

    Requirements: Iron Working

    An Ogre has come to [city name] seeking refuge. He says that his kin banished him because of his magical skills and a habit of learning. Fortunately for him they feared him too much to kill him.

    An Ogre Magi? Maybe he would be interested in service in our military.
    Pay 100:gold: Receive an Ogre named Bob with Weak, Channeling I, and two random Magic Skills rank I and II

    Tell him that he can only stay with us if he decide to join our army.
    50% chance of receiving an Ogre named Bob with Weak, Channeling I, and two random Magic Skills rank I and II

    Invisible Man

    Requirements: Alchemy Lab

    A potion able to turn a man invisible has been discovered in Alchemy Lab in [city name]. Unfortunately the only man who knows the recipe disappeared without a trace. Fortunately we still have a sample of his brew. On an unrelated note: there has been an increase in burglaries in [city name].

    Tell people to watch out for doors and windows opening on their own.
    Receive Potion of Invisibility Crime rate + 20

    Pact with Evil
    Requirements: Adept with no religion or Ashen Veil, Ashen Veil has already been founded

    One of our adepts have traded his soul to demons in exchange for power!

    Blasphemy! He should serve as an example for others. Have him executed.
    Requires Order as state religion. Lose Adept. 5% chance (per unit) for any unit with Ashen Veil religion of losing it. AC -10 +1 in Ashen Veil cities for 10 turns +1 in Order cities for 10 turns

    See to it that demons receive what they paid for.
    Lose adept. AC -5

    It’s his soul. He can do with it as he pleases as long as he remain loyal to us while alive.
    Adept gains Ashen Veil religion (unless already has it), Unholy Taint and Entropy I AC +5

    Wonderful! Let’s hope his example will inspire others.
    Requires Ashen Veil as state religion. Adept gains Ashen Veil religion (unless already has it), Unholy Taint and Entropy I 3% chance for every adept/mage/archmage with Ashen Veil of getting Unholy Taint and Entropy I AC +10

    Muris clan
    We have managed to capture Muris clan Goblins attempting to dump their waste in our lands.

    Good. Have them executed in the most painful and gruesome way possible and send parts of their bodies to all parts of our country as a warning for litterers.
    Goblin Waste event will never happen again for you (in this game)

    Their skills in avoiding being caught are legendary. Perhaps they would like to save their lives and work for us.
    Receive a Goblin (with +1 poison like from Hire Goblin) named Muris Clan with Mobility I and II

    There’s something under that hill
    Requirements: Hill not a city, without Unique Features or resources.

    Ruins of an ancient Patrian city have been discovered under the hill near [city name]. Our scholars are interested in excavating them.

    We can’t afford this.

    Fund the excavation. We may find something useful.
    Pay 100:gold: Hill and all buildings and forest (if any) are removed, tile gets City Ruins
    20% chance of finding a Treasure Chest,
    10% chance of +10%:science: towards current technology,
    10% chance of spawning Barbarian Skeleton,
    2% chance of all units on surrounding tiles getting Mutated,
    2% chance of getting Scorched Staff,
    5% chance of raw mana node appearing on tile,
    5% chance of getting 150:gold:.

    Enough good events. It's time for something bad to happen.

    Requirements: Mage Guild, Entropy Mana, not Infernals

    An exercise in summoning in [city name]’s Magic Guild has gone wrong. An imp is on the loose.

    Damn it. Now we’ll have to kill it.
    Spawns Barbarian Imp outside [city name]

    Requirements: Unit on Desert

    Our units have been caught in a sandstorm. They will be unable to move until it passes.

    I don’t think there’s anything we can do but wait.
    All units on tile (including those of other nations – they receive the same information) are immobilized for 1 turn and receive 0 – 50% damage, 0 – 20% if they have Nomad.

    Prophet of Doom
    Requirements AC 40 or more, city size 4 or more, not Infernal

    An old man walks the streets of [city name] preaching about forthcoming doom and calling people to end their suffering now, rather than wait for the apocalypse.

    Whatever. We’re all going to die anyway.
    80% chance of Mass suicides

    We can not allow him to continue. Send him to dungeon.
    Requires Dungeon 50% chance of Mass suicides

    We can not allow him to continue. Make sure he does not see the apocalypse.

    Pay 100:gold: 50% chance of Mass suicides

    Mass suicides

    People of [city name] have answered the call of an old man. Hundreds of its citizens have killed their families, their friends and in the end themselves.

    Burn the bodies. And then raise some of them as zombies. They won’t get away that easy.
    City loses 3 population. Requires Sheaim Pay 30:gold: receive 1-2 Pyre Zombies

    What happened happened. Bury the bodies outside city.
    City loses 3 population. Pay 30:gold: Tile next to city gains Graveyard

    Maybe we can still use some of the bodies. If not then drown some random people. No one will notice.

    City loses 3 population. Requires Octopus Overlords Pay 30:gold: receive 1-2 Drowns

    Just some more soldiers. That’s it.
    City loses 3 population. Requires Ashen Veil Pay 30:gold: receive 1-2 Diseased Corpses

    Weaklings. Let them rot.
    City loses 3 population. City gains +1:yuck:

    Trouble at the Lab
    Requirements: Alchemy Lab

    Uhm, I’m sorry to report that there has been an… accident at one of our Alchemy Labs. In [city name] to be precise. The results have been… Well a lot of things happened… Here’s the list.

    By the Gods!
    City loses 0-3 population, 0-20% buildings (excluding wonders) are destroyed, gets 0-5:yuck: permanently and 0-5:mad: for 20 turns
    Units get 0-100% damage and (except machines):
    25% chance of getting Mutated,
    3% chance of turning into baboon,
    2% chance of getting Demon (unless unit is not alive/is a Dragon/Centaur)
    4% chance of getting Burning Blood
    10% chance of getting Crazed
    8% chance of getting Enraged
    10% chance of getting Diseased/Plagued/Withered
    1% chance of getting Immortal/ Nomad/Winterborn
    15% chance of getting Poisoned
    5% chance of getting Regeneration
    2% chance of getting Spirit Guide

    Beside that:
    2% chance of spawning Barbarian Balor/ Imp/ Minotaur/ Pit Beast/ Succubus/ Manticore/ Spectre/ Spiderkin/ Vampire/ Tar Demon/ Tar Demon/ Wraith/Elemental (any kind)/Djinn/Aurealis/Azer/ Mistform
    5% chance of spawning Barbarian Skeleton
    1% chance of spawning Barbarian Ravenous Werewolf
    0,5% chance of spawning Barbarian Ira
    1% chance of spawning Barbarian Angel with Crazed and Enraged

    Same as above but with chances reduced by half of spawning these units under your control

    5% chance of casting Vitalize/Scorch/Spring on surrounding tiles and city tile
    5% chance of turning surrounding tiles and city tile into Hell terrain

    Requirements: more Slaves than Workers, Bronze Working

    Slaves in [city name] have taken up arms. They are led by a men called Athenaikus. Local Governor says that they are ordinary bandits but people fear that this can lead to an uprising.

    It seems that we have to send soldiers to deal with it.
    A Champion with Hero and Loyalty called Athenaikus (shouldn’t be an Orc, as there is no Orcish Champion model, preferably no racial promotion) and 3-5 Barbarian Axemen are spawned outside [city name] with randomly selected race (like slaves).
    In a perfect world Athenaikus would be a leader of a separate nation (perhaps randomly selected from civs that are in game or based on who gets the event), he would be unable to Build that nation's national Hero (Athenaikus would take his/her place), he would use Anagantios’ portrait, have Neutral alignment and be: Charismatic, Aggressive and Tolerant. If killed (unit) he would lose Aggressive and Charismatic, his favourite Wonder would be Guild of the Nine and his favourite government would be Liberalism. Additionally all Slaves captured by his units would automatically turn into Warriors. Athenaikus (unit) would have a special ability that would allow him to do this (turn Slaves into Warriors) from tile away and cause 1 turn of revolt in cities (on adjacent tiles) of players with Slavery Civic.
  7. Dean_the_Young

    Dean_the_Young King

    Aug 2, 2009
    Lights! Mage Sphere! Action!
    Requires: Knowledge of Ether, Drama

    A upstart adept in -City Name- has begun to use magical crystals to store and replay scenes and visions. Rather than pursue the obvious information or economic potential of these devices, he has begun selling them to actors and performance troupes to advertise their acts.

    -Use these spheres in our government and businesses, reduce the clutter and make things work better. (+5 commerce/turn in city)
    -These could have great use for teaching children and inspiring interest in magics. Make sure these become common school tools. (+2 beakers/turn)
    -Let him continue as he sees fit. They could attract attention to our culture. (+3 culture/turn)
    -Better yet, sponsor him! We can make him a star! (Cost 100: +6 culture/turn, 50% chance of Great Artist)
  8. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    You listed Tar Demon twice and I think it would suck if you got a Balor at turn 127.
  9. WCH

    WCH Prince

    Mar 26, 2008
    Do you generally have alchemy labs by turn 127?
  10. Darksaber1

    Darksaber1 Secret Emperor

    Jun 5, 2008
    Where you least expect me
    Nut what about the Fact hat these "Moving Pictures" are obviously a gateway to Other Planes, where Horrors Dwell?
  11. Ranbir

    Ranbir Civ junkie

    Feb 14, 2005
    Inspired(ripped) from King of Dragon Pass!

    <Name>, a well known so and so from your tribe, notorious for his hideous looks has requested your assistance in finding a bride for him.

    Ignore his request (opens opportunity he'll ask again later)
    Find one from a neighbouring Civ; She had been divorced several times, and was not the most comely bride, nor did she come with a large dowry. <Name> was pleased to marry her, nevertheless.

    Future follow ups:

    <Name> comes to you again, his wife having divorced him or whatever(possible relation change if with other civ). He is desperate and asks for your help again.


    The spirits of our ancestors appeared and offered us a gift.
    &#8220;Grant us wisdom,&#8221; we said.
    "Wisdom you shall have,&#8221; said our ancestors, who then vanished.

    Can also request maybe experience, by hearing tales of their deeds.


    So and so raided us, driving off a small herd of cattle before we could even react. We sent a delegation to threaten them. They responded to our threats with bold defiance. Send a larger force to deal with them, pay them off, etc.


    Eonislara was accused of deliberately spreading disease.

    Attempt Magic to cure her?
    Attempt Divination to cure her?

    If cures fail, required to put her to death.

    We tried magic to cure her madness. We found that she could not be helped; the madness was too strong in her. We conducted a divination. Our ancestral spirits said that she was deliberately spreading disease, and should be put to death. We outlawed her, then saw to it that one of our warriors ended her life. He hit her quickly, and she died without making a sound.
  12. Dumanios

    Dumanios MLG

    Oct 24, 2008
    Oh,I forgot that they weren't availible that early...
  13. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    I figured this thread was due for a bump back to page one.

    Time travel events

    1. Travel to the future

    Requirement: A unit is lost exploring a lair (e.g., disappears through a glowing portal).

    Event: A small random percentage chance (e.g., 1-5%?) that the unit has traveled forward in time and reappears a random number of turns later.

    Event Text: "The unit that we lost many years ago exploring a lair has reappeared through a glowing portal. He appears not to have aged and has no knowledge of events in the time since his disappearance. Our sages believe that the portal through which he appeared is a gateway through time. Unfortunately, the portal is now closed, so we cannot investigate further."

    Event Outcome: Gain the unit.

    2. Travel to the past

    Requirement: The civilization has not researched the tech that would allow it to build the applicable unit. Only a T2 or T3 unit should be available via this event, for balance reasons.

    Event Text: "A strange man has appeared through a glowing portal near [city name]. He appears to be one of our people, but speaks a variant of our language unlike any known dialect, with many unusual pronunciations and expressions. His armor and weaponry are unlike any that we have yet developed. He identifies himself as a [champion/longbowman/ranger/etc.]. Our sages believe that he is from our future and has passed through a gateway in time to come here. Indeed, he appears to have some knowledge of future events. Unfortunately, the portal has now closed and we cannot investigate further."

    Event Result: Gain the unit. Also, 50% chance for +X:science: toward the tech being researched (his information about the future is accurate), 50% chance for -X:science: toward the tech being researched (he's a soldier, not a sage).
  14. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    I know consecutive posts are generally considered bad form, but it's been two weeks since my previous post, so I figure posting again is okay at this point.

    We still haven't heard from His Kaelness (;)) whether he's interested in more events, but thinking these up is fun. These two wouldn't be very early game events, but anyway.

    Rogue Wave (inspired by a recent science article I read)

    Requires: A ship on an ocean tile.

    Event: "A rogue wave in the ocean has struck one of our ships."

    Result: The ship takes a random amount of damage (10%-80%?).

    Foreign Volunteers (inspired by real history, e.g., RAF Eagle Squadrons, French Foreign Legion, Escadrille de Lafayette)

    Requires: Your civ is at war. There is at least one known civ in the game not at war with anyone.

    Event: "Some citizens of [name of known non-belligerent civ] have arrived in our lands, seeking to volunteer in our armed forces in the current war."

    Result: Gain 1-3 T1 or T2 units of the non-belligerent civ, with the applicable racial or other starting promotion (Elven, Dwarvish, Orcish, Winterborn, Nomad, Homeland, Horselords, etc.).
  15. Korias

    Korias King

    Sep 1, 2008
    Foreign Volunteers should probably give a diplomalus between the Civ at war with you and the Civ that helps out.
  16. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    My thinking with that event was that it's not the civ that's helping out, just some people from that civ who are inspired/excited/adventurous. During both world wars, for example, there were Americans who went to Europe to volunteer with the Allies before the US entered the war. I'm sure there are other examples as well.

    You might be right, though, that the civ with whom you're at war might not see it that way, even absent a declaration of war: "We're not at war with Civ X, so why are their soldiers serving in the armed forces of Civ Y?" Some negative diplomatic impact might be appropriate.
  17. Korias

    Korias King

    Sep 1, 2008
    Well, the normal war-dec penalty is what, -3 and then an additonal penalty for "This war spoils are relationship" IIRC, so maybe a -1 penalty of "Your people are against us!" is appropriate.
  18. Nor'easter

    Nor'easter Emperor

    Feb 25, 2007
    Works for me. "Your people are aiding our enemies."

    There should probably be a small chance (0-25%?) that the foreign volunteers will leave once the war ends -- they came inspired by your cause, or seeking adventure, and now it's over.

    Also, should probably have a very high chance, maybe even make it 100%, that they'll abandon you if you go to war against their original civ -- they didn't join you to fight their own people.

    Anyway, whatever Kael decides, if adds the event at all. :worship:
  19. Neomega

    Neomega Deity

    Feb 9, 2002
    Just wondering, does anyone know if new events are added with every FFH patch? Random events and lairs really make this game even that much better.
  20. Neomega

    Neomega Deity

    Feb 9, 2002
    Haunted Citadel

    requires: unmanned citadel.

    a ghost is haunting the citadel near [city name].

    spawn immobile barbarian ghost (like the mine spiders)

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