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Nov 9, 2001
Hi All

Now I now this is not a Civ3 Subject as such but I trust you all in this forum for your views.

This is a little survey I am conducting.

Could you please tell me what you think the top 10 most powerful Countries in the World are, which includes Military Strength ,Influence and Financial Power.

Also if you was not the Nationality you are what would you prefer to be and why.

Thanks all for helping in advance.
Off the top of my head.....

1. USA
2. China
3. Great Britain (edge over others in Europe for greater Intl clout)
4. Germany
5. Japan (Massive econ - low mil/intl clout)
6. France
7.India (Nukes+pop+Intl. Hot spot factor)
8. Israel (High Mil./Intl Clout rating both pos and neg.)

Gets murky after India for me. Hoardes of mid range powers in Europe as well as countries like Australia and Canada with lowish military, but large intl roles and strong economy. Hotspots like Taiwan, Pakistan and the Gulf States taken as a whole also weild considerable power due to their particular situations. Russia must be remembered for the large military it still has, but it's horrible economy kneecaps it in other areas.
Sure there are many other options and I am aware of the yawning lack of South American countries. Brazil for it's pop and size is one to consider. South Africa and Egypt may be Africa's strongest entries.

I am American but have lived overseas for the past 5 years. Not a good baseline for american opinion.
I think the top six should be:

Great Britain

Russia's military capacity and oil reserves keep them up there in my book. Japan and Germany just don't have enough military clout to mak the cut. You can look at it another way, though:


The top two aren't all that far apart, either.
1) USA
2) Great Britan (UK)
3) Germany
4) Russia
5) Japan
6) France
7) China
8) Sweden
9) Spain
10) India

Leaving off Israel, Cuba and several other militant states. Tough call. NOthing against Australia and Canada, I would prefer to live there then most mentioned above. But military influence was the factor.
1. USA
2. China
3. Japan
4. India
5. Germany
6. France
7. UK
8. Italy
9. Brazil
10. Russia

(if the EU got its act together and really established a West European super-state, I would rank it #2)
Drop Sweden for Italy, what was I thinking. I have Russia too high also, their economy is in the crapper.
Why does everyone keep puting the UK on their list? They are at best a has been, second rate power. Not to be nasty or anything, it's just that Great Britain without her empire isn't so great. Now, her children, on the other hand....

Let me take a crak at this list:

US - military & economy

Japan - economy

Germany - economy - maybe... They have a good conventional army too. (They can't help it...)

Russia - military (lots of economic potential there too...)

China - economy & military

India - economy & military

EU - as a whole, a major power. As individuals....not so sure.

Indonesia - maybe - huge economic potential, huge country

Germany - economy -

Nations small but nuclear:
Isreal, South Africa, Pakistan, France, UK

These are powers just because they could cause all kinds of havoc with their nuclear weapons. Otherwise, they're not much to speak of...
1. USA (Proj, Mil, Econ, Inf, nuke, UN)
2. China (Mil, Econ, nuke, UN)
3. Russia (Mil, nuke, UN)
4. UK (Proj, Inf, nuke, UN)
5. France (Proj, nuke, UN)
6. India (Mil, nuke)
7. Germany (Econ, nuke *)
8. Japan (Econ, nuke *)
9. Israel (Mil, nuke)
10. Australia (nuke *, SimonD)

Proj = Ability to project power
Mil = Military might
Econ = Economic strength
Inf = Global influence
nuke = Nuclear weapons
nuke *= Nuclear weapons capable
UN = veto power

I only gave each nation the marks if it was a true standout in a catagory.

As far as where I would want to live outside the US...

Ireland (Guiness) or
Soctland (Belhaven Scottish Ale) or
Germany (Beer in general)

I want to travel about Europe and drink beer. Can you tell?
The unofficial tally so far using a scale giving the first nation 10 points and the last one 1 point:

USA: 90
China: 72
UK: 55
Russia: 54
Germany: 48
Japan: 47
India: 40
France: 34
Israel: 12
Italy: 6
Brazil: 6
Indonesia: 3
Spain: 2
Saudi Arabia: 2
Iran: 2
Australia: 1
S. Korea: 1
Somewhat subjective, I'm going mostly by military power, the ability to project, and economic power.

1. USA- Defense budget greater than the next nine competitors.
2. China- Economy improving. Army is large, though uneven in levels of training. Navy is somewhat weak, not even independent.
3. Russia - Tossup with them being #2. Army large, but not well trained. Lots of equipment, but most of it is old and poor maintence. Lot's of nukes. However, unable to really project military power beyond its borders, though it can economically pressure its neighbors.
4. UK- Good economy. Well trained and mobile and deployable army. Sierra Leone is the best example of that. Also, the navy is still decent and able to project power with those Harrier carries. Plus I heard Blair was ordering that new bigger carriers be ordered.
5. France - Decent army. Has the DeGaulle carrier, so able to project some power.
6. Japan: Good land army, decent navy. Limit's its military, not easily deployable abroad, which is why I am lowering their rating. #2 economy of the world.
7. India: Massive land army. Nuclear power. Good navy, has I think two old British aircraft carriers.
8. Israel: Economy good, especially the high-tech sector. Very good Air Force, good land army. Navy is somewhat small, but dependable (frigates, gunboats, and a few German submarines I believe). Nuclear power, with missiles capable of hitting anything in the MidEast. Limited by their small population and the need to mobilize their entire population in case of full scale war.
9. Germany: It has been referred to as an Economic Giant, but a political mouse, for obvious reasons. Trouble integrating East Germany inside.
10. Iran: But far down the list compared to the others. Weak economy. Military ok, but only fought Iraq to a standoff. Only on the list due to increases in missile and nuclear technology.

As for me, I would live in UK as my number two choice. Everyone would have a jolly accent, and I could keep my language. :)
As for me, I would live in UK as my number two choice. Everyone would have a jolly accent, and I could keep my language.

Just thought I'd find out what 'jolly' means.

One UK accent:
Ah, yes.
I say, anyone for a spot of tea and crumpets?
Do not insult me, you rude person.

Another UK accent:
Awright, wee man?
Yawanny play s'm tennis ngrabasausagesupper, lateraye, man?
Wit you sayinya cupleafannies! Yoorge'init!

Could you really keep your language?
Originally posted by Skulker
Why does everyone keep puting the UK on their list? They are at best a has been, second rate power. Not to be nasty or anything, it's just that Great Britain without her empire isn't so great. Now, her children, on the other hand....

Due to our economy, political power and international prestige,
I think the UK deserves a decent ranking.

We have had our day in the sun, sure. But we remain one of the
most progressive and vibrant cultures around.

Skulker, Funny that you call the UK a has-been;
seeing as Detroit is a has-been city.

Anyway here is my list.

Saudi Arabia
N Korea

After that the remaining powers are hard to compare.
The EU cover Germany, France etc.

1. U.S.A.

2. Russia

3. China

4. U.K.

5. Germany

6. Japan

7. France

8. India

9. Israel

10. Canada

If I could choose a different nationality, I would probably be German. But I wouldn't be such a sissy;).

As for U.K., who else in the world acts like a superpower?

And there is NO EU!!! It is merely a name right now, and cannot possibly work anyway.
1. USA- Still a major superpower, I suspect will begin to lose power eventually

2. Japan- The most economicley sound nation in the World. Their military is small, but they are an extremely influential nation as well

3. England- They are a powerful nation, working side by side with the US ti end terrorism. Economy stable

4. China- A steadily growing nation in power and influence, they have a large army

5. Switzerland- I don't know, but they got good watches:) :lol:

6. The European Union- While still veey new and fragile, I believe it will grow into a major economic power.

7. Russia- Holding a bottleneck on oil, large military

8. India- Not a clue, but they hold alot of power.

:confused: :confused: :confused:
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