Immortal Cookbook IV: Pour la patrie


Spoiler :

Really bad.

Yeah, I know. By the time I realized no other city would be able to afford building the GLH in time it was too late. Anyway, as I said, I'll turn Horse city into a Chariot producing city with overflow going into the GLH. And yes, the last forest will be chopped as late as possible.

I also wonder why you need BW so early? you are not pressed on land, no close opponents enough hills in capitol... Teching GLH techs allows to start it earlier while BW does not change much.

I'd rather have BW early in case there's copper anywhere, and for whipping/chopping. The capital has no great tiles, so whipping/chopping will probably give the fastest production for a while. And building workers/settlers meant I didn't grow to work mines anyway.

Not sure how to compare GLH techs vs BW. Can't wait to see further saves to compare the approaches. :)

Although i miss point why your third city is where it is. 1NW looks better.


SE city -- why not 1NE1N? of course that interferes with how you placed third city so i am probably just overlaying my mental dotmap.

Yeah, I had several dotmaps with different locations, and in the end I settled for these positions. Something to do with getting some hills/grasslands in the city cross, don't remember exactly. I'll have to compare my solution to what you're saying next time I'm in the game.

There was good tip from sleepless [somewhere in spoilers] about ocean tiles having slightly lighter side on that side which borders coast tile. I checked in few other maps it predicts extra terrains very well. And is damn important on this game.

Aha, good tip, had no idea about it! :goodjob:

Cause you chopped out Paris for some obscure reason?

Yeah, I hadn't planned for the Pyramids, just expand and build GLH. I'll have my workers build some mines, they should do enough to compensate for the lack of forests. I'm torn between getting two more settlers out, and starting on the Pyramids right away. I don't really mind not getting the Pyramids if I get a good amount of cash in return, it will allow more horizontal expansion.
Round 2-3, to 1AD:

Spoiler :
Continue to research Sailing while producing some Warriors and Chariots. I manage to get a Sentry Chariot on a hill to keep barbs a little further away. I still went on with Masonry, for GLH and possibly Pyramids.

Pottery after Masonry. The capital will whip Settlers and Workers into the Pyramids, while Orleans will whip Chariots into the GLH. Or so I'd have wanted to: Pyramids built elsewhere in 1080BC.

Rheims founded in 1000BC.

I'll continue the report as not much happened this round, with the (semi?) isolation and all.

GLH built in 900BC, I had no real chance at it. There's probably a wonder spammer out there. Orleans switches to a Galley to be send towards Rheims and hopefully to new lands.

Pottery in, starting on cottages. Tours founded.

Writing in. I'd love to go for the Great Library, but I think I'll re-prioritize: I'm going for Monarchy through the fastest route. I have too much food for my current happy cap.

Rheims pops its borders and indeed we see land:

Doesn't look like much though, but my galley is gonna check it up.

We meet Shaka:

And Peter:

He's a monster with 10 cities and almost twice the score of me and Shaka. No Alphabet though. I open borders with him for some trade cash and hoping Buddhism will spread to me. (both he and Shaka are Buddhists.)

Marseilles founded:

Monarchy in, start on Code of Laws with the idea of bulbing Philosophy. Unfortunately both Shaka and Peter have adopted HR recently, so a Monarchy trade is unlikely. I hope to catch up at Philo.

Revolt to HR, and stick with Slavery as it costs only 1gpt, and I'm probably going to need it in the future.

Peter gets Alphabet but we have nothing to trade to him.

We're 4 turns from CoL and 2 from a GS. Paris should probably start building settlers again to fill the rest of the island. Buddhism just landed in Marseille, we should spread it around as we'll most likely run Pacifism (and Caste System? not sure). We haven't converted yet (as it was the end of the round) but should do so once we get Philosophy.


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Spoiler :
900BC is not that early on immortal. At least if AI goes for it in capital

Where is the save, Carl?
Spoiler :

Yeah, I know. I've been playing on Emperor a lot lately and didn't quite realize the gap between Emperor and Immortal. I remember that in IMC I I built the Great Wall and Pyramids very early at the expense of expansion of course, and people were saying it was probably too early to have both wonders. (don't remember the year though) I'll have to play a few Immortal games to get accustomed.

Oops, forgot the save, I'll attach it. :)
Hi Carl Corey. I just wanted to tell you to not despair, why don't you focus on what you have first and work with it. Later if the concept is managed well it will automatically grow larger for each successive go. If by the time of IC six or seven it's still kind of lacking, then you can despair. :) I like these series and I follow the thread, and I know other people do too even if they don't participate - yet. The concept is great, just stick with it for a few more threads.
Heh, I'm not despairing, and the concept isn't mine in the first place. :) I just took over the Immortal level series since the previous host was a bit busy. I understand the desire to play your own game which makes the Universities series more appealing than the Cookbook one to some people. I didn't even want to create this thread as it seemed clear that there wasn't that much demand for it, but some posters asked about it so I'm happy to provide the save and put up a thread. I guess I could keep it going for a couple more threads and stop it then if the roster doesn't grow. It's not like people will stop playing Civ if I don't post this particular series! :lol:
Seems so long since I played this. :) Looked at all the saves though will have to vote now. So here goes. Any other saves come in if I get time I'll look and possibly vote again. ;)

Spoiler :

1st Soirana. Mids and GLh makes this a very strong save.

2nd Carl Corey. Contact with the other continent is very important.

3rd King Morgan. Lot tougher without early contact.

With that I'm afraid that Soirana's vote becomes irrelevant as she has already won the round.

Soirana: "well, I am not very confortable at immortal...bla bla bla..." :lol:

@Carl: keep going, these threads are great! :)

Short report - 500AD

Spoiler :

Turns seemed to go very fast without doing anything. :) Met Ragnar who at the time was at war with Peter (peace now). There is certainly another AI around because when I met Rag he was Christian changed to Judaism without founding either. Just to add Islam was founded in 275AD so possible religious nut around?

Only managed to settle 2 more cities, 1 on the island and 1 for the 2 deer spot.

Still having only met 3AI I wasn't to bothered about WFYBTA so I traded for a lot of little techs I wouldn't normally go for.

Traded techs. Alpha, Arch, Maths, IW, Priest, Cal, Med, Mona, Const.

Self researched. MC, Curr, CoL, Tao (bulbed), CS currently researching paper.

Tech screen.

Looking good currently.

I'm just about to change civics to Beau and possibly Mon for the shared fav civic with Rag as not using many specs at the moment but might not. ;)

In the next 500 years I'm planning to settle as much as the island as possible. Hopefully be the first to Lib. Then look to expand somewhere :D. Probably using draft/cannon possibly mounted but have to see how I feel.

On to the next 500 years.
- 1000AD

Spoiler :

Another not very exciting round. No wars although Shaka/Peter/Asoka are in WHEEOH. Hopefully not us as I've not built any military although that would be changed in the next round. ;)

I forgot to take a screenshot of the lands but settled another 3 cities. One for the remainder of the FPs, one for the iron/wheat/clam and one for the fish/sugar. These are still at size one so lots of things needed to improve those plus we need another couple of cities on the island to stop any AI settling there. Although it would be unusual for an AI to have Astro this early its not impossible (or Joao).

Tech path after bulbing Philo the plan was to head for Lib. I'm in front of the AI I know but the other AI have built the UoS (paper) (edit might be a mistake and I'm thinking of Shewdagon will check :) edit again actually Aoska so Lib looks safeish :)) before our known AI had paper so that might be a danger.

Had 2 great people (definitely a part of my game I'm trying to improve). The first I was hoping for a GS to bulb on Edu but got a GE instead. I was undecided what to do with him. Certainly didn't want to bulb Machinery (1 turn left). So decided to settle him in Rheims as the extra production would help. Without the Nat Epic the next GP was going to take ages so I changed civics to CS and ran some scientists in Tours. Just had the second and used him to bulb the rest of Edu (1 turn left so didn't waste any beakers).

The next plan would be to settle the rest of the island. Set up a draft city and attack Peter. Unsure yet whether to go for cannon/muskets or trebs/rifles. A lot depends on the AI we haven't met yet but should meet them soon.

Screenshot time.

We can't get any trade routes with Asoka so haven't opened borders with him. A big plus is Rag/Asoka are Jewish. Shaka/Peter Buddhists so plenty of opportunity for some wars coming shortly. Ragnar has just come asking for Music. I gave in to that demand but it will be remembered. ;) No real danger of being attacked and if we do they will come through the little island so will get a few troops in there.

Glance screen.

Looking good for us. :)

Tech screen.

Looking good, Peter has guilds. Asoka optics. As I mentioned there is 1 turn to go on bothEdu/Mach. I don't think there is any point in delaying Mach as the next GP will take to long to bulb Lib.

Resource screen.

Note I am paying for 2 resources. They can be cancelled next turn but as I needed the happies at the time thought it was the best option. Another reason for settling the rest of the island to get the sugar on line.

Major cities.


I did consider moving the capital to Rheims but as I was thinking my planned civics would be FS/Nat there doesn't seem much reason to.


Will be building military virtually nonstop.


Looking to put the Nat Epic in here so will be changed to workshops/farms. This should have been done hundreds of years ago though. :)


Oxford city when I eventually get round to building enough uni's. Don't have enough libraries yet.

Of the other cities. I'm looking at putting the GT in the crab/sheep site. Not great but will be close to the action. Moai on the little island (if there is time). The rest will take a long time to become useful so probably basic infra then trebs/cats (possibly) ;).



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Spoiler :

Not very impressive. But situation really required some work after that wonder building season.

I've traded a bit - Aesthetics+Poly to Peter for Maths+Priesthood, gifted Mysticism to Shaka [improve relations] Aesthetics to shaka for IW and archery.

Later i traded out MC since it was known to Shaka. Got Calendar and Construction.

Gave Literature to Peter as he demanded it.

Made contact to Ragnar. due to diplo screen showing worst enemies i know one more AI -Asoka. Sent that workboat on round trip since he is worth founding out. Traded for bunch of recourses with Peter.

Found 3 new cities -- Island [well, sttler was there], double deer and seafood +some floodplains.

Went for some time into caste, but this turn revolted to beauro and slavery [need to whip out curthouses].
Popped GE in capital. Settled him. I removed scientist in capital and devoted it to sheer prtoduction [primary settlers since with GLH the more i settle the better i tech even in short range.
Peter is few turns away from Philo. The general plan is to move straight at lib. Probably teching directly without bulbs.
Next GP is again severely polluted. If that would be GM i will probably settle hm again.

Regarding all fun about me and immortal.

I had sort of winter hollidays -- i've spent quite a time working on my immortal openings. Playing basically to AD and quitting.
Changed a lot, including very basics like - early scouting/fogbusting/city planning.
So, yeah, i can play immortal but i am still not to confident in it.


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Spoiler :

Well, i've expanded but have some issues... Classical example of why playing only openings is bad idea

In particular despite my best Lib went to India.

Maybe i rather should say cause my worst efforts...

I met Asoka very late [since my boat was eaten by barbs, and i had spent some time before putting horse on boat and unloading it on russian continent]

Well, he had education [without CS - via theology i guess] while i had no philo.

I also got one more GM, which i put on boat and sent towards Moscow. Well, i can't find him now:cry:. Of course i am at phony war with Ragnar so maybe he got eaten. Quite a cost... Although Peter is at friendly. Maybe GM wil appear on some russians roads but i would not hope for that.

I also sold some techs for cash, but it was to late, I could not burn money in time.

I actually realised only at 1000AD i lost race. Well, I am addicted to playing with BUG mod. Well, yeah, that is my save. But i probably did some things in between rounds and now it does not go under BUG properly.

Well, i am probably cursed to make my worst blunders in IC.

Don't vote for me:lol: I am an idiot.


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