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Is it possible to create a mod in which one multiplayer character has ultimate control over the game? Looking to build a classroom tool


Dec 21, 2022
Hi all, I'm a PhD student working on designing educational games. Before I build a game from the ground up, I'm wondering if it would be possible to create a game type in which one player controls when the other players can unlock building types and technologies. The idea being that students would turn in work to unlock research, buildings, etc. instead of using turns to do so. I've led analog classes with this type of mechanic and a Civ tech tree and it was extremely successful in getting students engaged and excited about their learning. If the teacher's player can have ultimate control over the game, like the ability to spawn armies or manifest natural disasters, even better.

This seems farfetched and too deep into the Civ engine to be possible, but if it is, my god. It would be a godsend for my dissertation and being able to bring this game to classrooms. Also, if this would be easier in one version of Civ than another, I'm not wedded to any edition.

Thank you so much for you consideration!


Nov 20, 2016
Probably not.

The closest you could get to doing that is by using one of the menu cheat mods but these work only for the civilization and leader you're currently playing, so there's no really a way to give these bonuses to other players. And knowing Civ's multiplayer, it would probably cause a quick bugsplat if you tried using it in a non-single player mode.
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