Is there a definitive list/source for downloading "complete" TOT/TOTPP scenarios?


Feb 20, 2014
Sorry, I know there's a pinned info thread, and I did my best to figure it out, but I am very lost in how to find/download both classic and the latest and greatest TOT/TOTPP scenarios.

It seems like there are scenarios scattered across:
1. Scenario League forum (this one)
2. Scenario Creation forum
3. The TOT downloads section (on this site)
4. The Scenario League wiki (site)
5. Other personal sites?
6. Ones that are just gone/lost?

It's very hard to comb through forums with dozens of pages, hundreds of topics, thousands of messages, to find individual scenarios. Meanwhile, the downloads section and wiki both seem to be missing a lot and/or suffer from broken links/missing files.

As an example, I was looking to download CurtSibling's American Kingdoms scenario, which I remember playing and enjoying before. It's wiki download link is broken, it isn't on the download section (though a patch for it is) and a forum search doesn't return any results (though there's probably a development thread for it somewhere?)

Another example is The Korean War ToTPP which sounds like a cool new TOTPP scenario, but there are no files attached in the wiki, it isn't in the download section and a forum search again finds nothing.

Am I being very dumb here and missing an obvious scenario repository? Or am I "doing it right", it's just these scenarios were taken down for whatever reason?

Thanks for your help :)
Hi Locopath,

The two primary download locations for ToT based scenarios are:

CivFanatics Civ2 Test of time downloads section: here
Scenario League Test of Time downloads section: here

You can also find the latest ToT version of the Korean War here.
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