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Issue with unit graphics


Blue Period
Aug 23, 2009
I'm having issues with the graphics for a particular unit. Sometimes you can see infinitely long dark rays come out of the model, looking like this:

Spoiler :

I haven't been able to reliably reproduce this, in other situations the model looks fine. I've attached the unit art files, and this is the unit art definition I'm using:
               <ShadowAttachNode>BIP Pelvis</ShadowAttachNode>
Can someone look into the model and see if there's anything wrong with it?


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Oh, that's very possible, I got the model from History Rewritten originally but both the files and the defines are identical to there so I assume it has the same problem.

Do you (or anyone else) know how to deal with this sort of problem in graphics from Colonization?
It is from Col indeed, and we use a similar one in RI as well. The thing with Civ4Col is that all of its units use shaders by default, unlike regular Civ 4 which has both non-shadered and shadered models. Try this and see if it works better for you. Note that there are now two nif files, for the two artdefines entries you should use. The "effect" you see comes from a wrong format of skin partition, as they are different for shadered and non-shadered models in Civ 4.


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Great, thanks! I'll give it a try soon.
Okay, looks like it works. Thanks again for your help.
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