King Richard III of England as Leader in Civ6 ?


Aug 18, 2022
Good morning,

I would like to know if anyone would like to create a nice mod of civilization where King Richard III of England is leader, in Civilization 6 and post it on the workshop.

He is a famous, controversial and enigmatic enough historical figure to be present in the game, compatible with RF and GS.

I noticed that his successor Henry VII was present in a version unfortunately not counting with RF and GS. Would it be possible to make Richard III appear with specs in connection with his history and the war of the two roses?

It would be appreciated if this mod were in English and French.

I enclose a wikipedia page to have knowledge of the character... Richard III was demonized by the Tudor propaganda relayed by Shakespeare but I am convinced that Civilization 6 could give him a second chance!


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As an emblem of civilization, the white rose of York House may be appropriate.

I am ready to sit down with anyone who wants to create this mod to find relevant ideas to determine the features of this new leader. Indeed, I am passionate about History but I do not know how to mod at all!



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