Kingdom Come: Deception (Sign-up Thread)

Excellent. Does anyone think there's any chance anyone else will be interested?

If I am honest, I think it would be appropriate to send out some sort of "last chance" notice.

If I am self interested I say "let's get this party started!"

In the spirit of the game I will let others guess what I am.
Now we need one more signups so that the number of players is odd and thus when we have the inevitable absence we have a tied vote and there's suspense.
We probably have enough odd players to make up for any evenness in the numbers.
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I've added Visor and G1K to the list. I'll start the process of assigning roles and writing PMs tomorrow.
Nobody will forget that game. :lol:

LOL...I choose to take that as a compliment, though "unforgettable" isn't always. I mean, I'm sure up close and personal with a train derailment would be a memorable experience.
So as a new player, before we get any info, I had better ask my questions:
  • Will knowledge of 15th century history help with this game?
  • I assume there are hidden rules (eg. if item A is given to player B, then event C)? Are there any limits to such rules?
Any actual history you learn from this game will be accidental, but if you do know something about who the various historical personages are, you might get slightly more out of the game than not.

Whilst all roles will be hidden by necessity, the hidden rules will be fairly simple. I have run much more complex games before, but this is deliberately intended to be mostly vanilla.
Dammit, Samson's read the rules. He's that new.
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