So an unmet player has finished building the world wonder Stonehenge kinda of situation? I always thought were the celts :(
So an unmet player has finished building the world wonder Stonehenge kinda of situation? I always thought were the celts :(
A lot of people did, for quite a while. But archeology has refuted that.

Ancient hunter-gatherers occupied Europe, having absorbed or displaced the Neanderthals tens of thousands of years ago. Around 9000 years ago, early farmers from Asia Minor entered Europe from the Southeast, reaching Britain around 6000 years ago. They did not displace the hunter-gatherers and only partially mixed with them. The two groups coexisted. Artifacts and remains indicate that the farmers build Stonehenge. Around 4000 years ago, what archeologists call the Yamnaya people entered Europe from the East. They were a pastoral culture. The prevailing theory is that it was them whom introduced Indo-European languages to Europe. Whether by war or disease, their arrival caused the end of the hunter-gatherers. They displaced or absorbed the early farmers to varying degrees, leaning towards displacement in the North and absorption in the South. It was from the Yamnaya that the Halstatt culture eventually developed and became the Celts. Most other modern western and southern Europeans are thought to have descended from them as well.
Nope. It predates the Celts to a people we don't have a name for. They were farmers. While the Middle East was firmly in the Bronze Age, these folks were on the tail end of the Neolithic.
Right wow ty for clearing that up.
From where did you get that picture ? If you didn't uploaded it yourself, your answer is in the link of that picture.

Would be cool if Civ7 looked like that, or even better. (I love the size of the river and the little isles we can see in it)
Please @Uberfrog can you answer my question please ?
Wow. Richmond Palace too, AND by the island.

"Snaps" to Firaxis!
What Firaxis had to do with this ? Heck, have I missed something ?
Given that Spanish Armada was mainly thwarted by not very clement weather, as I vaguely remember from school
Yeah well, a simple story for kids in a world before historians got all the facts I guess.

In my view, and in order.
  1. Philip II was a knob assigning Alonso to be in charge whose decision making was one of the reasons they lost as was the whole Parma fiasco. A good lesson in why logistics needs to be good and you have the ability to be flexible
  2. Howard and Drake just owned the Armada with fewer smaller less armed ships and the only thing that really stopped them wiping the Armada out was Victoria not giving them the ammo they needed to finish the job. The english ships were superior, for example, the english cannon where on wheels while the spanish were not!... I mean how do you reload a cannon that has no wheels? Shame the English Armada was worse than useless later on but we do not hear about that.
  3. The wind was not the best but they decided to go that way to get home, they were told to by their knobhead admiral
Come on @Uberfrog , I know you've read my question. Why don't you answer ? Have I to deduce that you had this on reddit or something (or even from your computer) and that's truly one of the first pics of Civ7 ? :eek:
You can just reverse image search it and see definitively that it is not from Civ 7.
Google search for the picture gives this picture, which then points to an article and conclusion that this is an actual exhibit in the Museum of Richmond. Looks awfully similar.
Well, that's what I have done, but I didn't find evidence that wasn't uploads from particulars. However you are true : it's dated from 2015, that detail escaped me.

Thank you both for your answers, finally I may not be the village idiot out of an open secret.
Haha, we never know how sneaky a group of people, especially in villages, can be. :D

By the way this screen has put my hopes up a little bit I have to admit. Now I expect even better graphics and pretty well depicted unpacked cities. (and rivers, a topic I come up with regularly) I have thought this picture could be kind of a zoomed map of a city, hence the general blur that seems to come from impressionism or whatever (I'm not good at arts), as Borus Gudenuf proposed once.
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