Leaders and Civs picking thread

They chose Aztec.

So so far

We have Mali, Zulu, Persia

They have Egypt, Rome, Aztec

Choices for our 4th pick are. Natives, Maya, Inca, India

This needs some thought...we need a civ with mystisism in our next 2 picks.

All 4 are good choices, My first thought would be Maya....that way we make sure that our imortals (if we get horse for them) do not face resourceless spear....and we get another resourceless unit that will be VERY handy against early war chariots....and we get mystisism.
I agree on the Maya as 4th civ... I don't think we need the Natives anyway to handle Rome. If Rome is correctly chocked, we should have some axes ready in time for the praets... if they ever come. (edit: I confess a little doubt about india, for faster chops)

What will be our main city rider? Do we try for sumeria as pick #5? Or perhaps the Mongol?
I think natives are best of the remaining. Their UB is relevant and it is the only of the 4 civs with fishing while the rest all have myst (meaning we are guaranteed to get one of them). They are a counter to both aztecs and to rome, while they do suck against war chariots, they are faster getting out than war chariots (being available with bronzeworking directly and not requiring resources), and as such can limit the ability of the egypt player to get horses.

With stonehenge and feudalism newly built / conquered cities can chop out 2 pop longbowmen before barracks (or CG3 if our NA ends up as protective). Henge gets better for the team who have Native america. It also allow us to build guerilla and woodie 2 archers which can be huge.

Taking NA prevents them from getting a resourceless counter to our impis (while jaguars are probably stronger than impi's they can't actually beat them if the impis are on defensive terrain, and with 2 movement they will almost always be on defensive terrain). I would much rather they have a resourceless counter to our chariots than to our impis. Also since they don't have mali, they will get a lot stronger defensive units midgame (due to the UB) then they otherwise would have if they get NA.

Main city raider: Plain cats and swordsmen (or agressive), if they aren't working any improved tiles while we are, they got a problem.

5th pick will be either maya, inca, india or korea (all civs with myst).

@ chopping and slaving quechas: I agree that slaving them can be problematic, but before math chopping them isn't any problem. If the game goes long enough they also give us the ability to amass happiness cheaply while still having access to metal everywhere. That said I now believe we shouldn't pick Incas as they are too easily countrable (aztec, but also native america and maya can easily counter them).
Contrary to my list I think NA is a better choice next considering the picks so far. While Quechas will counter our Skirms, us having dog soldiers will do alot to counter their 2 melee UUs. Plus all of the points Oyzar made.
Natives are a solid pick, but don't forget that babylon is available still as well as mongolia.

If we pick a non mystisim civ now that excludes babylon and mongolia as our last pick...fishing is not that important BTW (it gives a bonus to pottery but still...)

Thinking about it babylon is a solid choice as well...as protective babylonian archers can defend against praetorians and own dogs...

@ azzaman...NO

@ Raskolnikov..Summeria is a choice, I never liked them myself I must say though as they lose against normal axes. Keshics I find awesome their mobility movement and their first strikes make them the best HA's and HA's will play a role in this game. India is indeed great as well, not only for the faster chops but for the abilty to improve land easier when chocked.

So many choices...anything of the above is a solid choice now IMO...
and they replied very quickly taking India.

So it is either Inca or Maya for us left

Since it will be our last civ it will propably get J. Khan as a leader as they will take Shaka propably as their first pick. J. Khan seems a better leader for maya to me as even without metal you can use imp trait to expand...
Korea is still an option for getting mysticism as well. It depends a little on the tech path plan though - I'd expect Construction (via Math for chopping) to be a fairly high priority, but it's probably a lower priority than, for instance, Monarchy (via priesthood for the Oracle) and Iron Working (via Bronze Working).
Korea is not bad at all...once we get to catapults that is. Maya is much better for the early game, and the UB is usefull with all the slaving that will be going on.

I would like to hear from teh turn players as well on this..
So far we have, The Wheel, Mining, Agriculture, and Hunting. So we are missing Mysticism and Fishing, for all the starting 1st level techs. So if we were trying to get all then getting NA, for the reasons above and then we could get Maya so we get all the starting techs. Plus both are very useful civs.

Lets assume we go for those, we need to pick the right leader for each of these civs.
Zulu: ??
Mali: Protective is a must for this, since it will be our only archery based civ Financial? Wang Kon
Persia: Keep it as darius?
Native America: We definitely need to go aggressive for this civ, so also go Charismatic- Boudica
Maya ??
Ok I am going to take this call and go with maya as our last pick...it will be a chalenge to even survive till catapults so the more help we get early the better.
OK So far

G Khan of Maya

Joao of India
Shaka of Babylon

They took babylon as their last civ with Shaka as leader....we took G khan for Maya and tehy took Jaoa of India (monster development combination :eek: hopefully it will start next to our Mali :D)

We need to decide on what leader we want for Natives.

It has to be aggressive IMO. So the choices alot I would say either Toku (agg/pro) or Boudica (Agg/char)...
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