Leaders and Civs picking thread

You cannot gift cities in teamers like you can do in normal games. To be able to gift a city it must be culture bordering and I think must be fairly newly planted and under some cultural pressure from teamates city.
So we go with Stalin to try to beat Joao to SH? I guess this is a tough race unless we can settle on stone or something (don't know what bonus from the fast chop of India and the +50% of Stalin will kick in first, prolly need to see the starting location to know)? And who build impis then?
They picked Tokuwaga

so so far

Washington of Persia
Boudica of Natives
G Khan of Maya

Toguwaka of Rome
K Khan of Aztec
Joao of India
Shaka of Babylon

So what do we pick? Stalin or monty are the most sensible choices....I am fine with any of those.

@Raskolnikov, building a wonder with stalin of the zulus does not mean we will not get impis...but there is a chance that zulu will not afford to make wonder so industrious might go to waste...spiritual will not go to waste for sure though...
As I said above, i would prefer Monty (to Stalin) for the Zulu, to not sabotage the civ bonuses with the trait or vice versa...
But I will follow what you guys choose too

edit: I read you r last sentence now... and indeed, I was not saying that we can't build impis or SH with Stalin. But doing both, we are really much likely to loose SH and find axes when our impis reach their targets. We seem to agree anyway :).
I'm convinced away from Stalin. Montezuma for zulus seems best. Spiritual is valuable in pitboss games when you time to think and optimize your civic changes. Of course it might be that the game doesn't last long enough that civic switches really start to play a role.

I like Indiansmoke's reasoning that Mali could actually be industrious and concentrating on collecting the key wonders. What do you think about Qin or should Indutrious be combined with Expansive instead of Protective.
I kind of like the idea of using Ind for Mali. One of the safer civs to try to get a wonder with since it is not an appealing choke or rush target early. Inca isn't in the game and we have Persia. Chariot rushing Skirms is generally suicide. Only UU that is really a threat is Preats.
they picked Suryavarman...so we have..

1. Mali
2. Montezuma of Zulu
3. Washington of Persia
4. Bouddica of Natives
5. Genghis Khan of Maya

1. Suryavarman of Egypt
2. Tokugawa of Rome
3. Kublai Khan of Aztec
4. Joao of India
5. Shaka of Babylon

It is either Mao (pro, exp) or Bismark (exp, ind) for Mali I think.

I like the idea of industrious Mali, but protective Mali is fantastic as it improves both chocking and defence and gives shock or cover as first promo..... and since they haven't got an industrious leader...I would recomend Mao for Mali.
Protective is a must. It will allow us to defend our cities well, which is VITAL in 2 city elimination.
Bismark is tempting. Stonehenge would be nice with 2 charismatic leaders, and the border pops are as good for defence as any protective trait (which only helps one leader, and only one type of unit).

On the other hand...
- Stonehenge could just go to whichever team has some luck at the beginning. If the other team gets the chance to settle on stone, or has an expansive leader with 4h start, and / or in a protected 'middleman' position, etc.. Bismark's Industrious trait could basically end up contributing nothing.
- Whereas we know the protective trait is going to get lots of use... :)
- Also, picking an industrious leader makes our strategy somewhat transparent... We're just asking for Mali to get an early choke from whichever hostile nations start near her, whereas we'll be guessing which of their civs might be going for Stonehenge..

So I think I'm leaning towards protective Mali and just getting the choke on. If we can get Stonehenge as well, so be it, but hurting the other team hard and early seems like the safest bet...

BTW - attached is a test save with these settings all correct (Bismark for Mali, everything else as chosen so far) which can be loaded as a hot seat game for anyone wanting to get a flavour of these settings. All players are set to human so just retire any you don't want to play (after settling the initial city if desired) and the AI will play them for you as needed, so you can play as single player if you want to speed things up.

Also works as a pitboss game if you prefer - just load it up in the pitboss app. Password is CFCftw. Again, after logging in as each civ, you can kick any you don't want to play (and / or claim them back later, which could be useful).

Uses the BUFFY 3.19.001 mod.
unless stone, my money on Joao going for the SH :) Though I agree about painting a big cross on Mali head if we choose bismarck... not sure what is best between an industrious and protective Mali...
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