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May 23, 2001
Japan / Italy / Germany
In this moment I've got a small list of bugfixes to do + 1 more feature that I'd like to add (dynamic civ names).

If you want just the bugfixes, ignore this thread.

If you want the second too, I need

1 German translator
1 French translator
1 Spanish translator

All of them should be reliable and dedicated:

whenever I post something here, I need it to be translated in all languages, because since BTS is out, I am not adding any text that isn't localised.

So, I am waiting for submissions!
Well, I can translate it into German and I trust my French level as well (no native speaker, but having used it continuously for the last 8 weeks, besides, the French border is around ~5 km away from here ;)). But I'm not so sure if I have enough time on my hands for both ;) I do what I can do ;)

I know some more finish; yksi kaksi kolme nelä visii kosä, senapia. And the finish version of my name Christoferi. I dunno why my grandmother adds an extra i to my name.

Translation: Butter . .. .. .. .. ., . .. .. .. .. Is it correct? :lol:

edit, omg. I can't belive this forum is censored >_<! oh well, you go figure what it says :D
Which load of work do you expect for a translation ?

I can translate in French, as I'm native speaker, but I need to know how much work that represents.
Sette7@ Yksi, kaksi, kolme, neljä, viisi, kuusi.

Looks like your granny is a mean old woman teaching Finnish wrong to his grandchildren. :lol:
Rhye, I'll help with italian translation :p
You need to check in here often, and translate a few phrases.
The load of work is small, but I need quick answers.
You can just give your mail so that I send you the requests when I need

Maybe you could open a thread with the needed sentences, I think that's the way you'd get the fastest answer.

I haven't got much spare time, so I cannot insure you to be able to answer quickly, but as it seems that there is a lot of native speakers, you'd get the information fairly quickly.

In any case, it's a pleasure to give a hand to such a good mod.
Rhye - I can translate from English to American... I'm pretty fluent. ;) :D
I can help with German and Spanish.

I can either translate it then get native speakers to check over it, or I can help someone translating into German or Spanish as their mother tongue (which is how it usually works).
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