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LOTR: The Two Towers Scenario

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Civ3 Scenario Creator
Dec 27, 2002
Sacramento, CA
This is a scenario based on the Two towers. I used 'lands of Middle Earth V2' with permission from Hagbart. This is pretty much just a beta version and comments on how to fix it are welcome. This is a PTW scenario. Isengard is the selected player, but that can be changed in the editor. Enjoy the scenario!

- Sarevok

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Ok, i made the folder a bit smaller, but you will have to change the names and make the copies yourself. All information and things you would need to do that is in the readme file, have fun...despite this inconvenience.

this is where im going to put all the new updates to this as well, so here is V 1.2:


  • twotower v1.4.zip
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If you email Thunderfall, he may put the whole file up for you.

Looking forward to trying it out.
Very nice. Elephants should be renamed Oliphants and you have alot of units, be sure that they wont die becorse of money lacking.
Ive been testing it alot as Isengard and i have seen it go both ways (ive lost all 50 uruk-hai's and the Tower of Orthanc in this. Ive also burned Edoras and helm's deep to the ground.)
Each unit is meant to represent 200 troops except the nazgul and hero units. and in the movie its 10,000 uruks (im not doing 100,000 from the book! that would have to be 500 uruk units!). And yoda, I gave each nation with the exception of the others no one will really play because they are really weak in this (eirador, rhovanion, neutrals) over 500 gold, most 1000 or more.
You have made mordor to small, the red lines indicate the land you forgot to give Sauron.


  • mordor.jpg
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for now I put a few more outposts so there were 10 of them, then just put 2 orcs in each. I also covered the land with mines. V 1.2 is looking good, but im awating more suggestions before i post it. I would put my map up here, but its too big for attachments.
well, that sucks because thats the only really good Middle earth map I got. Yoda, have you found anything else in this map that I can change to make V 1.2 really good? Im leaving on vacation tommorow morning, so I have to post it here later today. I can edit it during the vacation though, but I still have to post it here. In other words... Give me comments! For good or bad opinions I need them to improve this map!
Cant you convert the pic to another format?

1. remove the goodyhuts, atleast inside the borders
2. as i said before, be sure that some of the civ´s dont loose all their units in the start becorse of unit maintaince
3. rename wonders, improvements and small wonders
4. same for tech´s.

thats it for now.
well, its 4 PM for me, and I cant seem to find a way to rename the improvements, nor do I have any Idea of what to rename them to. If there are any more thngs that you think need to be done on the map, tell me. If not, then V 1.2 will be here at 5 PM
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