Mage Knight

Xeven the God

Dec 24, 2001
Does any one here play Mage Knight? I just started three days ago and I love this game to death. I'm gonna play it every week end at my local card shop :).

PS: More experienced players: Which is better, the Chariot or the Fist of Tezla?
i prefer Magic: the Gathering over mage knight. i highly reccomend it.


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Never got into the game. I have a friend that collects the figures but he doesn't "play" either. :)

Not moving this to all other games b/c it isn't a computer game and this is directed more towards the people that visit this particular forum.
darkchild, i would quite like to get into magic the gathering, do you know what sort of places sell it? can you give me some more info on it? I have played it once with my cousin.
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