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Master of Mana Xtended

Discussion in 'Wildmana Modmod' started by esvath, Jan 26, 2015.

  1. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008

    On mana node spawn rate, that is deliberate design. You can always use a Great Scientist to create a mana node (by sacrificing it) or adopt Magi Guild then gain access to various Vaults to broaden your mana collection. There are other wonders which also give you mana.
  2. feng92

    feng92 Chieftain

    Jul 6, 2010
    Pretty interesting design, I guessed it's done to nerf the Amurites. Talking about mana nodes, the only way to get different form of mana is to get the other type of mana first? And some suggestions for the Amurites:

    1) A unique unit instead of the standard Archmage, which makes the civ more differentiated in the late game, since they are a mage race after all

    2) The mage units for Amurites seems to have no attack capabilities, but the elohim units do. Was that intended so Amurites have to pursue both a military and magic path?

    An another point is the barbarian is a bit insane, your worker and unit can be killed in turn 1 in multiplayer lan mode.
    Last edited: Jun 1, 2017
  3. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Not to nerf the Amurites directly but to nerf the overall magic system and also to make later buildings more exciting (by giving you new mana types).
    You can only build Life node on a generic node if you already have Life mana (usually from your palace). Later, you might find unimproved Chaos mana and can build Chaos node there, gaining access to Chaos spells. You can also build wonders to get their mana or build Vaults which allow you to gain new type of mana (for example, you can build Vault of Nature mana by having a Life mana).

    Well, every Amurites Archmage has the speciall skill from Amurites Wizard, making them powerful already. But if players want it, I can make a new Amurites Archmage UU. If you have suggestion on what special power they have (mind, no OP power, we have to maintain a semblance of balance somehow :p ) and the name for the unit (Caswallan?), do tell. It's easy to make a UU.

    Generally, all arcane units are unable to attack. They gain XP through spell casting instead.
    Only Bannor and Sheaim arcane units can attack, (for flavour reason) but they do not gain xp from casting spells.
    Bannor arcane units are warrior/mage dual class, thus gaining extra strength from military techs.
    Sheaim arcane units are dark wizards who are eager to sacrifice their enemies to fuel their necromancy.

    Amurites took the other way around with non-arcane units have somewhat limited magical ability. Maybe I can develop this further by giving them unique promotions when they have access to particular mana, no promises though. Making promotions is easy but getting good icons for them is not xD

    We'll see on this. Hopefully, with AbsintheRed helping with DLL modding, we can make several options for Barbarian ("civilised world" with lesser spawning rate, "normal" with current spawning rate, "barbarian world" with higher spawning rate for extra challenge). Again, no promises! :)
  4. feng92

    feng92 Chieftain

    Jul 6, 2010
    Actually I am more concerned with the proximity of the barbarian spawn at the start of the game than actual spawn rate.

    Was thinking possibly have additional elemental spellbonus if possible so if I have 1 fire mana, my fireball power increases by 10% up to a cap of 30%?

    Wow that concept for special promotion is pretty cool for different type of non-arcane or probably be able to learn a specific elemental class spells with unique equipment?

    Was playing the Sheim civ and seems to be pretty unbalanced with the high Armageddon counter wiping out my pop each turn. Maybe should have some sort of resist against blight for the Sheim civ. The land becomes horrible after it becomes broken land with little food capability, probably give them a higher food bonus with such lands? The demon altar also does not seem to be working.
  5. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    That is already in the game.
    If you have more than one mana of a particular type:
    - the cost for rituals in that school is reduced.
    - summons of that school have greater strength through their affinity.
    - reduced cost for direct damage spells.
    - each mana gives +1 extra damage for your direct damage spells.

    Yes, units learning spells from promotions is possible but I won't make it that far. That would take spell casting away from arcane units and you won't have incentive to build them.
    My raw idea it's like this: Amurites units can learn "Enchantment of Air" which will give them +1 movement on level up if they have access to Air mana. Or maybe gives them +1 lightning str. Something like that.
    But again, I need to think about this, whether it will worth the efforts or not. Any feedback for this idea is appreciated!

    When playing Sheaim, you have the options:
    - low Armageddon Counter means weaker and less demonic units but more fertile terrains and bigger cities.
    - high AC means stronger and more demonic units but smaller cities.

    If you choose high AC strategy, you need to prepare before hand.
    - Make sure you have built Planar Gate in your cities; that's the main function of Sheaim cities.
    - Hoard Chaos node to give your demons greater strength through their affinity.
    - Adopt Magi Circle guild and rush production using the spell.
    You won't need population running this strategy.

    If I give Sheaim advantages on hell terrains, that would be against the lore (which states that the presence of hell terrains corrupts and withers the natural environment) and will make Sheaim without weakness.
  6. feng92

    feng92 Chieftain

    Jul 6, 2010
    Yes, units learning spells from promotions is possible but I won't make it that far. That would take spell casting away from arcane units and you won't have incentive to build them.
    My raw idea it's like this: Amurites units can learn "Enchantment of Air" which will give them +1 movement on level up if they have access to Air mana. Or maybe gives them +1 lightning str. Something like that.
    But again, I need to think about this, whether it will worth the efforts or not. Any feedback for this idea is appreciated!

    I was thinking possibly be able to have more unique equipment that requires the arcane forge plus the mana type, which is different from enchantment and not limited by the mana quantity and be built with mana instead? These can be mass produced and require much lower resources than the current type? Eg electric bomb with air mana cause up to 3 to be stunned or wind boots to add +1 movement. These equipment will wear out and require mana to recharge to use again, possibly a potential new unit haha: arcane smith? Should be easier than adding promotion?
  7. feng92

    feng92 Chieftain

    Jul 6, 2010
    1) Octopus overlords seem to be pretty bad religion to choose now, possible can make a civic similar to the elves but with water tiles? Possibly increase kelp and improve resource spawn rate instead of ancient forest spawn?

    2) Fur seems to be a pretty bad resource now with no resource or camp modifier apart from leather, possibly increase in gold and slightly decrease leather?
    Last edited: Jun 3, 2017
  8. feng92

    feng92 Chieftain

    Jul 6, 2010
    Any news on the latest patch?
  9. feng92

    feng92 Chieftain

    Jul 6, 2010
    Just spotted another bug possibly: apparently the maps will never spawn Mount Kalshekk. Is there some req for the unique feature to appear?
  10. Linvega

    Linvega Chieftain

    Oct 4, 2016
    Just want to add that I have the same issue. In general, I have to admit that even though I've read through a few map generation scripts, I still don't quite understand them, especially (unique) improvement placement.
  11. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Unique improvement requires to be placed in a specific plane, and Mount Kalshekk's entry does not have that information.
  12. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Version 5.6 has been uploaded in SVN: https://sourceforge.net/projects/masterofmanaxtended/

    Link: http://www.mediafire.com/file/y5bg0q10gi5faqs/Master_of_Mana_Xtended_5.6.zip


    Spoiler :

    - [AOS SI] Larincsidhe starts with 10 str (instead of 0 str +10 lightning).
    - [AOS SI] Wild Fae starts with 6 str +1 Nature affinity. Still receives +str from techs.
    - [AOS SI] Reduced Sun Faerie strength to 5 +1 Fire +1 Fire affinity (it was 5 +3 Fire +2 Fire affinity). Still receives +str from techs.
    - [AOS SI] Reduced Moon Faerie strength to 5 +1 Cold +1 Water affinity (it was 5 +3 Cold +2 Water affinity). Still receives +str from techs.
    - [ARISTRAKH] Catacomb is buildable in all cities.
    - [ARISTRAKH] Cabal Shrine requires Circle of Blood or Circle of Despair.
    - [ARISTRAKH] Aristrakh only gain souls from living units.
    - [AUSTRIN] Wisp (Ranger UU) str is 8 +1 poison, little bit stronger than other Ranger UUs.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Druid UU, the Skyrover.
    - [AUSTRIN] Fixed Austrin Druid's Summon Pegasus bug.
    - [AUSTRIN] Merged some of Linvega's changes:
    - [AUSTRIN] Starts with Nomads tech (trade routes in almost all terrains, except hell terrains).
    - [AUSTRIN] Workers can not build road in such terrains.
    - [AUSTRIN] Whenever Austrin unit destroy a lair, it builds a Fortified Outpost which gives +1 hammer/+1 commerce/+1 stone. Austrin gains extra +2 hammer/+2 commerce/+1 stone from this Outpost.
    - [AUSTRIN] Buildings change log:
    - [AUSTRIN] Summer and Winter palaces give +2 population limit.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Citizens District (Noble District UB): +2 culture, +2 hammer, +1 culture from Dye, Cotton, Marble, Ale.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Philosophers District (Sage District UB): +2 science, +1 science/population, +1 science from Incense, Reagent, Wine.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Traders District (Merchant District UB): +2 gold, +1 gold/population, +2 trade route, +50% trade route income.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Exotic Market (Market UB): gets +2 commerce for access to various resources, +1 commerce for each.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Venison Market (Hunting Ground UB): gets +1 gold from Deer.
    - [AUSTRIN] Gains Austrin Aerial Stable (Aerial Stable UB): unlocked at Ranger's Guild V (instead of VII).
    - [AUSTRIN] Food Caravan sells -6 food (instead of -10 food).
    - [AUSTRIN] Leaders change log:
    - [AUSTRIN] Deidra is Loremaster/Adaptive/Defensive (temporary).
    - [AUSTRIN] Sorah and Ecks are Trader/Nomads (able to do Prepare Expedition and Swap Cities).
    - [AUSTRIN] Sorah and Ecks gain (and give) +2 attitude toward males and females. This will make it easier for them to establish Open Border.
    - [BANNOR] Nerfed Chapel (Pagan Temple UB)'s yield to +3 culture/+3 faith (it was +2 culture/+5 faith).
    - [BANNOR] Fixed Bannor Guardsman trait (increasing improvement growth rate by 50%, instead of reducing it).
    - [CLAN OF EMBERS] Stoneskin Ogre's Stoneskin blocks Bleeding.
    - [ILLIANS] The Draw gives all White Hand units +2 Cold, required for Ascension. Increased cost to 3000 faith/20 faith upkeep.
    - [LANUN] Lanun naval unit can cast "Assemble Shore Party", summoning three non-permanent Thugs (1 turn duration).
    - [KHAZAD] Breaker (tier 3 melee) requires Warfare and Apprenticeship (Artisans II); moved from Metal Casting (Artisans IV).
    - [LJOSALFAR] Sentinel loses Defensive, gains Woodland 1.
    - [LJOSALFAR] AI has greater weight for religion.
    - [LUCHUIRP] Dwarven Slinger loses Defensive, gains City Defender 1.
    - [LUCHUIRP] Wood Golem gets +20% bonus production from Timber.
    - [LUCHUIRP] Marble Golem no longer bombard but stronger in collateral damage.
    - [MALAKIM] Malakim starts with a Settler, a Worker, a Lightbringer and two Dervishes to help AI.
    - [MALAKIM] Lost Nomad tech (which gives them ability to connect trade routes in various tiles).
    - [MALAKIM] Nomad promotion is renamed to Desert Warrior, gives +20% att/def on desert tiles.
    - [MALAKIM] Dervish will gain "Followers of ..." according to the state religion, when built in a city with state religion.
    - [MALAKIM] Kane is Imperialist/Trader now.
    - [SCION] Ghostwalker (Ranger UU) is reduced to 8 str, like other Ranger UUs.
    - [BARBARIAN] Changed Goblin Archer's strength from 5+3 poison to 6+2 poison.
    - [BUILDING] All Pagan Temples and UBs cost 150 hammers.
    - [BUILDING] Tavern gives +2 gold, +1 gold for access to Tea, Wine and Ale, and +1 for each resource.
    - [BUILDING] Grigori Tavern gives +1 Adventure GPP.
    - [CLASS] Berserker's innate ability is +50% vs unit with Gaping Wound.
    - [CLASS] Berserker can enter Combat Frenzy at will (gaining +30% att, -15% def, 10% chance to gain Enraged from combat, 50% expire chance).
    - [CLASS] Blade of Fury gives +1 move, +1 first strike, requires Vengeance discipline.
    - [CLASS] Commander class now requires Offense discipline.
    - [CLASS] Featherfang loses "target weakest unit" and gains "50% to pass Gaping Wound to enemy" and "+25% vs unit with Gaping Wound".
    - [CLASS] Gladiator is renamed to Bannerman. It gives the ability to call for Reckless Charge (+20% str, +1 move, -2 first strike, becomes Fatigued).
    - [CLASS] Sharpshooter gains "target weakest unit".
    - [CLASS] Starbolt Archer is renamed to Duskwood Archer, gains +1 Timber affinity.
    - [CLASS] Vindicator is renamed to Marshal. It has +30% city attack and defense, and double defensive bonus.
    - [CLASS] Weaponmaster has access to all types of armor and weapon, +1 poison damage and "+100% chance to pass Weakness (-20% str, poison vulnerability) to enemy".
    - [EQUIPMENT] Added new equipment property: Bleeder (50% pass Gaping Wound to enemy).
    - [EQUIPMENT] Added new effect: Gaping Wound (10% physical damage, can kill, removed when unit is healed).
    - [EQUIPMENT] Removed Berserk equipment property.
    - [EQUIPMENT] Axe, Waraxe, Heroic Broadsword and Mithril Claymore have Bleeder property (making them excellent for Berserkers).
    - [EVENT] Added more options using various mana types.
    - [GUILD] Javelin requires Ranger's Guild IV and gives 30% attack. Requires 350 woods.
    - [GUILD] Ranger's Guild various animal pens give +1 happiness +1 culture (previously +1 happiness +3 culture). This is on par with Balseraphs' slave cages.
    - [GUILD] Ivory requires Ranger's Guild III (the same level with Silk).
    - [GUILD] Cordwain Shop requires RG III (instead of IV).
    - [GUILD] Huntsman's Cabin gives +1 health and +1 gold for access to Bison, Deer, Fur (and 0.50 for each).
    - [GUILD] Mage Guild's Wizard Tower is now a national wonder, gives the ability to adjust Spell Research and Mana sliders.
    - [GUILD] Guardian Golem str is 15 (from 12).
    - [GUILD] Slaver's Guild I and V no longer give +1 global unhappiness.
    - [GUILD] Slaver's Compound gives -1 happiness and +2 hammer per city culture level.
    - [GUILD] Overseer requires Slaver's Guild IV (moved down from Guild V). Its strength is reduced to 9 (from 10). Starts with Manhunt I-II.
    - [GUILD] Slaver's Guild V increases yield from quarries (+1 hammer/+2 stones).
    - [GUILD] Obsidian Castle is moved to Slaver's Guild V (from VII). It gives -20% to hurry, +1 unhappiness to all cities.
    - [GUILD] Shadow requires Tongue of Lies (Esus IV). Its strength is reduced to 6 +1 Cold/+1 Poison/+1 Unholy. It gains +affinity from Razorweed. Cost 100 hammer/300 leather.
    - [HEALING] Reduce the effect of early healing potions a bit:
    --- Healer's Circle Healing Salve now heals 25% health (instead of 100% health), costs 100 herbs.
    --- Healer's Circle got a new potion: Potion of Vitality (heals 100%, costs 300 herbs).
    --- Esus's Health Tonic now heals 25% health, requires Esus II, no delay.
    --- Witch's Brew heals 50% health (instead of 100%) and mutates the drinker. It costs 200 herbs.
    - [RELIGION] Added Sacrifice spell in cities with Demon's Altar. Sacrificing living unit will give you (10 + (caster's level * caster level)).
    - [RELIGION] "Follower of ..." promotions give +1 strength of various element:
    === Junil = +1 holy
    === Lugus = +1 fire
    === Kilmorph = +1 physical
    === Cernunnos = +1 poison
    === OO = +1 cold
    === Agares = +1 unholy
    - [RELIGION] Lower disciple units base strength so that their final strength with Follower of ... are still the same.
    - [RESOURCE] Eternal Fruit is harvestable with Plantations.
    - [TRAIT] Berserker trait now gives Bloodthirsty (+20% att, -10% def).
    - [TRAIT] Trader trait now gives Cartography to leaders.
    - [UNIQUE FEATURE] Fixed bug that prevents Mount Kalshekk from being placed.
    - [UNIT] Catapult gains +1 affinity from Timber and Stone.
    - [UNIT] Trebuchet gains +1 affinity from Timber and Stone.
    - [UNIT] Cannon and Dwarven Cannon gain +1 affinity from Iron, Mithril and Gunpowder.
    - [UNIT] Siege engines can gain promotions.
    - [UNIT] AI will build fewer siege engine than before.
    - [UNIT] Paladins, Druids and Eidolons will leave you if disagree with your alignment.

    Last edited: Jun 10, 2017
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  13. Guru-Meditation

    Guru-Meditation Chieftain

    Oct 9, 2010
    Yay! New, better version!
  14. esvath

    esvath Apprentice of Erebus

    Mar 27, 2008
    Hope you enjoy it!
  15. Auric

    Auric Chieftain

    Dec 20, 2013
    Sorry, for the late response. I've just returned from a journey.
    As far as I know the original Magister's map is according to the Erebus Lore. However I changed the map in several places because I didn't like it. I also switched some leaders, removed the religion of Esus and I had to relocate certain unique features like Mirror of Heavens, Yggdrasil or Tomb of Sucellus as they wouldn't appear in vicinity of cultural borders. Perhaps Esvath can explain why is this happening.
    I'm thinking about adding Mazatl in the map as well.
  16. dommain

    dommain Warlord

    Feb 5, 2010
    If its a specific map script reason because of flavor start, I can check but I cannot answer a prefab ones. I think some the features are supposed to be sacred/hidden features that are discovered or sought out because of the need due to lore.
  17. scutarii

    scutarii King

    Jun 10, 2008
    jotnar definitely needs + unit support special building, regardless of district - 3 radius huge cities - only some cities - but spawning citizens "fill the quota" and therefore can't even build settlers.
    +1 per city is enough, I guess.
    Last edited: Aug 4, 2017
  18. Granix

    Granix Chieftain

    Jan 8, 2013
    So I decided to check out your mod after having a desire to get back into FFH. I love magic, so your mod seemed like a good one to try, but I have a few questions that the civilpedia doesn't seem to answer.

    1. When can I build new mana nodes? I only seem ot be able to build mana I already have, and I can't find the tech that allows building new types.
    2. How do I cast summons outside of my capital?
    3. How do I choose where to cast terraforming magic?
  19. Ombatur

    Ombatur Chieftain

    Mar 15, 2015
    There is no tech, which allows that. You can only build mana nodes of the type you already have. There are, however, other ways to get new mana nodes. Some wonders give you a new mana typ and you can find some unique improvements on the map which can give you new mana types as well. (I'm not sure whether this is true for every mapscript.)

    There is a building called summoning circle or something similar. If you build this building in a specific city, every summoned unit will appear in that city. You cannot summon a unit in any other location. IIRC this building has to be unlocked by some tech.

    If you cast a terraforming spell, there should open a popup window, which will ask you, whether you want to choose a specific location. There is no such option for hostile terraforming.
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  20. Granix

    Granix Chieftain

    Jan 8, 2013
    1. How are we supposed to get all the mana types then? I'm playing Amurites, which are supposed to be all about having various mana types, not specializing.

    2. Is that a city building, or a tile improvement?

    3. I never saw a pop-up. I cast Spring, and it just auto-targeted the area around my capital.

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