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Great mod...

I ran into an issue. Not sure if it is a bug or just something I don't understand. I accumulated enough culture to buy a new trait - Creative. However, based on the features of the trait described it appears I'm not getting the benefit. Particular the resource cost for culture buildings like Carnival and Monument.

Also, a genera question. I believe it is "lore" that funds spell research. I have very little produced currently. What I don't understand is that the lore slider appears not to produce any output if raised. Currently it just increases gold output as if I'm otherwise simply increase tax. In addition, I settled next to an Ancient Tower. My understanding from the pedia is they provide 5 lore per turn. I'm not seeing it though I'm clearly seeing output from another improvement that provides something else - forget what that is at the moment.

edit: Back in game and it appears the Creative trait is working now. Coulda sworn those buildings were costing me yesterday. They do still show the required cost in the tooltip but are not actually costing me the resource.

The other improvement was the Lost Temple, which is providing me +5 faith. But the Ancient Tower appears not to be providing anything.

edit: Nevermind...I'm seeing the +5 lore now. I can see it in the city next to it. Still don't understand the lore slider.

could be that in a few cases the lore slider only updates after you press end turn. The tooltips have some issues. I had a trait that negatives health penalties from improvements but the tooltips still showed the health penalty. I'll try to fix the tooltips.
oh, I had forgotten about one of my pet peeves:
faith and religion tech.
you onluy get half your faith as part is siphoned toward getting the religion tech, but if you ever want to "buy" the tech, you don't get a discount based on what has been already researched... and when you finish the religion "tech tree".. you still get siphoned your faith !
and faith spell are expensive. so expensive that I almost never used the spells, only the civ-wide rituals (is that the right name?)

I change it so you can use all faith for miracles once you have all sacred knowledge.
Thanks for the links! I've read both threads, but instead of answering my question, they've only increased my confusion and gave rise to new questions which those threads don't seem to answer. This thread seems to be the liveliest one these days, so I hope it's okay if I ask some specific questions here:

- Getting Sacred Knowledge / Holy cities: So, okay, half of my produced Faith goes towards unlocking Sacred Knowledges. If I press Ctrl and hover the cursor over the Faith income icon, I get some info on how many turns I have to wait until I can found a holy city. OK. However, the info text doesn't say anything about "Sacred Knowledge". Is this information the same thing as "Sacred Knowledge", or is it a separate game mechanic? If it's the latter, then how can I know how much more faith research points I need to get a Sacred Knowledge (like, where is that number displayed, exactly)? Can Sacred Knowledges be used for anything other than creating Holy Cities? If yes, how do I do that? I can't find a Sacred Knowledge icon, screen or menu.

- Faith research: One of those help threads mentiones "faith research": Does this mean I can use some of my faith points to discover new faith-based spells (similarly to "normal" spells but on a separate screen)? Is faith research the same thing as Sacred Knowledge, or is it something different? All I can find in those threads is the lnie "IIRC you need to open the religious guild to open faith research" - but that's not helpful, since I don't even know what a "religious guild" is or how to view it (more on this later.) Is this previous remark supposed to refer to the Religion Advisor window? (Because if yes, then that screen doesn't seem to have anything related tor researching faith-based spells. So, if there IS faith research in the modmod, how do you EXACTLY view and control it? Like, where do you have to click on which screen? I can't find anything like faith research, and I think I've clicked on everything clickable. I'm using the latest version of Xtended (as of June 2020).

- Gathering faith with Fellowship of Leaves: The help threads say that FoL CANNOT use the "Gifts to the Fellowship" (or some similarly called) miracle which is available to other religions, and gains faith by having ancient forests instead. Well, I've just checked that and it's definitely not true. You DO get faith for ancient forests, but you also have the Gifts miracle in the spellcasting menu, and casting it DOES give you additional faith - so I'm pretty sure the relevant parts of the help threads are out of date.

- Guilds: So, the threads say that when you research certain technologies, the first two being Barter and Currency, you get a chance to found new guilds, and you can later improve these with culture. Well, I'm playing a "tutorial" game right now to familiarize myself with the mechanics. I have already researched both Barter and Currency, and the game did NOT give me the option to found new guilds. In fact, there isn't even a Guilds icon in the top right row where other FfH2 mods have it (and where vanilla Civ4 has corporations). Instead, there's a Great Houses icon which takes you to a Great Houses screen, but there aren't any great houses there. So, what's the deal here? Where guilds removed from Master of Mana and replaced with Great Houses? If that is the case, how do you GET these Great Houses? If that is NOT the case, and guilds are still in, then how do you get them (and how do you get Great Houses)? It seems to me like the help threads are very out of date and inaccurate about this topic.

- Increasing city improvement support. So, there's a "+" button near the top left corner of each city screen. Clicking it costs you an increasing amount of Culture, but it increases the number of improvements a city can support. So far, so good. Now, I couldn't find anything about it, but after experimenting a bit, I GUESS that there's a civilization-wide pool of Culture (MAYBE created by adding up all the city-specific Culture production?), and the cost of improvement support is deducted from this pool. I'm thinking this because if I buy all the support improvements I can in one city, the option is no longer available in other cities (because, I guess, the central pool has run dry). Is this correct?

- Also culture: Now, continuing from the previous question, if there IS a central, civilization-wide culture pool for the above purpose, how can I know how many points of Culture I have in it at a give time (and thus available for improvement support)? I mean, I just can't figure out what to click on what screen to get the total tally of the Culture I have.

I think you use a fairly old version of the mod. Many things have been fixed. For example civilization-wide culture ("empire culture") is displayed in the top left corner.
I also thought that Arrowgrab describs an old version.. the mention of "great houses" is very telling.
Reading this makes me think that we talk about different versions of this mod. The version I have installed, which, I think, should be more or less be the latest version, doesn't, for example have a "+" button on the city screen and FoL actually cannot use "Gifts of the Fellowship.
Are you sure you followed the instructions on the "Download and Changelog" thread correctly, i.e. installing first MoM full, then patch 2.11 and finally extended 5.6?

Ah, that would explain it!

The sourceforge download links didn't work when I tried them, so I tried to find an alternate download address. I THOUGHT it was up to date, but apparently not. I've just checked out the official links, they seem to be working now. Will reinstall with these files.
Ah, that would explain it!

Okay, so it turns out that WAS the problem. There's a copy of an older version floating somewhere out there on the net with an easily misunderstandable description, but I wouldn't know how to find it again.

A new question, though: the old version I had always displayed the number of improvements a city could support. Hover the cursor near the city, and the info box would say something like "This city can support another X improvements and Y preferred improvements." This doesn't seem to happen in the new version, but there still DOES seem to be a limit on supported structures, since my workers suddenly became unable to make new ones after . In 5.6, where is the display that tells you how many more improvements you can build?
Check that you have the resources needed to build an improvement. There's no max per city but they cost gold and resources to build instead, and that cost increases with every subsequent improvement you have built.
I just started to play MoM after a long time and still enjoyed it very much. Thanks again for the hard work. I just noticed two issues, don't know if there is a fix already?

"Event Log" - The battle results only stay for a short period time in the log. Either for some 2-4 rounds, or are replaced after only one round when there is a new battle result. How can I change it back to that it will stay there infinitely?

"Barbarian Demands" - The barbarian "near" the borders sometimes issue demands, and it's up to the player how to react. Like giving them slaves (decrease in population) or gold (decrease in gold) or ignoring and taunting (increase in hostility, barbarian sending out units). However in later rounds, the barbarians sometimes "respawn" in a city tile, so everything else then giving gold will result in a crash.
Hello. I am new to Xtended(though I have some experience in MoM v1.4).
Jonas Endain's trait 'Faithful' says "Free great prophet when researching a religion".
I founded a religion by developing Ancient Chants tech. Then can I research second(and third and so on) religion to get another Great Prophet? How?
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