Maximum number of cities error


Sep 25, 2007
I recently had a problem with Civ III patch 1.29f with a pop-up saying "too many cities". :mad: Strangely enough the maximum number of cities should be 512 but I am well below that number. The number of cities on the map is even less than 256. It is not apparently a problem with memory either...So, I was wondering if somebody had the same problem and eventually got an idea to go around this problem.:cry:

Thanks in advance
The "Too Many Cities" error should mean that there are more than 512 cities on the map, all civs included. Are you *positive* that there aren't that many cities on the map?

I heard Civ Conq raised it to 512 mybe vannila was something around 256 ?
Hi there,

normally, it should be 512. A rough count gives me about 300 cities. My civilization extends quite a lot (1/4 of the giant map), so I don't really know if this matters. Anyway, thanks for your interest.
YA no problem IM sure you'll come to understand what it is soon. AS for my misunderstanding, I guess the city increase with the move from sequal and not Xpakss was what I picked up somewhere. Mybe civ2 had 256?
Anyway, I should have know lil better then to question the Padma's knowledge on the intimate basics.. sorry man :D
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